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Gates of Andaron is a 3D free-to-play fantasy MMORPG published by Gameforge and developed by Zemi Interactive. It is the North American version of 4Story, Zemi's F2P global MMO.

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The game


Quests are tasks that you have to complete in the game. The numerous quests that offer a variety of challenges make this game fun and exciting to play. The audiovisual presentation of the characters provides you with a unique and enthralling atmosphere.


The dungeons in Gates of Andaron are private conquests, reserved for parties looking for glory and the reward of fantastic items. Only the bravest will enter, for the risk is especially great. Should the party survive, the fireside tales will be very heroic indeed!


Fight against other players in battles and take part in daily conquest wars. Help capture new territories for your people and defend them against attackers! Only the victorious will be rewarded with access to new villages, new missions and special merchants.

Strategic Battles

Be the brave hero as you weave your way among opponents, changing the fate of nations. Or command armies in conflicts of up to 49 players using a unique real-time strategic command system (RSCS) This command structure allows you to view events on the battlefield and issue commands as you lead your kingdom to victory.

Two factions


The Valorians are a strong military power, sustained by an independent agriculture and impressive metallurgy industry. This mighty nation has integrated weapons and battle tactics into the rhythm of everyday life.


Ruled by the former Prime Minister of Iberia, Derion is known for its unique landscapes and magical aura. Despite its harmonious cities and the productive coalition of magic and scientific research, the country is still marked by war.



The three races of Iberia:

  • Fast and flexible, the humans of the Gates of Andaron are intelligent and have a knack for using technology.
  • Strong and persevering, the lithe Neved felines have a close connection to nature and make excellent close-combat fighters.
  • The Mirhur fairies are esteemed for their wisdom and knowledge and their ability to rule science and magic in harmony.


  • Warriors are physically strong and adept in attack and in defense. They carry heavy armor and powerful weapons.
  • Night Walkers are skillful in the use of knives and have a keen ability to hone in on an enemy's weakness. Stealth is their greatest weapon as they sneak through the night, unseen and unheard.
  • Archers are skilled in long-range weapons and possess advanced evasion skills for close-combat. Using a keen eye and steady hand, many an archer has helped defeat foe and rescue friend.
  • Magicians are powerful wizards that possess the gift to control the elements. They are not armored and mainly fight from a distance.
  • Protected by the Goddess of the Waters, Rekamies, priests have the ability to perform both white and black magic. This allows them to heal and rejuvenate companions after a long and tedious battle and protect themselves in dangerous situations.
  • Evocators can open portals leading to other dimensions and can control gruesome creatures. This enables them to use other creatures' abilities. They wear leather armor as protection.

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