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Developer: Heatwave Interactive
Release Date:June 21, 2011

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Gods & Heroes is a full-scale, action-adventure massively multiplayer online game that immerses the audience in Roman mythology. Players step into a hero's sandals to battle monsters and command minions while seeking favor from the gods, testing their mettle in the fight to save Rome. These brave warriors combat an ancient enemy, the Telchine gods, who have returned to topple the empire and avenge their defeat at the hands of the Olympian gods.

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UPDATE: Since March 2012 Gods & Heroes is Free to play while the developer seeks to secure new funding to improve the game and try to re-launch it as a cash-shop-driven Free-to-Play. At this time there is no charge whatsover to play this game, but at least the server IS open and the client is downloadable.

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