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#352 Mar 25 2006 at 11:36 AM Rating: Decent
Hmm.... I wish I could remember all the nice ppl I've met, but my memory sucks. Anyways here's some nice ppl I know.

Raokodae- I know not everyone likes her, but she's a really nice person and very helpful. Thanks to her I've completed a lot of stuff in this game.

Koll- All around nice guy, always helpful and very friendly. Been my friend for as long as I can remember.

Aylith- Sometimes she likes to bite me but otherwise she's one of the nicest person's I know :)

Koloo- Looked up to him when I was a fledgling sam, still consider him my god :P

Wish I could remember all the ppl I've met over my 2 years of playing this game, I'll post any if I remember ^.^
#353 Apr 28 2006 at 1:30 PM Rating: Decent
28 posts
Hmmmmm... where to start?

Bigmonkey - for being my 'B'
Sesshomaru - endlessly helping out with various things
Devona - endlessly helping out with various things
Demonfangs - manages to always put a smile on my face, and assisting with various missions and quests.
Kreator - one of the four great comedians in my gaming life.
Bigmanx - quests, missions, general assistance
Bungle - one of the four great comedians in my gaming life.
Radicant - one of the four great comedians in my gaming life.
Spidey - quests, missions, general knowledge and assistance
Atoryga - quests, missions, general knowledge and assistance
Zendor - one of the four great comedians in my gaming life.
Dak - quests, missions, general knowledge and assistance
Keshin - generally assists where he can
Tiah - AF, missions, general knowledge
Leosoko - party, missions, quests, knowledge
Smurfnibble - raises, teles, and PLS
Faithlilly - raises, teles, and PLS
Dasani - generally assists where he can
Methmartion - generally assists where he can
Switches - AF, quests, generally assists where he can
Dragone - quests, general assistance
Chickey - quests, missions, general knowledge and assistance, raises, teles
Dragonelk - quests, general assistance
Asphodel - quests, general assistance
Roclorian - fantastic party experience
Beany - semi retired
Darkharon - quests, missions, general knowledge and assistance
Jokerman - quests, missions, general knowledge and assistance
Miniscream - quests, missions, general knowledge and assistance
Soral - quests, missions, general knowledge and assistance
Maikoo - an inspirational player who makes me strive to be a better RDM
Evileye - quests, general assistance
Lavithen - quests, general assistance
Auladant - quests, missions, general assistance
Raistlin - quests, missions, general knowledge and assistance
Aesca - fantastic party experience
Gaalbaarrirshe - raises, teles, and PLS
Erazik - retired
Yonae - retired
Sammyboy - quests, missions, general knowledge and assistance
Novalmauge - fantastic party experience
Speigal - soloed my DRG arena fight
Valtren - quests, missions, general knowledge and assistance
Hixxi - quests, general assistance, finding raises
Jow - helping to save my *** during a G3 run
Snowfox - helping to save my *** during a G3 run

- Many thanks to everyone mentioned, and apologies to those not on the list. There are simply just too many to name.

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#354 Apr 29 2006 at 9:54 AM Rating: Default
Lotsa good names on that list. ^^ I love me some Kreator, Bungle, Evileye and Radicant especially. <3

Edited, Sat Apr 29 10:54:30 2006 by TonkaTaru
#355 May 03 2006 at 6:09 PM Rating: Decent
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LoL must agree tonka those guys are a bundle of fun...and even more fun to point and laugh at.
#356 May 03 2006 at 9:23 PM Rating: Excellent
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Xaiyara is a player with no concern for others, esspecially those that have helped her from the beginning, she thinks nothing of using friends (from RL) to meet her ends and then ******* them over when they need help. She has continuelly broken up statics with her behavior and alienated others along the way, she is on a black list from awhile back and there are others that can back up this claim. I wouldn't white list her and I'd watch my back if I were you.
#357 May 07 2006 at 6:51 PM Rating: Good
6,947 posts
I'd like to add a new name; a new player from the Xbox surge.
His name is Veloci. He's still starting out, working on leveling up his subjob at this point, but will be hitting Qufim soon once that task is done.

