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4Story Three Kingdoms... One hero
Three kingdoms of Iveria, blessed by goddess of Creation, Rea.

Nation of Bravery Soldiers, DeFugel
Nation of Mysterious Magics, Craxion
Nation of Strong Troops, Broa

Three kingdoms are facing each other without a bit of yield, advocating each history and truth of those three kingdoms. One hero, who is born to figure out the truth that was buried in hundreds of thousands of years, is you who jumped into this world of chaos.

Quests that surpass space and time, fading from past to future, even into memories of others.
Large scaled war system placed everyday and everywhere simultaneously.

4STORY is the forth story that you are telling.

The myth of creation
In the great beginning, there existed 2 Gods,
the god of destruction Vergilius, and the goddess of
creation, Rea. Vergilius with his cunning deception
captures and binds Rea, abusing her power to
create the "world of emptiness" and his loyal army
named "Mui clan".

Blinded by the beauty of Rea, Pharakeleus,
the most trusted guardian of Vergilius , frees Rea. The goddess Rea then
creates the first physical world of "Iveria" to stand against Vergilius.
Having to create 8 guardian angels to protect Iveria, Rea drained all energy
and enters into deep sleeping phase of recovery.

The great war
After long painful search of Rea, Vergilius finally discovers "Iveria". He then orders his deadly army "Mui Clan" for the complete destruction. Honorable eight guardian angels of Iveria successfully fought back and protected the Avalon(Rea's hovering sky garden) . Some lives of defeated Mui were spared after the war. They became the loyal servant of guardians.

Peace was short lived. When the goddess Rea has awakened, her stunning beauty has turned all 8 guardian angels into selfish beasts trying to claim her. All 8 guardians of earth, water, fire, wind, thunder, light, darkness, and Iron asserted themselves for the most contribution during war.

8 guardians continued days and nights to claim the love of Rea. One day, a Mui servant came forward with a solution.

"Respected master guardians, I have 7 clear crystals and 1 purple crystal in this very box in front of me. All of you are equally great heroes, not one being better than others. Please draw one crystal from this box, and accept your faith to choose purple crystal. The chosen one shall claim the right to love goddess Rea."

It seemed fair and all guardians sworn to accept destiny. This was a deceptive plot of a Mui servant, Parakilius. Parakilius was the one who loved Rea to free her from the god of destruction Vergilius.

Instead of 1 purple crystal, there were 2 purple crystals in the box. Both the guardian of light 'Palkenhein' and the guardian or Iron 'Lukipere' had purple crystals. 3 guardians honored Palkenhein, yet the other 3 honored Lukipere. The bloody war broke out among 8 guardians and this war is known as the "War of Lagrangulia". Six guardians died in this war, leaving Palkenhein and Lukipere at confront.

It was too late when both Palkenhein and Lukipere realized the conspiracy of Pharakeleus. Swarm of Mui clan initiated its attack. Both guardians fought to the death protecting Rea. Rea was saved but she vanishes without a trace.

The beginning of Iveria
Obscure Age B.B (before Blodeuedd) ~ Historic Age B.B. 2000 ~ Dark Age B.B. 420
After the Great War and destruction, Vergilius' Mui clan left the deserted world behind to their base. From the destructive remains of war, there found the first sign of life forms in the world of Iveria. These native creatures had knowledge of 8 different attributions earth, water, fire, wind, thunder, light, darkness, and Iron. They are known as the descendants of goddess Rea. Also found, native monsters, descendents of Pharakeleus, are still left in Iveria, (Most of filed monsters found in the game) Union of 8 tribes was formed using 8 different attributions. They are challenged once again by the invasion of Mui clan but managed to survive. However, 2nd tidal attack by Mui clans wipes out the whole civilization.

Nomadic age
Dark Age B.B 420~ A.B. 0
After the extinction of first Iverian civilization, came the Age nomadic life for nearly 420 years. Very few survivors of historic crisis managed to prolong their uncertain life of nature.

Foundation age
Arian Horus Mythic Age A.B 0~ A.B. 085
When Mui Clan devastated the Avalon and 8 guardian angels, once vanished Rea was wondering around the deserted land of Iveria with despair and sorrow.
Continuous Attack of Mui clan demolished any sign of civilization in Iveria. Even with complete destruction, Iverians showed strong will to survive and reconstruct.
Weak but will not to surrender, Rea realize then to protect the lives of Iverians. Rea being disguised as a member of scattered nomads builds the first kingdom "Reginares" becoming the 1st Queen, Bright Blo Dyad.
Persistent Pharakeleus with hordes of his descendants (Native monsters) initiates invasion of "Reginares" Tradition of both magical knowledge and war techniques upgrades for Iverian.
The ruins of Avalon were discovered. The divine weapon "Emperod" was also discovered there.
Noirdwasil battle : Hero named "Arian Horus" comes along bringing victory for Iverians against Mui Clan.
Ferocious battle once again, left The 1st Queen, Bright Blo Dyad (Rea) to enter into deep sleeping phase leaving her authority to the young princess Olivie Blo Dyad.

