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#252 Mar 29 2005 at 10:42 PM Rating: Good
Well here goes my first post. This is my White List ^^:

>>Curaitis (Mi cielo, always willing to help anyone)
>>Toban (Always there for every LS event and every LS member)
>>Optimuz (Thanks for trying to get us all our AFs)
>>Zenzero (Thanks for killing Shadow Lord 20 times >.<;)
>>Tapion (Always there for me =D)
>>Krystina (Someone you can count on when LS calls)
>>Archades (The Crusader of the Trousers!)
>>Shenyang (Thank you for helping me get SAM)
>>Achillies (Thanks for showing that the Friend List means something)
>>Hereticviper (The worst Paladin ever! -jk =P)
>>Lourdes (The Best WHM ever!)
>>Omey (Where would we be without our TH2? XD)
>>Cypress (Always there to rescue us)
>>Favien (Hope to see u around soon ^^)
>>Ermac (Missed by the LS, Optimuz sucks at telling jokes >.<)
>>My EliteUnderground LS (Medhya, Therickjames, Kam, Farhia and Symalus, Doc, Tairo...)
>> Here go the people I forgot >.<;

#253 Mar 30 2005 at 9:03 AM Rating: Decent
114 posts
Yeah, sym said I have to step my comedy up ; ;
I knew it /cry
/em goes to the corner and starts sucking on his thumb...
/em pokes Skadi on the forehead with his Signet Staff
{Run Away!}
#254 Mar 31 2005 at 10:08 AM Rating: Decent
Kuji, Tarutaru whm i partyed with last night, he died several times in the odd little group we had set up but he was a good sport about it, still feel bad but he was just too good at keping us alive at his own expense
#255 Mar 31 2005 at 12:22 PM Rating: Good
Ok, first post. My whitelist would have to be:

Skadi-One of my closest and dearest friends. You have helped me with so many in game problems and RL problems. For that, I will always be thankful. What can I say, you are so special to me.

Cypress-Here's another who has helped me greatly with my Rank and my AF. Thanks alot Cyp^^

Therickjames-LOL I know he cant read this, but i gotta mention him....He's Therickjames,*****.

Lourdes-The Best Damn Whitemage. Period.
Toban-Because you rule.
And a certain LS leader who I am snubbing by not mentioning...mainly because he didnt mention me. =P

Apologies to anyone that I have accidentally forgotten ><
#256 Apr 01 2005 at 3:12 PM Rating: Decent
142 posts
Updated May 2 2005
Sure lets toss some names out (although unless you know me I'll have to wait to be on someones white list before you can really believe me)

Cantanu - The first friend I ever had in the game. He was levelling his whm on vomp hill and asked me a lowly warrior with no subjob to join him. While I may have long passed him in level (especially during his break from the game) I will never forget how he got me started on the right path. His main job is red mage and I would never hesitate to invite him to a pt.

Cyrellus - While no longer playing, I was introduced to him by Cantanu (he was basically a mentor to both of us). He too spent a lot of time helping me out and I really miss him around.

Cleophie - Who doesn't know Cleophie? {Mega} {Boss} {Bard} Third person on friend list...met him back in qufim as a warrior. Maybe I just follow him like a lost puppy, but somehow we have managed to stick together through various linkshells. Quite possibly the friendliest people I've ever met (just dont mess up your positioning in a party, he'll eat you alive Taru or otherwise)

Raya - I have not known Raya for very long (I've only met her on OvenRoastedTaru) While I consider everyone on my linkshell to be a friend, Raya has helped me in a way that I still can not believe. I don't know why she did (well I do but its still unbelievable) but I consider her to be one of the most generous people I've ever met.

