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I have a question about the process that you currently use to incorporate the information that we, the subscribers, send to you in posts about items on merchants, loot from mobs scattered throughout the lands, and/or the mechanics of an event (raid, anniversaries, etc.). Where you as Allakhazam Admins would, in turn, update Allakhazam's databases with this fresh knowledge so that it is available via links that ties items, mobs and zones together in a meaningful way. To explain, consider the following:

Before ZAM made moving to Los Angeles, CA mandatory for continued employment, the previous Allakhazam admins (Railus? Fleven?) would look at new messages posted on the Allakhazam web pages of items, mobs, and events for new and/or updated information. Thus, a lot of my posts usually were similarly titled as "Updated List of Items on Merchant" at the merchant's web page here with a log of what the merchant told me what items they had for sale and for how much. The Admins would then update that merchant's list of items/prices generally within a few days, a week at most.

But lately I've noticed that having done some posts about items and/or events, that the information is not... ingested into the databases. A few weeks prior, I saw a log listing from another subscriber updating a merchant's list in a message (either last year or the one prior, I tend to "Ooh shiny!" and follow links haphazardly) and there was no update nor an acknowledgement.

Consider my post:

Byren wrote:
Gnome Memorial Mountain: Danger Zone // Dragon in the Works

[Tue Mar 26 03:24:08 2019] You gained raid experience (with a bonus)!
[Tue Mar 26 03:24:08 2019] Rustbottom, Grinder of Gears has been slain by Thunderkiks!

[Tue Mar 26 03:24:40 2019] --The master looter, Nilweanx, has left 1 item(s): Sinister Steamwork Leather Hands Ornament on the corpse. The item(s) will be available to everyone after the corpse unlocks.--
[Tue Mar 26 03:24:40 2019] --The master looter, Nilweanx, has left 1 item(s): Mana Battery Pendant on the corpse. The item(s) will be available to everyone after the corpse unlocks.--
[Tue Mar 26 03:24:40 2019] --The master looter, Nilweanx, has left 1 item(s): Dynamometric Timing Chain on the corpse. The item(s) will be available to everyone after the corpse unlocks.--
[Tue Mar 26 03:24:40 2019] --The master looter, Nilweanx, has left 1 item(s): Fitted Rat-ling Control Board on the corpse. The item(s) will be available to everyone after the corpse unlocks.--

which I posted on the raid event "Dragon in the Works" web page at

Why there? Well, the image shown in the above quoted material is a partial screenshot of my Expedition Information window where the Outstanding Expedition Timers resides and when we completed that raid event successfully, that was the newest timer. I changed the text color normally used for these timers from red to white for legibility reasons.

The first two (2) log lines display that we got raid experience and what Boss Mob was killed (as well as who did the Boss Mob in). This has the additional bonus of ensuring that the items listed were from the event stated because that is the Boss Mob that must be killed for that event. So even if I had posted this list of items at the wrong raid event web page here on Allakhazam, you know which event it belongs to via the name of the dead Boss.

The remaining lines show what loot was available on that mob. Now why did I use THIS list of items instead of my normal standard of:

Byren wrote:

[Tue Mar 26 03:24:52 2019] Nilweanx tells the guild, 'Mana Battery Pendant, Dynamometric Timing Chain, Fitted Rat-ling Control Board'

as I have done in the past?

The guild chat message Nilweanx sent listed 3 items available for purchase but if you examine the master looter listing crefully, you see that it shows 4 items. The discrepancy is because Triton doesn't generally offer Slot 4, type 21 (Armor Ornamentation) raid augmentations for purchase. I believe one can request your class-general suit from the expansion and onto a waiting list you will go. Then, when all the parts are gathered and you are next for that type of wearable ornament, you visit the tailor and get properly fitted. I could be wrong because it's been awhile since I last requested raid armor ornaments.

Thus the listing is more accurate. When there is no master looter message for a mob, the default will be what is stated in chats.

To see if perhaps these items were linked back to the raid event, I opened the web page for the first item available for purchase: Mana Battery Pendant located at

It has a web page which means that Lucy know about this item but the [Comments] section where it should tell you where this item can be bought/found/quested is empty.

SO, 10 years later...

To ensure that Allakhazam is kept current with the latest info, where should I send the assorted logs of updated lists of items on merchants so that you'll be aware of them? Same for mob items and various other tidbits. PM directly to admins? Which admins?

I am not trying to be snarky because I realize the problems it took just to get EQIC updated after months and that ZAM most likely looks at Allakhazam as the red-headed stepchild that no one wants. Or whatever name change ZAM did. Fanbyte?

So, if you have staffing shortages, please direct me to where I can give you this information. If my message counter here stops because I would need to send it via email at or PM's, that's fine too, my default message rating is excellent when I make a post. Smiley: lol

I just want to accommodate your capabilities. Thank you for your assistance and guidance in this matter.

aka Byren on Allakhazam

P.S. No, I will not do a Jerry Maguire quote!


Jerry Maguire: [pleading to Rod] Help me... help you. Help me, help you.
#2 May 07 2019 at 11:42 AM Rating: Excellent
Hi Byren! Updates from me are coming in slower due to me working full time sine late February and there is no downtime with my job or else I would update things at work. I try to update new comments once a week and other admins usually handle certain areas and other light updates. We could use some other volunteer admins as usual if you or anyone else is interested.

There are multiple ways of getting ahold of us, posting a comment on whatever as we check new comments, our discord server or through eqteam email goes to me which I need to forward to the other admins.

The way I acknowledge someone's update and actually update what they posted is to rate up their post. I usually don't respond unless I need more information to update.

I'll take a look at what you posted about when I get home from work.

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