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#377 Sep 11 2006 at 10:08 PM Rating: Decent
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Litza / Litzo / Greystone / Ephdel / Bulldozer / Hiraisho / Djnorthsky / Steveo / Brishen / Dissident - have helped me since I started on Lakshmi. I owe you all a lot.

Talya / Menaili / Littlegrey / Littlewesgui / Mastadon / Kavius (Wish , Regalia) / anyone else I missed from Virinis - you are all exceptional people

Leveye / Mslevi - Thanks for helping in my first coffer hunt!

Immortalknights Linkshell - A place I enjoy hopping onto when I need a break from the norm.

I know I accidently started another thread a while back, thought I'd post it here.
#378 Sep 18 2006 at 9:00 PM Rating: Decent
hmmm guess it would go as so

Darkmoonslayer: friend in real life got me into the game and where i'm at now
Anthony: the RDM with the most and pretty much helped with alot of quest's summons....and AF coffers and quests
Ombra: DRK friend doesnt talk much but hey he's a laugh
Xnightstryder: the human dictionary helps me get info on quests, random stuff, and has a great out look
Marissa: Doesnt like most my jokes but a fun conversation to have with the least
#379 Sep 21 2006 at 8:26 AM Rating: Decent
71 posts

Darkgoddess for helping me when i was green

All my LS mates...Ill miss you all

Tsuru & Smartdrv for all the help and answers theyve given

Ashmada is always there whenever you ask him

And last Vesalius/Vindictive/Cyrellus....always there when u need him. Part of the reason I stayed around

I have forgotten apologies

You all knew me as Goyleinc
#380 Oct 06 2006 at 4:37 AM Rating: Decent
Think these guys belong on the list:

Cloudxx and Valden(for helping me on Beadeaux and Garlaige Coffer Keys)

Zro (For helping me get Eldieme Coffer Key those skelies ran the other way when they saw you coming)

Cloudxx and Inspiration (for helping me kill Dark Spark)

And FynlarFynlarFynlarFor helping me on getting the Zvahl Coffer Key and coffer. And soloing my AF Body Orcs and for helping me complete G3. You are an amazing person. Will miss hanging with you. Hope we keep in touch.

Edited, Oct 6th 2006 at 5:39am PDT by chanelll
#381 Oct 25 2006 at 6:09 AM Rating: Decent
This is for the unknowns... the people who help under cover of night and shade..the ones who appear in front of your pt and pl you for no reason or give you gil when your new and broke just to help out... the guys and girls who see the fellow with the ? over their head and follow them around outside to make sure they don't die.. The people no one knows, but everyone loves.. These are the people that never knew your name and you still can't remember theirs.. The person that saved ur *** when u were running across quifm screaming "get this banshee of me!" and the one who ran from lathien plateau to the secret beach in Valkurm to raise you, or the one who dropped that cure on you from nowhere right when you were about to die..To the unspoken heros of FFXI... I salute you..

Edited, Oct 25th 2006 at 7:20am PDT by Genocydex
#382 Oct 25 2006 at 6:46 AM Rating: Decent
; ; im sad now..
all my friends are gone
n im the only one left only had great two years of memories
because of them i became the immortal rdm n never been defeated yet... so sad... they're all gone... yet i still keep in touch with em meow...
now just rebuilting my friendlist again
#383 Oct 29 2006 at 4:51 PM Rating: Decent
143 posts
Oh wow.. (hmmm)

Merlock - My personal RL friend, and an excellent whm

Szetoka - A completely selfless Paladin that will do anything for anyone

Allia - We dont talk much, but she's a breath of common sense and much needed humor and wit.

Larrisa - She's all but gone, but I miss her and she was a great friend

Breal - Again, we dont talk much, but he's in my LS and I see him respond to help CONSTATNLY. Breal seems to always save the day for someone.

Latimer - A great guy with an awesome sense of humor! Some of my favorite humor moments in pty's were with Lat.

Cindel - If you know her, you want her. Gorgeous in every way and an awesome friend.

Im sure there are a million more...

To be continued.....

#384 Nov 01 2006 at 12:09 PM Rating: Decent
This is an interesting thread ... thanks for all those who made mention of me. I was shocked to see some of you ... To me it seemed like absolutly nothing, I was bored, and I enjoy soloing fun stuff lol. I am Xertus, Gracie, and Xertaru all in one.

People that made a huge difference in my FFXI career ...

Plains ... perhaps the best person in all of lakshmi. He would give the cloth off his back to help someone out. I could only dream to be so sharing.

Reaper, helped me get my very first avitar! I won't for get it.
Aron, yeap avitar #2 ... you helped me with that. All of us were small at one point, and you helped me get big.

Smirnova, Picses, Hmax, Sionxxx. My close summoner friends. EXP buddies, helped me with fights, quests etc. Hmax solo'd ... yes solo'd my SMN AF3. Brave taru!

Tael and Siegel, two great people who have helped me in so many ways.

Sneaky, Gastav, Jabberwocky, Neejee, Shadowspell, Tiddus, Garion, Bracent, Mushu, Nishnabe, Talu, Jamilla, Menaili, Littlegrey, salsira, leonlin, and countless others who have either partied with me, quested, or sacrificed their lives in fun activities with me simply making FFXI something you never wanna stop playing!

If i forgot your name i'm sorry, at work doing work lol, hard to remember how to spell everyones name off the top of my head.
#385 Nov 13 2006 at 11:14 AM Rating: Decent
108 posts
its been a long while since i have played ffxi, and i never came here and posted a goodbye or anything, so i figure while im in a moment of nostalgia, i might as well make my farewell whitelist.

Zoya- had fun making random pick ups in crawlers nest
Xertus- showed me how to play smn even thought it was just a sub
Jerrox- rl friend (quit for WoW)
Anewbiss- rl friend (quit for WoW)
Keanu/Gabriale- rl friend (quit for WoW)
Evilteddy- rl friend CHA!
Luthien- was like my lil sis ingame
Xiana- always had something to say....until she met me
Ciampolo- its ciam nuff said
Streetz- he buys parts for his car at pep boys (inside joke)
Jersey- CapedCrusaders
Rianne- friend through thick and thin
Bracent- great LS leader
Auora- because girls can play rdm too
Palin- only WHM i knew that healed as much as me
Takahashi- this guy lived SMN
Quisty- good whm
Gessyca- awesome person once you knew her
Precious/Nephtas- good friends
Rayvin- because he knew what shonuff meant
Arlenis- because bards are too cool and level pld
Almanie- though i met her after she quit, she was still helpful
Revelin- let me in FH even though the emos said no /wrist
Aron- the mad ninja
Darkgod- 10k for af coffer huh?
Bruiser- because your a galka
Nictius- brother from another mother
Yohonne- always died to kirin
Noot- first time in Sky he showed me the blue wall aggros
Turambar- we clashed but ultimately we got **** done
Sheeva- good whm great buddy
Shakaku- the girl who like BST and DRG now thats patience
Delirium- showed me how not to suck as whm
Oniknight- showed me mithras didnt suck as whm
Embur- **** fell apart after a while but lowbies 4tw
Pax- windy rank 10!
Stormdancer/Stormwarden- rank buddies
Kiera- another whm mentor
Lenneth- my grammar and punctuation teacher <3
Strange- nuff said

everyone in/was in TheSilverGuard(FA Dynamis), (The)FallenAngels(Ni)(San), SearchAndDestroy, Anduril, RustyBuckets, ForsakenHeart

Yea im old lol half these people dont even play anymore, im a damn sure im forgetting some but so many people had made my ffxi time fun it would take forever to name them all.

SO i know its late and i have already been gone for a while, but here it goes. Goodbye Lakshmi.

Bastila out.
#386 Nov 15 2006 at 3:43 PM Rating: Decent
180 posts
My white list?

Edited, Apr 21st 2007 9:51pm by ShadowOMega
#387 Nov 16 2006 at 12:46 AM Rating: Decent
About time to get one done, gotta remember who helped in the newb days:
-Atreyu: Helped out with a lot of stuff when I was starting off and helped me get my first quality piece of gear (Valkyrie's Mask), also for helping with Maat's quests.
-Galvaya: Got me in the ls I've stuck with for awhile and is overall uber helpful.
-Samm: Have to thank the person for the world pass and providing a sense of rivalry.
-Swivel: DRG mentor and great help when I was doing post 50 stuff.
-Mozes: Somehow was there for every rank missions, often times at random.
-Lavitz: DRG mentor and critic from 30-50 days. Helped with the second half of job quest for DRG and NIN.
-Eldios: Great ls leader, helped with first half of DRG quest.
-Sydney: Thanks for the starter package and occasional help.
-Guido: Helped to get to Jeuno, ty.
-Narsat: Crazed RDM from south of the border, every list needs one.
-Phreak: Fun mithra.
-Silus: Helped with AF weapon and Volan's.
-Inspiration: Fun to camp NMs with.
-Jodou: LS co-leader, great on at that.
-Verence: Maat quests and helped figure out gear for job after 40.
-Thedan: Maat quests and AF.
-Bretout: Beyond being afk constantly, has a great sense of what being in an ls means.
-Amerlyn: Thank you for giving me Gusgenphohia :p
-Ayvaen: Knows the storyline moreso then most people on the server probably.
-Everyone from WP, CPM, and SG(now Utsu Wii)
-Anyone I forgot, log back on ~_o
#388 Nov 17 2006 at 7:49 PM Rating: Good
140 posts
Well now that all my friends are quitting I'll finally get around to a shout out. I owe a lot of people a lot of stuff so here goes.

Djnorthsky--I think I'd still be on my blm af shoes without you soloing everything in castle zvahl and everywhere else, thanks dude.
Greystone--always cracking me up and uberness on mnk (and everything else)
Bulldozer--your thf scares me, your war scares me, your drg scares me.... I bet you're like 7 feet tall and 300 lbs in real life aren't you?
Omegarugal--thanks for getting me hooked up with SD and for cooking advices and for being a pimp in general
Ephdel--I can't accept that you have a job other than drg so I will forget you are a ninja now
Ihzuna--always fun camping AQ vs the rmts hehe
Athenna--beeswax rules!
Littlegrey--I miss fishing I hope they fix it soon XD
Menaili--warp tag with rmt is too awesome for words
Wish & Justise--you guys rock
Dissident--lol everytime you take a break I come back
Liamis--drgs just rule
Quarrell--I still owe ya for my new pants
Jennokay--now I owe you for PL and also for my new pants indirectly
Mastadon--awesome pld and thanks for tanking sturm (see above about my pants)
Graev and his minion--you guys are lots of fun
Kahla--I should break down and buy ToAU so I can actually hang out with you occasionally
Brusa--I only ever talk to you when Grey mt's to you but, I'll try to mpk him for you still

Everyone else from AngelicForce

Thanks to anyone else I missed too.

Edited, Nov 17th 2006 at 8:00pm PST by TheSteveO
#389 Nov 26 2006 at 1:32 AM Rating: Decent
Hmmm theres a lot


There's more just can't think at the moment.
#390 Nov 26 2006 at 10:13 PM Rating: Decent
great idea for a thread...i'd love to add my whitelist

first and foremost
Lizabeth - my mentor and the person who's helped a lot every step of the way
Deedlit - my 2nd mentor and another who's helped so much and whom i owe so much to :)
Orefise - the bestest whm i know /kneel mucho luv 4 ya ore!
BPP - the mighty galkan paladin /kneel thank you for everything
Mordeyb - our linkshell leader /kneel BIG THANK YOU to mordy we'll get miser!
Heffee - the awsome mithra blm thank you so much for all the help /kneel
i could really name everyone on the altanastears ls for answering the hundreds and hundreds of {question} i've had since i've started thank you all so so much for you're patience and guidence altanastears ftw! <3 you all! :D
*and now I have to name everyone on the StarzofDestiny LS! :D you guys rule!

Sparky wish i was on more to hang out
fynlar thanks for your knowledge :) alla is a better place b/c of you

Edited, Nov 29th 2007 4:38pm by rigothic

Edited, Nov 29th 2007 4:41pm by rigothic
#391 Nov 26 2006 at 10:24 PM Rating: Decent
miss /tell

Edited, Nov 27th 2006 1:30am by rigothic
#392 Nov 29 2006 at 5:21 PM Rating: Decent
Id like to recently thank some more people

Themanleywon for helping me beat shadowlord :D
Aishaclanclan for helping me get my moldavite earring :D

thanks so much guys!
#393 Jan 13 2007 at 7:12 AM Rating: Decent
17 posts
Hmm where to start so many ppl that belong here but i better only put the major ones on

old friends:
Arlenis: even though sadly dont talk anymore, probably the best friend ive ever met on here, always supportive an had great convos :D

Zellius: quit now, but it was fun when he was around, always getting rich off camping VE an LL lol. good old times :D

Azadan: name ive not typed in a very long time, but he deserves to be on this for being such a great guy.

Firenze: if she reads this, prolly confused on why she is on here, but you are a great person, dont let anyone else tell you any different, you can just be abit of a pain now an then =P

hmmm, think i keep this to 5 people. lastly would have to be Damyen, we dont talk anymore either, but every weekday when i was working an bored out my mind over the LS PM system, she kept me happy through all them days. much <3 for that Damyen, wouldnt of lasted in that job if it wasnt for you :).

Current friends:
Firstly, Kikara ^^, love you hun, what else can i say about you? your an amazing woman, you know how to make me happy and drive me mad when ever you want too :P. you always willing to come raise me after a ***** up by me on bst (happened alot, sry hun) and finally, I think i was very lucky to of found you :). what can i say about you lmao. you know how to make me laugh so often that its getting stupid XD. an your bro bungle, very fun too, but im still cuter than him :P

Zox: more recent friend, but you deserve up here, glad you decided to stay, an im glad u enjoyed the movie i made for your leaving do, even though it didnt happen :D.

last person who deserves on here. Ogri, always hiding in the back of things, yet when you speak, you always say the right things, good on you man.

....thats it....oh wait an like she is on half the ppls lists on here she on mine too, GO OREFISE!, hope you come back! :D
#394 Jan 13 2007 at 8:08 AM Rating: Decent
72 posts
Well here goes:

All of them are really helpful, Spur is rl friend, Mok and Ayami have great advice about game. Known most of them for ages, Kilue and Kaleil helped me none stop with AF for my WAR.
#395 Jan 13 2007 at 1:18 PM Rating: Decent
well since i quitted i'll post the ones i enjoyed being/helping/chatting with:
Starting off.. my big bro: Flarewarrior, big cheer for you d00de best PLD ever! you may not have the best gear but you know what when and how to do stuff!
next up.. Elaura: Thank you for helping me when i was a lowbie i owe you a lot ^^
Cellsplitter & Levina: lol.. you guys helped me a lot on defeating maat and doing stuff in game.. thank you for all the fun
Dracia & Neobe: My cat <3 and my pet taru! thank you for everything guys and thanks for letting me join on your adventures was really fun ^^
Ogri & Astran: lolwar and elmodrk haha gl with your boysband XD and keep on kicking HNMs *** with Steel Cyclone/ Ground Strike heh!
Kikara: like mokutaru said really an amazing woman! thank you for cheering me whenever i'm bored ^^ lol puppetmaster
Badonkadonk: Awesomest LS i've ever been in! you guys rock! w/e other LSs say about you guys is just BS! keep up with the good work!
Micki & Vivacious: well only one thing to say about you guys.. lolBRD
Tipa & Kiara: lol Dragoon XD & lolSMN keep pawning those RMT biches they deserve it xD
Alehana, Thora & Gaal: 3 of my best friends you guys made the game worth it thanks a lot! i hope everything goes well to you! :D
Mokuba: i'll never forgive you taru! you humped me leg! i'll spampage your ***!!
jkg lol you're a decent guy ppl that talk BS about you are just jealous! go lolBST! used pikachu xD
Yggs: we didn't get to know each other better but it was certainly really good ty
and i think that's it... <.< sorry for taking your time >.> lol
once again... thank you all for the awesome time i had on my 1 year and 2 months of gaming i owe it to you guys!

Edited, Jan 13th 2007 10:27pm by Serendib
#396 Jan 13 2007 at 1:22 PM Rating: Decent
17 posts
aww seren :D thx man, very nice comments <( ^ _ ^ )>

addy: Seren: zomg, nice comments, he in whitelist now too :P, naw really, ur a great guy, was very annoyed when u left but u had ur reasons, i hope life treats you well man, farewell an keep in touch :)

Edited, Jan 13th 2007 4:19pm by MokuTaru
#397 Jan 13 2007 at 1:31 PM Rating: Decent
double post <.<

Edited, Jan 13th 2007 10:27pm by Serendib
#398 Jan 16 2007 at 1:48 AM Rating: Decent
84 posts
First of all, for those I miss or don't mention, thanks to everyone from RebornOfTheKnights and NewBreed, for hours of laughing and making FFXI so much more fun. Also a big /cheers to those players who live within a short drive of me, Zapatos, Samaelthehammer, Imtheman, and Elfvira.

Googlybear: Greatest player to walk Vana'diel. Helped me countless times and has been a great friend to me. YAAAG!

Soliare: Great person to talk to, always listens if I have a problem.

Keyroo: Fellow Dragoon friend, good person to talk to, relax, and help me get out of rooms full of Tonberries when I'm stuck in Uggalepih.

Kelthas: Another of the many Dragoons of Lakshmi that I know, /salute.

Elora: Fun person to farm and hang out with^^

Guiler: NewBreed leader and has a great taste in music. Also a fan of the iTaru...

Drudogg: RebornOfTheKnights leader, great guy, funny and an awesome dude ~.^

Ravont: Sing that song from Snakes on a Plane for me again...

Brokenhelmet: "You have a chainsaw?"

If I missed ya, you can /slap me later...just so I can /grin at ya ~.^
#399 Jan 18 2007 at 7:13 AM Rating: Decent
Zendor - My first & longest friend in game, I'll miss ya guy.
Asphodel - Coolest manthra I met.
Bungle - I dunno guy, we lost touch when you got into endgame.
Kreator/Vintersorg - Same as Bungle.
Tonka - Best comic maker evar.
Kikara - An excelent WHM, willing to help whenever needed.

Kementari - Only RDM I ever met who refused to cast Refresh on a a pt... CRAZY ***** (Seriously your comments above are retarded & show you to be a complete tool).

** I'll probably be quitting in the next month due to school. I wouldn't come back for the life of me, this game is an addiction & a bad one at that. Endgame is petty & people only care about themselves.
#400 Jan 18 2007 at 7:27 AM Rating: Decent
Saying it like it is; I like your style bro! >=)

I quit so my whitelist doesnt matter but yeah here's what comes to mind;

Radicant - what Rad said
Kreator - fun times in ED, your TH fails though
Bungle - what Rad said, still some fun times in ED
Steeftooth - the BigMan, PLD and cool guy extraordinaire
Asphodel - what Rad said + one of the very few uber DRGs in Lakshmi, fastest hookup to Wiki ever XD, retired

All the rest of you blow, and check out my "Zendor is finally gone" thread for my complete blist >=D

Edited, Jan 18th 2007 10:59am by DarkZendor
#401 Jan 19 2007 at 4:58 AM Rating: Decent
27 posts
I got a couple.

Aoikaze: An Elvaan Samurai when I first met him. Helped me get my Magicked Skull. After that, he showed me the basics of the game (farming, crafting, etc), then taught me how to tank in Palborough Mines on T - VT Quadavs by bombing me with cures and forcing me to use my newly made (never changed since) