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#1 Apr 03 2010 at 12:29 PM Rating: Excellent
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What fond memories do you have of Bismarck / Seraph :3

Logging into Bismarck for the first time, a level 1 Hume BLM, and not knowing i had the Stone Scroll already in my bag, and thinking i had to go buy the scroll, so i sat the for 5 minutes, /shouting asking how to make money / get the spell, when Kerai tossed me 300gil and told me where the scroll to get was. Then buying it, going to inventory to use it, and seeing i had two in my bag xD

2) Fishing, god how i miss the old fishing. Click Enter, read a book, click enter again when you had a bite. Wish SE never "fixed" (ie ruined) fishing. I miss my 6 hours of fishing / doing homework.

The Excitement. There's no thrill to exploring anymore. I remember being level 7 and running to the crags with Tonto and Tarrent (a level 30 something RDM) and thinking how cool Tarrent was cause he had this "high level" red mage, and was able to protect us. And sitting on the ship, hiding behind boxes when the kraken came up to see who was on the boat xD

Dying in every zone i went to, just to see how tough the monsters in the area were, to see if i could exp with a group here.

The sense of accomplishment you got from getting your first level 75 pre-toau.
Before all the exp cap was lowered, and you had to grind forever to get from 74 to 75.

The sense of community. It's kinda vanished from Bismarck

When IRON was the shell you wanted to surpass in HNM scenes.

Getting to sky, and being awestruck by how pretty it was, and my first Kirin fight, surviving Astral flow while everyone but me, a rdm, and a whm died. and having to strap on my Gaudy Harness, and pray the RDM/NIN could kite Kirin long enough for me and the WHM to raise everyone else.

9)BRD/NIN Mazurka tanking xD

10) Outpulling the BRD/NIN craze while being a BRD/WHM, and watching the other groups get pissed cause i was outpulling them.

My first Dynamis. God i was shaking so badly that entire time, so excited to see why everyone was all about it, and knowing i'd get new AF, i was on the edge of my seat the entire time, having to carefully watch alliance's HP, mass sleep everything in a ten mile radius, and pray i didn't get AoE'd to death runningb ack to the mages to apply Ballad.

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#2 Apr 06 2010 at 2:06 PM Rating: Good
There's so many where do you start lol

The first time I ran across a Yag as a lvl 4 whm, having it start beating my ***, panicking and running off only to aggro 4 more and die horribly XD

Getting new spells!!! Dinging 25, learning raise then praying someone would die so I could use it!! (horrible I know)

Zoning into the dunes for the first time. My husband was with me and when we zoned in I was in awe. Running around to mobs going, "Can I kill this one?". Yeah I was fearsome with my giant spoon (wand)

Feeling so proud of myself for FINALLY making it to camp in Onzonzo w/o dying. There was always someone that didn't have sneak/invis *sigh*

Getting all my whm af so I actually looked like a whm. Back when the fight for the body piece was a big deal lol

Getting my G1 done. Good lord that was a MPK session in Eldieme trying to get 6 ancient papyrus one night

Being high enough that I could actually go help when someone asked for it. That's probably one of my favorite things about the game.

Learning that once you're in dyna & you find out you're out of echos and someone is trying to trade you but you're full to never, NEVER drop your hourglass to make room XD

I'm sure there's plenty more but most of my fond memories are the friends that I've made in this game. Alot of them are gone now but I'll never forget the fun I had with them.

#4 Apr 11 2010 at 10:05 AM Rating: Good
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Being lost in Sandy when I first got on, and needing to shout for help.

The first Orc that kicked my ***.

Playing hooky from high school to play FFXI.

Trying to unlock my first advanced job (PLD) with my RL friend when we were both 30 Rdm's and dying 7 times in one night in Davoi. Damn pugils and orcs!

Staying up to 6am with the same friend while trying to unlock Summoner and meeting a very unique person in the Dunes waiting for fire weather.

Paging through the Brady Games guide (LOL) and thinking how it would be sooo cool to fight and kill Manticores and Goobues.

Being logged in all day to complete my chocobo quest.

That first trip to Jeuno, being amazed by Mickei's lvl 45 Rdm. Meeting Xeph, an amazing Smn. All the amazing people I've met in game.

Unlocking Drg and being awestruck by the job's capability, pre-spirit link, and leveling that exclusively until I hit 75. Examining Terraforce in Jeuno because I wanted to be just like him/her. Being schooled by Zariko on how to properly gear my Drg.

All the old exp camps... Onzozzo, Teriggan, Sorrow Valley, Kuftal, Den of Rancor, etc... The massive trains coming out of Garlaige and Crawler's Nest. Getting my Assault Jerkin.

LUFAISE MEADOWS!!!! Hitting 75 and de-lvling a few birds/rams later.

When Cynhard quit and gave me enough gil to buy my Amemet +1. I still have it and will never get rid of it.

My first sky TP burn merit party.

My very first Kirin fight.

My list can go on and on... Sooo many great memories, I wish I could go back. :(
(These are out of date, and I'm too lazy to keep up)
#5 Apr 11 2010 at 3:34 PM Rating: Good
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I too got lost in N Sandy when I first logged in.
#6 Apr 15 2010 at 1:20 PM Rating: Good
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My first fight as RDM was hand-to-hand because I didn't know I had a dagger. I also didn't know how to equip, so it wouldn't have mattered.

...that is all.
#7 Apr 16 2010 at 11:24 AM Rating: Good
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@Sirothedrg LOL mickei still doesnt have his RDM AF Hat.

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