I felt it worth coming and naming him because of how deeply I was impressed by his manner, his intelligence, willingness to listen, and his good humor. While perhaps, to some, it's nothing special, I found getting to know him quite refreshing in contrast to a lot of other players (both new or old) that I encounter.

While still relatively new to the game, I anticipate here a player who will prove himself to be one of the consistently positive people to interact with in the game.

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    #358 May 20 2006 at 4:32 PM Rating: Decent
    65 posts
    I have to add Reuprulian and Lone who helped me to Jeuno, helped me get a Chocobo license and have given and continue to give me great advice. Ditto for my Friend from Qufim, Maye and the entire Empire Linkshell.

    Edited, Sat May 20 17:32:42 2006 by Mollina
    #359 May 21 2006 at 4:48 PM Rating: Decent
    65 posts
    Also, I'd like to add Malcum who along with Reuprulian helped me get my Khazam keys today!
    #360 Jun 16 2006 at 3:36 PM Rating: Decent
    270 posts
    OK i've got a few more friends I wanna acknoledge :3

    I haven't had a best friend since Jotaro but he'll be first even if he isn't on FFXI anymore

    Jotaro- You are one of the best friends i've ever had and i'm glad we are still close :) i hope that with whatever new game you've been playing is good or better you'll still remember us FFXI players

    Serial- Dude, you're like a brother to me.... at younger squishy brother lol, try not to keep me in line too much :P

    Icesoul- You are my brother, and I appreciate you not wanting me to leave it means a lot to me, now call me more damn it!!! :P anyway I'm still a better whm than you lol

    Reddwarf- Although we don't talk person to person much you're an exciting person to hear specially when playing all the games Zerio give you lol

    Zerio- ... I hate you, and i know you love it, enough said :P

    Maximus- You need to talk more you're too quiet at times but i consider you a good friend and nice guy

    Godz- Thanks a lot for helping me with my DRG AF :) i won't forget it :D

    Darkgoddess- i love your monthly im's lol j/k you're a cool dude and a wonderful ls leader *better than another unannounced one >.>* anyway hopefully you consider me as much of a friend i consider you even if we don't talk much lol.

    Sillygirl- lol you make me laugh so you're doing a good job :D i hope that we are able to become very good friends :3

    Damyen- You helped me through a lot and talked to me as a true friend and helped me in plenty situations, you are a very good friend and I wish i could keep in touch with you more often, /t damyen pokes you i'll do that every day now LOL

    Finalizer- Well all i can say is har har i got whm up to 75 before you got sam there :P anyways keep in touch i enjoy the random tells :D

    Kagebunshin- wow i remember the old Teamchaos days /sigh i miss them but you're a great friend still even if we have lost touch

    Ravage- where did you gooooo ; ; i miss you, you were an awesome friend :( i just hope that where ever you are you are safe and happy, hope someday i'll get a surprise /tell or im from you and that will make my day

    Chef- You're not my boyfriend and no i won't take my shirt off for you lol. aside from that cook me something :D >.> anyway a friend as a friend could be you talk to me and that's enough :3

    Kaurma- hehe i still remember the vent channel you let me join you on and you';re still on my friends list... i just remembered your name and that youre now in my gods/hnm ls LMAO i'm so dense, you're cool and lets keep it that way

    Wingslave- well we don't talk much, and i know why but it's good knowing you nonetheless, and i like your way of staying off of dangerous grounds as i have adapted that routine from you mostly :P

    kaela- my first twin!! /cry i remember when you were this small!!! :P tell me once in a while i enjoy hearing from you :3

    Finally and most impressionably

    Forgottenshawdows LS- I owe you guys so much even though i complain a lot and wish i had more to do, i'm glad to be in your ls :) most of you are awesome, some of you i just blist anyway, you guys are great and i won't ever leave this ls for as long as i'm on FFXI.... unless you kick me but i hope you'll never do that *cling*

    #361 Jun 17 2006 at 2:53 AM Rating: Decent
    Good Lord, where do I start...