Erynn and Tetsaiuga - My current static whm and drk and two of my newer yet close friends. Erynn a wonderful white mage and the queen of rather interesting "MT's" and Tetsaiuga a not so outspoken but very selfless and friendly person to be with. I met Erynn while forming parties to level Paladin and Tet I've known from Orefise's linkshell ArcofLegends. I am honored that they chose to level with me since Level 70 (I'm 74 now and have had several failed semi-statics in the past)

Taterat - Best Taru RNG Ever

Sharps - He may have long passed me and I seldom get to join him to do anything, but he is still a great person

Xada/Alizia/Nermal/Kyagomo/Phane/Nermal/Sorscha/Shuley/Fiera/Szion/Arista/Akuza - OvenRoastedTaru may be mostly gone now, but I still vouch for people who used to be in that shell.

Sephirothx - Helped me out with Paladin AF3 and Bastok Rank 8-10 missions

Orefise/Bigpappapump/Kaorie/Tsuru/Anuril/xballerx - A few of the ArcofLegends crew...while I dont come on there very often I've never forgotten the things you have done for me. While you have Jebadiah, I'm always happy to lend a hand. I don't know all of the ARC members now, but I trust Ore's judgement in letting people into the shell so like ORT you can pretty much count on them being good people.

Chevala - I met him while doing my bomb coal run as a lvl 50 Paladin. He became someone I'd look to for advice on the job. Even lent me his Gluttony sword for about a week while I waited for stuff on the AH to sell to buy my own. While I'm a few levels ahead now (yeah I probably level too much) he's still a great person to be around with an interesting sense of humor. If you see him seeking please invite (invites on the hours he can play are rather difficult to get)

Navada/Goyleinc/Sirmaxamus/Blar - A few of my lower level friends. You may or may not have seen them around but don't hesitate to invite them. While not yet high on level, they are high in heart and will do anything they can to help you out.

Everlast - He's a Paladin that I have been mentoring out and helping a bit and a good friend even if we dont do tons together. One day he messages me telling me to check my inbox...what do I see? A Cursed Schaller! He got me one as a gift for hitting Level 75 and for helping him out...I was so touched. Now as I proudly wear it I will always remember him.

Anyone on Visionaries - My new linkshell...if you see a pearl you can be sure that they are good people. Prime/Strifeassassin/Zerogohan/Thadius/Flesheater/Ciampolo (aka Spicy)/Smokey/Thewhitewizard/Viciousmugger/Modru/Sabredazer/Juc are just a few of the names you may recognize. There are a lot more but I'm at work and dont have a complete list so sorry if I forgot you

There are many more people but I can't list them all at once. I may come and update in the future.

Edited, Mon May 2 14:06:14 2005 by SmartDrv
#257 Apr 01 2005 at 9:13 PM Rating: Decent
My whitelist:

Raya- A good friend and has helped me with many things. Always fun to go do stuff her ^.^.

Nephthys- very helpful and always fun and interesting to talk to...

Necros- hehe hes very nice to talk to and i always enjoy going out and helping him with stuff ^.^ doesn't come on much anymore though ; ;.

Gitana- I enjoy talking to her. Shes always there to listen to my problems. ^^;

Xoblivion- my best friend in-game ^.^. he plays too much >.>.

Blisk/Jurondall/ and others- hehe i have a blast going out and messing around with you guys. Need to go do it some more :).

ORT/others on flist/ and those i met in game- always been fun talking to people. I enjoy helping people and hope to do more of it ^.^.

Edited, Mon Apr 18 19:11:47 2005 by Lanco
#258 Apr 04 2005 at 5:21 AM Rating: Decent
41 posts
Hmm, let's see. Here is my list, improved from last time.

Fortuna - Great RDM
Kihmomo/Hiten - Good BLM and SAM :)
Malise - Awesome RNG. Makes me look like I'm doing no dmg.
Treskewl - Good PLD, does his/her job well as a PLD should.
Daigor - One of the best PLD I know. The hate does not leave him. I tried...
Falconian - One of the best BLM, WHM, and RDM I know. Real good.
Junyi - Uber monk.
Kaahi - One of the nicest people on our server. Not a bad THF either ;)
Nermal - Awesome DRK, very nice person also.
Seer - Great RDM.
Verence - Great DRG.
#259 Apr 04 2005 at 7:06 AM Rating: Decent
Hammel(He's been a good friend of mine for LONGTIME)
Diaboli(Good guy, he's got a good taste in music to :D)
Sharps(Good friend:))
Smartdrv(Really good guy and a good PLD)
Rajiv(jabathehut emo kid)
Tolan/Lyia(both good people)
Winnie(Get down gurl go head get down)
Endo(Good RNG fren)
Chocolathunder(-_-;scum bag)
Xoblivion(Good guy)
Darkaelph,Jektsuken(Both good guys, met DA way back in the day)
Heals,Tanis(Havn't known you guys very long but still frens:))
Tank(later dude:D)

Everyone on ventrilo, Eminence linkshell. I've probly left people out but w/e, FREN KNO WHO DEY R!

Edited, Sun Nov 27 16:16:55 2005 by Taterat
#260 Apr 04 2005 at 5:21 PM Rating: Decent
42 posts
This is my list off the top of my head.

Orefise - Awsome whm and good friend and leader of a good shell
Bigpappapump - His name sais it all
Lyonheart - Very smart and helpful friend
Mizumi - Mew :3
Sutton - Good taru friend and leader of an awsome shell
Vellond - Funny and fun
Impacto - Old friend from way back when that helps me a lot
Jaizyn - The leader of my first ls
Draymor - Good friend that goes way back
Lone - We miss you man
Shawchert - Love ya baby ;)
Onearm - He has 1 arm not 2
Kylon - Cool guy that I seen grow from being a newbie to bein an oldbie
Jorashua - another guy I got to see grow on the game that also cool
Jaderman - Hope I spelled his name right but he's cool and leader of a nice shell
Gensu - Awsome blm and good friend
Brassias - High lvl pld friend that helps me a bit
Dirty - High lvl drk friend that helps me too
#261 Apr 05 2005 at 10:21 PM Rating: Decent
328 posts
My personal whitelist:

Markaroon and Twinblade - I met these two when I was lvling my sub in dunes (since, I figured, my main (MNK) could use even more str, hp, etc from WAR before I went to grab RNG). To be blunt, it was hell for the most part. Exp was slow, all the parties I was invited to ended up being filled with newcomers to the game that "didn't know that you don't really pull a leech when there are other leeches near it" (if you catch my drift). I then PT'd with Twinblade, and his brother Markaroon was PLing everyone. PT was great, for the most part. EXP came quick, we took out enemies like it was nothing, Markaroon kept everyone alive, etc. The only downside was a beginner that...was just too...well there's just no word to describe his stupidity (when you speak english, yet don't understand "Cyclopss, you're not the puller, he is", and pulls a fly in the middle of a snipper fight...well you get the idea (his name was Cyclopss btw)).

But yeah, both of them were nice, great PL, great help, made me remember what very few good times I had in dunes the first time through.

Thebabe and Ujwood - Thebabe and her father, met them both in dunes. Thebabe is friendly, funny, and a great player overall. Ujwood is even better, a high lvl PLer who is always willing to give you that one tele you need, even if he's busy. They had to be the best combo I've ever met, past Twinblade and Mark, who have helped me a lot.

Everyone from my LS (Mainly Driskell, Psgsp, Darkskull, Lawrius, and Lsbknives from Kapoks) - From teaching me the basics, giving me a link pearl, to helping me get Kazham keys and fighting dragon, these guys were the best help I've had on this game, two thumbs up for the lot of em.

Now, I feel like adding a small blacklist:

Myself (Avelyn) - Why? Because I can admit to several occasions where I've been a complete and total jackass. I'm the type who will flip at the drop of a pin, who can get annoying quick (especially with my favorite quote, "Ho, ho, what!", if you've PT'd with me, you know), will buy out the fishing guild's supply of insect paste in one go (remember a couple weeks ago when prices went from 30gil to 60gil per piece of insect paste at fishing guild? Most of that was my fault, I went moat carp happy and bought fifteen stacks), and I tend to pull conversations toward what I want to talk about (kind of like now).

