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Melody LS now recruiting! (Many events, inquire within!)Follow

#1 Oct 11 2010 at 11:16 AM Rating: Good
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Hello Server :)

Melody Linkshell (Originally Dissidia), is a new, up and comming endgame linkshell, dedicated to having fun. We do a wide variety of things, from Limbus, to Einherjar, to Abyssea NMS (mostly nms, rarely an exp pt or two), Now adding Walk of Echoes (for the coins to get people the weapons fot the cool ws's), Sky, Sea, occasional ZNM, and tons more!

About the only thing we DON'T do is HNM kings, and thats because most of us have jobs or school or some other kind of time draining activity. However, if people are on and you know a tod.... :p

Our shell prides itself on the family it was built on. We treat people as people, not how many salvage bodies you have, or what jobs you have leveled. Yes, we do use particular jobs for big fights, simply because we have to, but by no means do we exclude anyone for playing the jobs they like to play. We've killed many big bosses, Eccentric Eve and Lacovie,for example, using blms and our trademarked TEAM PUP which consists of puppetmasters doing thier thing :p

Our LS runs *primarily* on Wednesday/Friday/Sunday, with events starting at 6pm EST - 12-1am EST. We try our best to centrilize events on these days so people can have the others off for friends or other types of shananogans in ffxi. However, we also encourage people to use melody as a social, because if enough people are on we like to kill a god or two. Or even some MMM nms for those gil items can be fun!

The rules, and ideas behind each of our events can be found at

Below, a quick FAQ will be listed for those of you who may hold questions:

Q: Does Melody require i be at every event you guys do?
A: Absolutly not. If you only wish to do limbus with us, then you may only do that event. You can do any variety of anything we do, without any type of consequence.

Q: How are drops distributed?
A: Many of our events have different rule sets, (as we weren't an all in one shell to begin with!), and so that question can be answered by looking at the specific rule sets on the listed website.

Q: I want to do Dynamis, but you guys don't offer it, or do you?
A: We are loosely affiliated with Catwho's Noseph dynamis, which runs on times compatible to ALL melody events. More information on her Dyna can be found at Additionally, Melody would also like to begin a LOW man dyna group, (10-12 people) To collect currency for profit and relic funding. If either of those don't interest you - there are many dyna shells out there, im sure one will work for you!

Q: I only have MNK. Can i still join?
A: Absolutly. We have no job or gear bias, veteran and newcommers are welcomed alike!


I believe thats everything!

Melody Limbus: Now Recruiting
Melody Einherjar: Now Recruiting
Melody Abyssea: Now Recuriting
Melody Walk of Echoes: Now Recuriting
Melody General Endgame: Now Recruiting

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. If questions still exist, please feel free to contact Kyokaku, Zyn, Punchus, or Remmi in game for any further questions or additional comments!

Have a great night!
#2 Oct 12 2010 at 9:05 AM Rating: Good
A correction: The Dynamis website is :)
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