    Morwyne, Shurikenger... Uber-help!
    Bryantr... my BLM <bio>tch =P
    Osiris, Bearstone & Davoren... my "extreme farming" partners. :)
    Bierly... what haven't you helped me with?
    Sparkles & Aldwyn... the best husband and wife team on Lakshmi.
    Bycrikey... my Samurai brother, for not letting me stray
    Kit... for making me laugh :)
    Karelia... hey lady :)
    Nya (sp?)... Tachi: Kasha, thank you...
    #362 Jun 28 2006 at 11:19 AM Rating: Decent
    *tosses in his few cents* Here's mines.


    There was this one girl, when I was in doing my G 1, I had froggotten her name, but the pain still lingered, the way I felt from the incident made me change how I felt about others.

    Her and I where going for G 1 items, it was one of my many invites because only for my TH2, I was mostly disposed of, being made last; everyone left me right afterwards, giving false promises.

    The last list of people who invited me, within that party, is where I met her.

    My fate was nearly the same as the many (+7 times thus happened) parties that invited me, and left me
    dry of hope to ever passing 50; Everyone gotten their items, except me, disbanding w/o even thinking
    twice of my existance, only to look at my job, thf, as a burden of "being wanted for your treasure hunter".

    Being left with nothing, angered with the cruelty I was left with, abandoned; I recklessly killed myself (aggroed Mummies and Liches), was too upset and blinded by the hidden nature of players.

    A tell came onto my chat log, speaking in a manner, as to be worried of me...which I rarely gotten from the many people I helped in the past.

    A promise she made for me, to get my papyrus.

    She brought in her linkshell friends, Shir (Rdm), and Kaya (Nin), to help me out.

    Without her, and her friends, I wouldn't be progressing as quick as I should be.

    I never gotten to her again, only to have asken both her companions about her whereabouts.

    Only to find out that she's never coming back...

    People should never say they'll promise if they can't abide to it; at least say sorry for the ones who believed in you.

    People change, both either good and bad; its never always a good change or a bad, it's both, no matter how long you knew them.


    The Japanese players of Lakshmi.

    I was never alienated, nor treated badly.

    They're just fun to pt with. ^^


    *Jez- One of the few who befrended from the beginning.

    *Wizardly + Wizardlysgirl

    *Boochan - "You silly" 0.0 *Bags Boochan in his tarusack* muhahahaha

    *Vinscent - Met him at the start, also with Boochan, my first taru, lol. Me and Vinscent traveled far off to Jeuno, where true colors of people showned. I was my thf, while he was whm.
    During in a pt, I was the puller, and on the first start for the party, but faced with another member
    pulling without conscent of another fished mob done by the leader. I came back, low health; Vinscent came to my aide, making me the first to be tended care for, cured me, gotten hate, died, then back to me,
    then I died. The fact was, while I was far out with a crab, and Vinscent running to my direction to
    save me (this was during the 2 pulls -.-), the party dissapeared from the camp when leader pulled.
    Dead, we asked if we can have a raise; everyone slowly left, one by one, leaving only me and Vinscent
    laying dead. He's gone now, because of this unfateful event, he left Vana'diel (thus added abit of my burden).

    *Odiin - *takes a cheapshot at Phantom Worm* >:{}

    *Garguk - First met him during my pt in Qufim Island, where I was forced and kicked out of party because the leader didn't like me|Oh man, I hope I gotten your name right (Or at least, the right person? ><)| Never wanted me to leave, but couldn't agrue about who stays and leaves, he had heart to tell me not to leave.


    *Razmo - Used to pt with him alot at a period of time.


    *Teigar - Linkshell leader of the Midnightdragons, helped me get my Kazham keys (Too too long ago to remember exact, lmao), one of his members took me in after a few incidents in Qufim island.
    Knowned members which stuck on my mind during the time:
    Zatu and uhh..I'll stick to a current character, lol, Rumichan.

    *Jonice +Exodus - 2 of the best pld's I'd ever met, and the few people who ecepted me onto thier shell , this was the time I met cruel people, they wanted me to change my mind about how people are.(Exoduses char is long gone now, new guy currently on now with the name, I guess).

    *Gessica - I just wished that incident in Quicksand Caves never happened. >< Stupid ants. XD

    *Ayukawa - My big sis, whom I look up to alot.

    *Pax - I never gotten to speak to her much. :(


    *Yamiko - Jonices rl friend; I'd thought they both lived in Canada...lmao, where did I get that idea from anyways? ><

    *Armand - In the end, he was mostly seemed to be not liked. :( Always cheerful, and helping others when he has the time to play and join the rest of us. A dragoon, and always will be in heart and soul.

    *Cattibrie - My lil buddeh ;D (The Mithra, not hume with a diffrent spelling of name)

    *Sanura - Once leader of the linkshell, Conquistadors; I always saw her as a brd, giving a ray of hope with her speeches.

    *Caspion/Hellcat - lol... I'm not saying a word, heheh.

    *Athenna - Gave me Utsusemi: Ichi as a present. :3

    *Malessa - o,o;

    *Tammora - Why's she on? Dunno, I just do, lol.


    *Wulongpie - Wulongpie <3 xD Sadly, I froggotten how to spell your roommates char's name. ><

    *Tanta - for now, only because I can remember him with Jez; but in the past, it was diffrent.
    a. Nuku - Srry, nothin in mind for ya. :/

    *Kirbyjds - At first, very loyal to me and Jez, but things slowly changed afterwards(Nice chunk of history with him, seemed so much of a grudge between us, very spooky times ;^^a).

    *Fortuna & Crivant


    *Metatronia - Me and a linkshell member where the first of our time to make a Lv. 22 (was 23, but died and deleveled, lol) get rank 5. I never gotten to known him as his original character, but knew him though his last played character.

    *A drk whom slayed many during our introduction to Ballista(Yeah, that's right, I frogot his name; and he was in my linkshell too, lol)

    *Charun - The well known thf in my old shells, we'd always bicker XD (The only two thf's in the shell, me and him)

    *Reoka - Met her and someone else, lol, I still remember me and him always picking on each other for fun. Reoka was the first person I felt dear about; people constantly picked on her because of her connection issues. She was my baby chick, I was her gardian angel, to the end..

    *Neokis/Noki - Reoka's rl friend. ^^
    a. HokutenKnights linkshell:
    Leader- Ayane
    Yurian - Funny, but strange character he is, lol
    Erynn (met her in a older shell though)
    Demitri - Me favorites. :3
    Zara- About partial I could remember of his name, lol
    Yurian - Funny, but strange character he is, lol

    *Hikotaka - I thought he was Japanese when I first met him. o.0

    *Gwenevere - Person I met during the Qufim incident, she was War.

    *Tzippora - My years in my 30's, never knew him personally; but he tried his best to create a community where everyone helps each other, but the idea slowly died out. ><

    *Parn & Deedlit - I don't know them personally, but I just like keeping thier names in mind (haha)

    *Babygirlgac - PT'ed with her in Garbage ********* ;D

    *Taktikz - I'm not going to say much about the history about her, maybe just a tad. Without her, I wouldn't be here at all; she wanted to level with me, and choosen the job BST for us to duo.

    *Catrina/Nephira - Met her long ago in Qufim as well, but not so far back as the few I met at the start, lol; She was drg, I was nin (Went on a suicide mission to help the last remaining members to escape the "Island" XD). A incident with my account, she helped me out when everything was taken from me, and aided me to become a bst fulltime.

    *Xiana - Good friend, also my competitor in agruements, lol.

    *Quisty - We may not be talking anymore, but never I dare take her off my friends list. ><!

    *Nith & Cleophie

    *Feo - lol, you bad kitty. ><;; (cleans his carpet)

    *Mushu - Helping me with my AF ^^(He was a old linkshell member of the previous days)

    *Sandratha(name spelling? lol) and Zenzero

    *Rorena and Nuiito

    *Kekero - I was in my era of doing overexcessive help for people in need, where I found her and helped with Kazham keys.


    *Hexe and Dracia

    *Gracie - On my friendslist? o.oa


    *Maximuss - Fellow BST.

    *Zartossa - Fellow BST also.

    *Kumani - Fellow BST

    *Sina & Yukikun -Both met in Valkurm Dunes.

    *Unshanna - Met her while leveling bst, at first, her type of lifestyle in game was diffrent from mines, and her attitude felt rude, thinking she's very jerk like; but the more I knew about her, I gotten to known her real side. I wished she was my duo partner. /sigh ;( That death right after BST AF NM fight wtih Maximuss helping in Eldeme was kinda funny. Exciting ;D

    *Cookies - Strange, that's all I can say; became my duo partner to 74

    *Takari - :)




    My previous linkshells and present (Yes, members as well), thank you.


    There are others, but I'm just going to just add them in.... right after they read the forums and see

    thier name missing *whispers* Just send a tell, and I'll add you in ~,~a
    #363 Jun 28 2006 at 11:31 AM Rating: Decent
    Oh, frogot.

    *Raya - I remembered when I did ZM missions with you and Atari bit the 9999 from Grav'iton. x.x
    #364 Jul 05 2006 at 2:03 PM Rating: Good
    782 posts
    Judau, I rememember when we called each other Brother XD.

    #365 Jul 07 2006 at 1:32 PM Rating: Decent
    Uh oh's~ *hides* >_____________<
    #366 Jul 09 2006 at 9:29 AM Rating: Decent
    My thanks are to
    Prismatic-For being the best RDM idol ever and for helping ALL the time!
    Nightingaale- For helping ALL the time as well as being a awsome friend!
    Micki- For being the best apprentice i could ever have!
    Lilybeth-For being the best secret in game crush i could ever have!
    The Whole Linkshell WindsOfGaia- For being the best in game family that ive had since ive begun this game!

    Love to you all
    #367 Jul 19 2006 at 12:43 PM Rating: Decent
    Man i have to give a shot out to Ceelo for making he early stages of this game worth while for me. If it had not been for him and maltose showin me new **** I would have quit and missed out on alot of ****.
    #368 Jul 19 2006 at 12:52 PM Rating: Decent
    Less I not forget those who help me with my NIN quest
    #369 Jul 21 2006 at 2:17 PM Rating: Good
    18 posts
    Beep Beep <.< >.> ^.^

    This Message brought to you by the Deedlit Foundation.
    #370 Jul 23 2006 at 3:51 PM Rating: Decent
    Ill have to say

    Tamer - for helping me with subjob and SMN quest.

    Meirav - For also helping me with subjob and SMN quest.

    Kaelas - For being an overall great friend and helping me with NIN and SAM quest.

    Funsaoki - for also helping me out on NIN and SAM quest.

    BrokenFaiths LS - for being the best LS ever made <3
    #371 Jul 27 2006 at 11:27 AM Rating: Decent
    Smithhart- Doin the sam quest with me 2x ty man.
    #372 Jul 31 2006 at 8:55 PM Rating: Decent
    21 posts
    Mine would have to be my good friend Stealthy and his wife Sudoo. Without them id probably have given up on FFXI a long time ago an end up doing nothing all day. LOL
    Thanks you two!!
    #373 Aug 17 2006 at 8:49 PM Rating: Decent
    26 posts
    reisle (adios amigo)
    oblivorate (sorry to see you go)
    zoiquilla (he had a great run ><)
    lilsislis (she'll be back on any day now after a 1 year hiatus)
    The whole HeraldofDestruction LS*
    LooneyTunes LS*
    of course there are more but too numerous to list. if you ever helped me out (Chapowza) thank you very much!!!!!!!

    *=updated after a 2 year hiatus
    #374 Sep 07 2006 at 11:23 AM Rating: Decent
    Like to show some Love to my Dawg Komgol for always helpin a brotha out with the PL'n'. Thanks Bro
    #375 Sep 09 2006 at 1:55 PM Rating: Decent

    She tanked my AF2 pants for me ^.^
    .......and aspired me too lvl whm for my drg ;>.>
    #376 Sep 11 2006 at 11:02 AM Rating: Decent
    Stealthy and Sudoo:: A wonderful husband/wife team that helped me in Qufim for almost 2 hr to get a Carbuncle Ruby

    Toroug:: Faboo man we spent three long hours out in Buburimu and finally got the leeches to give up the goods.

    Silvestin and Annika:: I don't see them around much but I rememeber that they were so nice to a newbie. A special place in my heart for them.

    TMFLakshmi:: These guys bolster me when I am about to throw the game away because I can't break the lvl29 block. Thanks everyone.
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