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#1 Feb 14 2012 at 10:23 AM Rating: Decent
I've been trying Everquest (freebie version) the past few days... well mostly reading tutorials to figure out what in the world I'm supposed to be doing!
Hopefully y'all don't mind if I ask a few questions.

(1) If I start a character on your sever, could I join y'all? It would really help to have people who I felt comfortable asking questions. I promise I try to figure it out myself first and read before bothing people!

(2) I've decided to go to a full version of the game and some of things I've read said to be leary of buying the game from most of the websites, does anyone know of a good place to make the purchase .. or should I go into the store? And which one to buy .. there seems to be soooo many?!?

(3) And what about starting money, do you buy it or do you have to make it. I saw that you could buy "station cash", is that game money or something different?

(4) I managed to get my character to lvl 13 (currently at 11 =/), then got totally lost in a place with monsters a zillion levels higher than my character, as in no idea where I am or how to get to the starting area again or even where the starting area is located. So I will be deleting her and starting a new one. So could y'all tell me a good starting place? I want to build a dps caster type, maybe wizard (still trying to see what would be good for end game raiding) or something like that and I'm open to race.. as long as they are "pretty", no orces or ugly or fat races in case race is a factor in the starting place.

The other other MMO I've played was WOW and while some things are different, I can tell this is a LOT more complicated and not as obvious to someone new. In WOW I always ended up playing healers but I'm hoping to do dps in Everquest.

Thanks for any advice,

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