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Where to solo grind AAs at L90??Follow

#1 Jun 26 2012 at 4:25 PM Rating: Decent
Recently came back to game and found that I need 70ish AAs to get to 280 before advancing in the game at all. I do not want to group or raid, just solo ( I have not grouped at all so far to get to L90). There are a few daily repeat quests in GD for example that give 7300 AA experience (about 10% of one AA) , but only one time a day. I tried mentoring down to 65 and working Scantum of Scalebone, but I am only getting 200 AA experience per kill, and at that rate it will take months. As a soloer, I can't really take on groups of ^^^ mobs, so I am looking for single pulls or non-heroic small groups under my level.

So, do any of you soloing players (I'm a Necro, so kinda squishy) have suggestions on where I can solo and get at least 2-3 AAs per hour? This is especially helpful for the double XP weekends where you need a grind spot rather than spending time traveling around questing.

Unless I can find a reasonable way to get over this 280AAs hurdle as a soloer, I am probably done with EQ2.

Thanks for your suggestions....

#2 Jun 26 2012 at 9:35 PM Rating: Excellent
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I've seen a lot of people suggest Chelsith. I'm not a huge fan of it but apparently it's nice. Also if you want to fight with the crowds, Sebilis is another good place.

Personally I like running through instances and have fun hitting up the various Guk instances while duoing with my hubby. It's not crazy AA but we gain some and have fun. Another thought, if you've never done the chronomentoring daily quests before, there's 37 of those and you may end up in a lot of places you skipped over, and that can earn you a good bit of AA. I've been working on that on my toon that needs 30 more to go to 91.

Good luck!
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#3 Jun 26 2012 at 11:46 PM Rating: Decent
You do say necro, but you dont mention if you have a merc. When i did this on my wiz i had a little helper to tank for me, made a big difference. One of my guild members swears by chelsith and the erudin library(along with a handful of other level-scaling instances - he always had a mess of lockout timers if you wanted to do something). I had good luck fighting my way toward the bottom of the hole between instances. If you dont mind a little challenge, you can do the withering lands quests early too. Harvest up some extra rares for the cash while youre at it.
#4 Jun 27 2012 at 10:37 AM Rating: Decent
Thanks for the thoughtful ideas Cyliena and Frizko.

I usually pet tank as a necro and have not bought a merc cause they don't heal pets and I didn't want to further dialute XP; however, a tank merc might make sense as you suggest Frizko. Cyliena, duoing content especially if done with mercs, might not be doable for a soloing Necro, but I can check out the zones you mentioned and see. I tired Mentoring down to L65 to do mobs in Sanctum of Scalebone but was getting tiny experience per kill, so not sure about that approach. Daily questing can work but you do spend a lot of time traveling around rather than getting XP.

Lastly, when those double XP weekends come, perhaps the July 4th coming up?, you want to be able to grind mobs quickly to rack up XP, although I suppose LOTS of players have the same idea, so hard to find a place. You certainly don't want to be spending time traveling around with the double XP clock ticking.

Thanks again for your responses and ideas.

BTW, can you quantify how many AAs per hour you expect to get hunting in the various zones you suggest, and also, which merc, if any, did you use?


PS: I understand the Dev's thinking on setting 280AAs minimum for levels beyond 90, but what they didn't think of is adding quest content for soloer's at L90 to actually GET the AAs they are now requiring. I solo quested the entire journey to L90, doing zone by zone with many dozens of quests in each zone. Seems like they could have added a few L90 zones with quests to earn the AAs. Going back to many zones all over the game to do a few quests here and there is gonna take weeks and weeks to accomplish. Interestingly, I won't be buying further expansions or even paying to play the game unless I can get over this large AA hurdle (I've got 217 AAs ATM).

PS2: My EQ1 Necro is L86 and has 1,500 AAs, but he plays in a family group... hehehe.

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#5 Jun 27 2012 at 4:49 PM Rating: Excellent
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I didn't need 70 to get to 280, but I was a few AA shy when they put this requirement in. I just ran some of the dailies in EW and GD and now there are TONS of dailies in Withered Lands. Might not get you AA at top speed, but it's also something to think about, since all these quests are 91+.
#6 Jul 05 2012 at 4:23 AM Rating: Decent
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The old claymore questline used to be worth q
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#7 Jul 05 2012 at 4:25 AM Rating: Decent
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The claymore quest line used to be worth quite a bit of AA, you can get quite a bit just from mentoring down & running Sanctum of the Scaleborn & Palace of the Awakened.
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#8 Jul 05 2012 at 12:03 PM Rating: Decent
I too came back after a year off and I now took 2 of my lvl 90 chars to grind 100+ AA to get to 280AA to continue leveling. Being from freeport I was able to do complete quest line which scaled to 90 that got some nice items and end up with fabled robe plus you get some adornments you can use. For my zerker which I did first I did seb a lot by mentoring to lvl 85 and it was decent xp. I did all the solo quest lines in DOV and did all the quests in withering lands most solo and others with my inquisitor merc (heroic quests there) I recommend doing withering lands quests series first as it the only solo way to get re geared to get ready to do Skyshrine quests.
Once you finish WL you should go to SS and do Access quest there to work on faction and you be grouping there although they have 1 solo quest npc that gives 3 quests but they a delay between doing them so can just grind those quests. You gonna find out that end game in SS is all groups kills so best to dive in and you get much better xp than you will solo. Also by doing WL first you will get gear that you can take out lower level much easier because of the huge jump in stats on that gear.
#9 Jul 09 2012 at 7:29 AM Rating: Good
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My two favorite places to grind AA is Chelsith and the monks in PoF. Chronomage to 55 and go nuts
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