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The following types of advertisements are not allowed on Allakhazam:

  • Flashing, Jiggling, or otherwise seizure-inducing ads.
  • Ads that play sound on a page-load.
  • Ads for RMT, gold-selling, powerlevelling, botting, or other services that encourage the user to a game's Terms of Use.
  • Any ad banner that asks you to download or install something. Allakhazam will never ask you to install something that you didn't specifically request (like the Wowreader Client).
  • "Adult" content.

Allakhazam employs the services of ad networks to run its advertising. These networks, in addition to running normal ad campaigns, also allow companies to sign up for their network, and give their product a tag like "MMO" or "gaming". Ads for that product will then show up on sites like ours, that have that tag and work with that ad network. When we employ their services, we provide them with a list of "Excluded Categories", like the above, letting them know what ads we allow on our site and what ads we don't.

However, because Allakhazam has so many pageviews, we employ a number of different ad networks at the same time. As a result, every so often an ad will slip through the cracks. In order to catch these ads and remove them from the site, we need the help of our users--since some ads only show in some countries, often we cannot see the offending ads on our own computers, and rely on user submissions to tell us when an ad has slipped through.

If you see an ad that should not be on Allakhazam, here is what we need in order to get it fixed:

  • Take a screenshot of the ad and send it to
  • Let us know your location, since different ad networks will service different areas.
  • Tell us the URL the ad is serving from. For non-flash ads, all this takes is right-clicking the ad, selecting "Copy Link Location", and pasting the URL into the email. For Flash ads, this is a little more difficult. With Firefox, you can do this by going into Tools > Page Info, then clicking the "Media" tab. Look for anything that says "Embed" on the right (those are the Flash files), and right click on the URL and select "copy". Then post that link into the email.

Please do NOT post ad reports on the forums. I won't get to them as quickly, and on the off-chance you're reporting an ad with spyware in it, I don't want it linked all over the forums.

Thanks for your help in making Allakhazam a better place to browse! :)

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If you are getting bad ads, please PM me with the info about the ad so I can troubleshoot.
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