Really, I don't have many redeeming qualities. I make the funny advertising slogan (Bastok during the Doll Festival event, if you can remember the quote "Ever want to be that taru prick ******* that stole your lunch money in mage school?", that was me, I wanted to get rid of my rice cakes since they were pretty much worthless to me), and sometimes I'll help someone along (I gave someone about 10k to upgrade from the basic bronze harness set to bronze scale mail in dunes), but that's not really good enough.

Sorry, just had to rant there, judge how you will :-\
#262 Apr 06 2005 at 11:49 AM Rating: Decent
A whitelist... lol... so many people to add...i'll just list a couple @_@ sorry to all of those i forgot to write about~

Gambitx - Great RDM and has helped me out a lot on improving my RDM skills, really nice guy!
Celiahk and Atomicflare - great LS leaders and has helped me with everything from rank to crafting ever since I started out as a level 1 noob in West Ron @_@;;
Kittkatt - <3 always there to help me emotionally and financially lol...always drag him along to do things with me whenever he's in the middle of something ^^;;
Tetsaiuga - a selfless DRK who puts a lot of his own time into helping others regardless it benefits him or not
Cassie - hehe, wanna kill some more Hover Tanks for those testimonies?
Tienria - another great WHM/SMN who isn't arrogant and has a great LS, puts a lot of her time into helping others accomplish things
Nagoshi - sweet girl to talk to, awesome equips, and has been waiting for me forever to get rank 10 together ^^;

Edited, Wed Apr 6 12:52:00 2005 by Princetaro
#263 Apr 08 2005 at 3:54 AM Rating: Decent
108 posts
Hmmm i think its time i put up a revised whitelist.

Evilteddy- for always helpin me when i need TH and RL friend
Jabberwocky- taru with a heart of gold
Anewbiss- RL best friend
Arlenis- awesome brd whos always sweet
Pax- for being Pax
Sheeva- awesome WHM whos always helpful
Gessyca- for calling me weak when i was gonna quit
Delirium,Stormdancer,Stormwarden,Rayvin- Rank buddies
Streetz- awesome LS ldr
Yohonne- always being there when im about to do something dumb
Embur-being a friend through think and thin
Ciampolo- for takin a shot with a not so well known whm back in SnD
Eleme- friend since the jungle
Kiera- my WHM idol
Oniknight- helped be tune up my whm skills
Xiana- one of my ingame best friends
Zoya-friends since CN and always will be
Rianne- another awesome friend whos always there

to any others, dont be offended. i like most of you, i just cant think of your names atm. peace.

Edited, Fri Apr 8 05:02:53 2005 by evilcloudzero
#264 Apr 09 2005 at 3:29 PM Rating: Decent
Alyxis here, thought I would add a few tho this ever growing list:
Lilshizit- Known him since he was a noob and now he has gone and passed me /cry. Thanks for everything you have done (especially with 5-2 and my AF). Thanks for putting up with me :p
Alibeemac- Even after dying 5 times in one day, she helped me,Blaize, and a few others get our avatars. Thanks for helping with everything.
Demondream- Been a great friend to me even when i needed to vent and had no one else to turn to, thanks for all you have done.
Pandele- Has done so much for me, always willing to help.
Blaize- Has also done alot for me and is willing to stop what he is doing to help when needed.
Sarafin- Has kept me busy to keep me from quitting the game and has helped me with so many things.

OK and the list continues:
The rest of the Dark Empire LS
The Elite Underground LS

And everyone else that I couldn't thin of off the top of my head. Thanks for your help everyone.
#265 Apr 11 2005 at 7:42 AM Rating: Good
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Okie, Ells' Whitelist, part IV. ^^

Danith, Lilbill, Ninjaniels, and Phildo: for helping me with my Castle Oztroja coffer key. Thanks guys!
Clawsdown and Runiel: for helping me with my Genkai 3 runaround.