Settlement age
Disruption Age A.B. 085~ present
A.B. 085
- Noirdwasil battle was a great victory for Iverians.
- The Hero of the war Arian Hours is praised by all Iverians.
- Young Olivie Blo Dyad becomes 2nd Queen of "Reginares"
- With young queen left alone, political rivalry deepens along the main authority.
A.B. 085~089
- Amongst 4 main ruling power Luad, Nevanmaha, Edgar and Flutak, 2 actual influence,
Prime minister Luad and Nevanmaha fight for the ultimate authority.
A.B. 089~093
- Rebellion breaks out against the tyranny of Luad and Nevanmaha, occupying the Blo Dyad royal palace.
- Arian Hours, under the influence of Luad's magic of illusion starts to massacre rebel forces at the palace.
- Hordes of Luad and Nevanmaha army reoccupy the palace killing all 20,000 rebels.
- Luad and Nevanmaha blame Arian Hours and Queen Olivie the cause of this rebellion.
- Arian Hours and Queen Olivie banished.
A.B. 093~095
- Main power of authority divides between Luad and Nevanmaha
- Nevanmaha attempts to assassinate Luad and fails. Nevanmaha move out with his Army to the region of Cochma and builds military centralized kingdom named "DeFugel". Absolute monarchy begins by ruling of Nevanmaha "The Lion King"
- Luad with absolute power of "Reginares" renames its kingdom to "Craxion" announces himself as a successor of Queen Olivie.
A.B. 095~100
- King of mercenary "Tristan" builds the nation of "Broa".
- King Luad sends messagers to Nevanmaha ordering him to obey and join under his regime. King Nevanmaha kills all messengers sent from Craxion.
A.B. 100~104
- King Luad declares war against "DeFugel" 1st war between "Craxion" and "DeFugel"
- Through many battles between two kingdoms, many refugees occur.
A.B. 104~110
- Trade route between "Craxion" and "DeFugel" is cut off.
- New trade route is established through the mutual nation of "Broa".
- "Broa" rapidly grows both in military and economic power.
A.B. 110~112
- Earth warm appears in Arian road demolishing the border gate between "Craxion" and "DeFugel".
- 2nd war breaks out between "Craxion" and "DeFugel"
- "Broa" mediate to end war between 2 kingdoms.
A.B. 112~ Present
- Tension between "Craxion" and "DeFugel" remains the same
- Broa has grown in size to match against "Craxion" and "DeFugel".


In the world of Iveria, there are multiple territories that can be claimed by your Kingdom through territory wars. More territories earned through territory wars by your Kingdom will grant you with more places to journey and more treasures to find. At destined time of each and every day, territory wars will break out between two rival kingdoms "Craxion" and "DeFugel". Participate in the territory wars to: Fight for your kingdom! Slash the heads of your enemy! And claim what is rightfully yours!

Apart from the main quest that will unravel the hidden secrets of three kingdoms, diverse sub-quests and hidden quests await you all. Distinctive voice of NPCs will bring you one step closer to the hidden secrets of the virtual world of 4Story, Iveria. Look around! You may run into a quest with smashing rewards.

Don't believe everything you see. In the World of 4Story, past, present and future quests fade into other's memories. Different stories (quest) await you as they unravel the hidden secret laid inside each quests. There are breathtaking secrets and adventures in each chapter of 4Story, with an instant dungeon ending each chapter, which will provide you with clues to find behind the hidden secrets of 4Story. Look for clues! Find answers to the ancient hidden secrets!

Looking for a legendary weapon admired by all? Looking for deadly head slashing weapons of a single blow? In the world of 4Story, you will find wide range of qualified weapons from Grade "F" to Grade "SSS". Moreover, you may upgrade your weapons up to a maximum level of +24 which will ensure your slashing experience. That's not all! Each and every weapon holds special options. If you find an old dusty weapon but with legendary options, don't toss them out. You can transfer those options to your own list of legendary weapons.

Enough with the old way of slashing enemies! 4Story provides unique system to use tactics and strategies. With a simple click of a mouse using the mini map, the commander in chief can monitor the real-time battle situation. Not only you can pinpoint the exact location of all 48 members under your command, but you can also give out orders to gather, attack, hold, and ambush in certain location to make the battle situation more realistic.

4Story provides many different mounts for you to choose from. Some are extremely fast, yet others are somewhat slow. It is your choice not to ride any. However, in the world of 4Story, running around on your foot is not advisable as you may find yourself being chased by Hordes of enemy cavalry.

System Requirements

Minimum requirements

  • OS: Windows 2000/XP
  • CPU: Pentium 4 1.6GHz or higher
  • RAM: 1GB or higher
  • VGA: Geforce FX5700 128MB or higher
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c
  • HDD: 2GB or more

  • CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz or higher
  • RAM: 2GB or higher
  • VGA: GeForce FX6600 256MB
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c
  • HDD: 3GB or more

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