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#1 Jan 07 2004 at 10:10 PM Rating: Decent
I need some very good help leveling. My character is Level 26 ranger. I need to know where to level SOLO without getting killed in the first 10 seconds and without haveing to run through 3 zones and have all my buffs wear off before i get there. If I can't solo then where can i find a like level group usually at. ANy help would be greatly apprciated. All forays will begin in pok and i will be gettting my buffs from there as well. I have tried HHK ( camped quite a bit with nothing for me all green and blue) and OT with nothing for me (all red).
#2 Jan 07 2004 at 10:40 PM Rating: Decent
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I can't speak from experience, never having played a ranger, but my warrior has done quite a bit of exploring. Luclin has some very good zones, I would think, for the 26-ish range. Hollowshade Moor (North of Shar Vahl) Netherbain Lair, and Marus Seru (right off of Netherbian) are all likely spots. Hoolowshade Moor always seems pretty empty, at least on my server, so hunting there is most likely going to be solo. Bonus of hunting here is you can pick up lots of tailoring supplies if you choose to do tradeskills, or sell your loot in the bazaar. Netherbain and Marus Seru are by no means crowded, but usually have a few people around to group with. And if you're lucky to get a VERY good group, Dawnshroud Peaks (also off Netherbian) is probably not beyond your abilities (though I wouldn't try it solo at 26). Some other perks of Luclin zones....they're very pretty, especially at planet-rise and planet-set, and there's a nice exp bonus as well ;)
#3 Jan 08 2004 at 1:39 AM Rating: Decent
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At 26 you could easily fear-kite mammoths in everfrost for decent exp and loot.

If you want to solo a ranger then learn this technique. With it you will still be able to take yellow cons which are no longer possible in straight combat.

There is an old saying that "Ranger soloing is like ranger sex - it has to be animal and frightened"
Wherever I go - there I am.
#4 Jan 08 2004 at 8:52 AM Rating: Decent
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Everfrost isn't too good anymore since the placement of the LDoN camp. I would suggest Marus Seru.
#5 Jan 08 2004 at 10:08 AM Rating: Decent
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Last night my pally just Dinged 50 and did most of his leveling post Highpass Keep in Velious. This is an outstanding outdoor zone, which as a ranger you would absolutely rock! Consider the following:

1) Starting at level 24 quite a few people go to Highpass Keep and kill goblins. It sometimes is hard to get a spot in a goblin group, but if your patient and work well with others this normally isn't a huge problem. Stay here until level 37 or 38.

2) Iceclad Ocean is a perfect soloing zone that isn't heavily utilized and even contains a soulbinder. Just north of Dev 1 in N Ro is a dock that takes you to Velious. Every 2 game hours (about 15 min) a raft will appear that will take you to a tiny island. One the opposite side of the island from the raft landing is the Icebreaker dock. Take the gnomish Icebreaker and it will eventually deposit you on the docks of the Iceclad ocean. The spell binder is on the dock. (Note; some people prefer going through the Great Divide & Eastern Wastes in order to get here. As a low level I found this to be rather dangerous and prefer taking the slower (albeit safer) ship route). Hunt snow cougars here from 38-44. They rarely will drop a cougar claw earring which sells nicely in the Bazaar.

3) Around Level 44 you will stop getting XP from the snow cougars. The best place to hunt next is the eastern side (next to the Dragon Bridge) of the Eastern Wastes. You can get here either by running through the Iceclad Ocean and dodging the giant bridge guards, or is you have the POP expansion you can go through the Great Divide (which has a POK book).

If you go through the Great Divide on the left side is a ridge that spans the mountains which is pretty safe to run along. You will occasionally see frost giant scouts, but they are pretty easy to outrun. A large rift in the mountains will lead you to the Eastern Wastes. You will want to hang a left and go north and follow the circumferance of the island. Keep following the ocean (going clockwise around the circular zone) past a dwarf camp, an Ulthork camp, and another dwarf camp to the Dragon Bridge. This area will be your home until level 50.

Here you can hunt Rygorr Orcs in the camp just north of the bridge, snow cougars, snow dervishes, mammoths, tundra kodiaks, ulthorks, walruses, snow griffons, and eventually frost giants in the Ulthork camp. The XP is awsome and the cash isn't bad either. If you get into trouble simply zone across the dragon bridge.

Although the Eastern Wastes and Great Divide are slowly becoming more popular, most people are in the zone to attack the orc fort in the center of the island. There are also some awsome quests including the ring of war series. Anyone who has done time in Everfrost would feel right at home here.

p.s. Bring plenty of provisions with you for there are no vendors and it is a long run back home.
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