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Newbie question...bazaarFollow

#1 Jan 04 2004 at 2:24 PM Rating: Decent
I've seen many references to making money at the bazaar and setting yourself up as a trader.

Is this an ingame thing that I have to visit, or something designed on a website. Any help on how to get started etc would be appreciated.
#2 Jan 04 2004 at 3:20 PM Rating: Good
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The Bazaar is a zone located on Luclin, off of the Nexus (it's the hallway with "Leather Woman" outside of it (she's the only one wearing leather).

When you go to the bazaar be prepared for lag hell. Turn your clip plane all the way down, and look at the floor, or turn to a wall (yes, people are looking at the walls not because they are snobs, but to fight the lag).

To go in to trader mode first you will need to buy a trader satchel - they cost just over 1p from Tekrama - he's in the merchant building - the building between the two banks. If you enter from the zone in, Tekrama is the first guy on the right.

Put the stuff you want to sell in your trader statchel, then go find a stall. More than one person can be in a stall, but I suggest you find a place not near the banks - it's easy to find merchants now, so there is no reason to be in a clump with a bunch of traders - I always go to the back and sell plenty and the lag is much better there.

Once you put the stuff in your bag and have found a place to set up shop, type /trader and a window will pop up. Click on the item, and then put in the price. After everything is priced, click on "Begin Trader". At this point you can go AFK and get some sleep and wake up to 1000's of plat pieces waiting for you (or not :) )

If you want to sell weight reducing containers, you can hand the container to the woman outside the merchant building and she'll give you a token which can then be placed in your trader satchel for sale.

#3 Jan 04 2004 at 3:24 PM Rating: Good
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The Bazaar is a zone located off of the Nexus on Luclin. You need to have the Shadows of Luclin expansion installed and activated on your account to access it.

To use, when you zone in you get a message to use /bazaar to access the.. umm.. Bazaar. Typing /bazaar will bring up a screen where you can either type in the name of what you want directly or else use pull down menus to select your desired class, race, slot, etc. For instance, you could ask it to return all the available neck slot items for dark elf wizards that give +INT and cost up to 500pp. Once you find an item you like at the price you like, you hit the bank (there's two in the zone and weight doesn't limit movement there so you can buy those 150k items) and then use the "Find trader" option on the Bazaar window to draw a line from you to the trader. Once there, you just click on the trader like you would an NPC merchant and make your purchase.

Where do all these items come from? Other player characters like you. You can buy Trader Satchels in the Bazaar (about 1pp each if I recall) which are 10-slot giant capacity No Drop bags (which also weigh 20# each so they're not useful for adventuring... keep them in the bank). Put what you want to sell into the Satchels and go stand with the rest of the PC traders in the stalls (it's obvious once you see it). Type /trader and you'll get a menu where you can set the price of the items you want to sell and then make yourself a Trader. You have to stand still and wait for folks to buy from you while doing this, so it's often best to do it at night while you sleep, while you're at work or during some other downtime. When people buy your goods, the money goes right into your pocket.

Damn you and your fast fingers, dthmj!

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