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Knights of the Golden Wheel - AB, RP, cheeseFollow

#1 May 09 2012 at 4:56 PM Rating: Decent
We beens underfoot fodder for too longs, we wants to be recognized as allies and equals. We recently struck deal with lovely Qeynos Queen to bes your allies. We wants to make a names for ourselves, so we mades this honorable order Knights of the Golden Wheel. We continues to helps others leave the evil cities and comes to Qeynos, so we wills aid anyone seeking refuge just as we's been given refuge. We also haves much cheese to share!

((OOC - We are a light Role Playing guild with a relaxed, non-elitist atmosphere. RP is optional, though it's kind of hard not to talk like a ratonga, they're so funny to talk like. We are willing to train new players, accept all races and classes, no level restrictions, no restrictions based on your account access. Silver and Free players are welcome here, and we will work with you to have the best game experience you can have even with the restrictions on your service.

We don't want to just tavern hop every night, and we love to group for questing content, or dungeons, and we eventually want to raid. We are more than a RP guild, we are a group of friends and passionate gamers. We also desire a complete community of crafters so all members can benefit. Altoholocs accepted here.

IC we are good aligned, our Order of Knights serves Antonia Bayle in gratitude for allowing the ratonga people santuary in her city. OOC we accept all classes, races, and alignments as we need insiders in the Freeport aligned cities to help fund and plan the escape of refugees. If you want to play an evil alt and don't mind RPing giving us information or helping refugees to escape, then you are perfect! While the backstory is a Ratongan Knighthood and escape network, we provide services to all races under oppression, for if Ratonga want to be seen as equals, we must treat all races as equals.

Right now we have a crafting house with a harvest depot in New Halas to serve as a guild hall, and members will have their names added to the admin list so crafting tables can be used. Eventually our first guild hall will be in New Halas with the goal of eventually getting the T3 in Antonica.

This is a new guild, and we are looking for dependable and honest people to serve as guild officers. The leaders are USA EST based, but we would like to find officers who play at odd hours or are from other time zones to have people on around the clock. This is a great opportunity! Finally, we want stories to RP, lots of stories, so if you love a good story and would like to help in the creative process, we want to hear your ideas!))

Contact Amariella, Maiyla, Lucyana, or Rowynna in game, or look for any of our online recruiters
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