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<Knave> is a casual guild for both new and returning players. Nothing is required or expected of you. What is encouraged however is grouping and enjoying each other's comradery.

We are an adult guild and everyone knows it can get a little crazy sometimes. We’re not here to police you or hold your hand, tell you to stop cursing or to tone it down. But one thing we do expect from our members is common courtesy. Basically, don’t be an ******. If someone is obviously uncomfortable or asks you to stop, do so. If you have a disagreement with someone that you can’t resolve, talk to Leadership about it.

Realistically this shouldn’t even need to be said, but we’re not here to cause a ton of drama. We shouldn’t need rules on abuse, stalking, or other forms of genuine harassment. As a rule of thumb we’re pretty loose with regulations. We curse fluently, argue and banter, but it is never with maliciousness. Don’t cross that line.

If you are a big talker please be aware that some of our members are not, or are very reserved. If you find yourself yammering on for 5-10 min stints please try to hold back a little. Maybe they want to contribute to what you are talking about, but can’t do so because you are constantly talking. Also, if you hear someone trying to chime in please be courteous and not talk over them consistently, please and thank you.

Outside of that? The only thing we expect from you is to do your best, have fun, and work towards the common good of the guild. We all enjoy helping one another, and we hope you’ll pitch in, too.

~Do you use Voice Chat? Yes, we use Discord

~Is Voice Chat Required? Nope, but highly encouraged as that is where our most active and helpful members congregate.

~Do you raid? Yes, we raid Mon & Thurs evening from 8pm-11pm Central with an optional day on Sundays the last month of an expac.

~What classes are you looking for raids? At the time of this posting [Dirge x2, Inquistor x2, Coercer, DPS speced tank, Wizard, Ranger]

~Do you do things other than Raids? Absolutely, we usually have a guild event going on nightly, and groups going on throughout the day. Some event types we do, but are not limited to are HQ Day, Harvesting Night, Mentor Night, Major Timeline runs, and much more.

~Am I required to raid or do scheduled guild events? As stated at the very beginning everything is option.

~Do you allow folks that box to join? Yes, we do.

~Can I be in your guild and in another guild? You most certainly can.

~What level is your guild? At the time of this posting level 83.

~How many members do you have? At the time of this posting 416 Members, 216 Accounts. We don't remove folks from the guild once they join (aside from aforementioned asshats described above)

~How can I join <Knave>? Just do /who all Knave and ask a member for an invite, or you can send a tell to Fozzle, Sessi, or Croaks if they are on, or you want to ask us more specific questions.

What it comes down to in the end is just have fun. Enjoy yourself. Banter with your guildies. Help each other out.

These aren’t meant to restrict you or hold you back, but rather to inform you ahead of time of what we expect out of each and every one of us so we can get to the fun parts.

Slaughtering our enemies and collecting that sweet, sweet loot.

If you’re still confused about something, ask! Ask a member, ask Fozzle, ask Sessi, ask Croaks. We’re almost always up for grouping or even just talking, so don’t be afraid to drop in and say hello.

Thank you for your time, and once more, we hope you consider


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