Thanks go out again to all the nice people I've met during my time here in Vana'diel. I'm sure that I've forgotten some, but I'll be sure to make up for it next time.

Take care, all ^^

Edited, Mon Apr 11 21:04:58 2005 by Ellsbeth
#266 Apr 17 2005 at 1:26 PM Rating: Decent
Everyone who has been omgwtfbbqpwned by my {Monk}{Hand-to-Hand}{accident} in {Ballista} should be on the Whitelist. :p
#267 Apr 19 2005 at 1:12 PM Rating: Decent
42 posts
I'd just like to point out that Raya and Smartdrv are 2 of the nicest people i have run into on the game, both lvl 75 and neither became stuck up or arrogant, they help out all the time and never ask for a thing in return. both have helped me out on numerous occassions and are always friendly and glad to help. I remember having a hard time finding people to help me get my af3 for pld, when sudenly i get an invite from raya, she was getting people together to help me. I had never seen anyone do anything so kind.
#268 Apr 20 2005 at 3:55 PM Rating: Decent
Feel like an *** for not posting my "whitelist" before all of this but hey here it is:


This is just to name a few...REALLY bad memory >< as any listed on this list should know that already. Too whoever not listed that I may have forgotten (on accident) Props to you as well!
#269 Apr 20 2005 at 9:04 PM Rating: Decent
Dturbed- a Elvaan Dragoon who my entire noob ps2 linkshell had him do everything for us- he was sick
#270 Apr 24 2005 at 10:02 AM Rating: Good
18 posts
Hi, just visiting from the Phoenix boards, and I have to say, this is a very nice sticky thread you guys have here.^^

I wish our server would get something like this together. It's nice to have a list of helpful and friendly people in one place.
#271 Apr 26 2005 at 1:43 AM Rating: Decent
Here's to some of my closest friends:

Myst (She's rather see herself die than me or anyone else.)
Demitri (Nothing isn't funny if you don't take it too seriously)
Selenna (****** <3)
Yurian (My favorite perv. lol jk!)
Hinomi (Always there when I need someone)
Gwendolyn and Eindridi (A barrel of friggen monkies! Too cute)
Nige (Just keep talking... Cookies anyone?)
Onikirimaru (One-Heck-of-a-neeejaaa! {Ninja tools} "Onimaru")
Citen (Citen-maru, always a sweet-heart who Ayance' loves to tease)
Shatteredflame (No galka like this galka, he'd do anything to make me smile.)
Sherl (Weren't you lvl 1 like yesterday? Oh how you've grown! You're right around the corner to lift me when I fall)
Erynn (My sis and gossip-resource! /hugs forever!)
Revelin (Nothing but smiles and rosey cheeks. Miss you)
Noki/Neokis (Since day one we got lost together in La'thein, what is an AH? Auction house? We learned together and stick together.)
Chiipapa (The nices japanese friend who I practice Japanese with, we send messages constantly!)

I know I'm missing a lot, but I'd like to quickly mention the entire HokutenKnights linkshell and appologize for those I know I definitly missed.

EEK~ Really quick: Belmont, cloudxx, saiyanprincess, Celiahk and Atomicflare, Lunar, Streetz, Embur, Satoshiko, Zeroalpha, Lilbill, Vask, Xro, ughhh ... mind-fart ><;

Each of these people have helped me in more ways than I can think of and without them, where would I be?

Thanks and <3
#272 Apr 26 2005 at 9:04 AM Rating: Decent
297 posts
Additions to my list... helped me get my hat ^^

Shari - Who helped me finally organize something to kill the doll ^^

Phildo - For agreeing to tank and bringing a few friends along.

Everyone else in no particular order

#273 Apr 26 2005 at 10:12 AM Rating: Decent
im taru whm/blm normally, my whitelist is.

-Steeftooth, My RL brother
-acda Rl friend of my bro, helps me out sometimes to
-draakje never online but hes really nice to
-folksy hes a friend, he helped me out more then once
-baht cool canadian dude, owner of my LS and helps me out sometimes
-nostrodamus we hardly talk but hes a cool guy to
-blackzero (me :P)

im lvl 19/9 whm/blm f you need my help just ask ^^
#274 Apr 28 2005 at 7:45 PM Rating: Decent
38 posts
Kenshiki ›› (The REAL Kenshiki[WHM], not ebil Kenshiki imposter[RDM]/Valkan ><) My bestest fwend ever! =D It's just impossible to dislike her. She's done too much for me that I can ever repay her for. ^^; Thanks for all the moral support, you've helped me get places I wouldn't have alone.

Seig ›› Like above...^^ Always being there for me, farming and camping with me, putting up with my ranting and complaints XD And most importantly proposing to me. ^^ *hug*

Solarus ›› Really good person, one of those people I trust more than others as well. Yeah I may fight with you a bit but XD You know I still like ya =P And gosh, even more thanks go to you for keeping me in the game when I nearly quit. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have such a good friend helping me through that.

Kathexis ›› Much like above, again. She's smart and gifted (Whether you admit it or not! =P) and someone for me to talk to.

Rhianna ›› Being in general such a nice person and getting us soooo much help with our AF and missions. ^^

Majikjello ›› Same as Rhi~ =3

Geena ›› THANKS SO MUCH TO THIS GUY! He's a Lv70-something JP Monk who willingly gave up over 2 hours to help my Genkai 1 PT get all of our paper. He also eventually brought his Lv70ish PLD friend to help us. That was one heck of a night! I can't thank him enough for that!

Shizue ›› lol, Fun person to chat with. ^^; Met him last year and we only recently added each other to our friend lists despite talking whenever we crossed. XD

Kaahi ›› Good person and great RPer. =D I love watching you and the rest of CantaPerMe RP. Hopefully there'll be more joint-LS events soon, that looked so fun! ^^

Hiraisho ›› Being related to me IR...— WAIT! That's not good! Err....^^ lol, For the static with me (Even if it didn't really last), crafting items for me when I couldn't obtain them otherwise, and helping me camp Stroper Chyme for my wedding without any intentions of getting profit. =D

Jokerboy ›› He's been quite a major help to me. Getting me my Quicksands coffer key and finding the coffer itself (Which took at least 3 hours and a million trains...e.e;), getting me my Ifrit's Cauldren coffer key, getting me into a Shiva Prime PT, getting me my DRG testimony even though I was only Lv55 at the time...and any other stuff I can't think of right now. That, and still being a good person. ^^;

Judau ›› May not know each other very well, but in the past he's chatted to me when I felt alone and depressed, which helps me feel better about myself, and that at times I'm not the only one.

Enyx ›› He helped me get my Giddeus key and offered to take me to Bastok for my last. ^^; However, I didn't have the time to travel across the world, and had to log...he told me to /tell him if he was on when I needed help for my Palborough key. =] Though I did ask him for help on it later, I managed to get different help before he was able to get to me. Either way, it made me feel special that there was someone willing to put aside their time to help me like that. ^^

Kawazoe ›› A very nice person, and much like Kenshiki it's just impossible to NOT like him. He's very kind and generous and always seems so willing to help. He earns my full respect and liking for being the way he is. ^^

Lots of other people as well, especially my fellow LS peoples. ^.^ But, that's way too many to name, and you all know who you are anyway. ^^;~ Take care and don't change. =3
#275 May 03 2005 at 12:36 PM Rating: Default
I dont see my name here, wheres the <3 ? =\
#276 May 06 2005 at 9:56 AM Rating: Decent
Ya, what about me? ;;

/em {Hide}s his {Musketeer Gun+2}
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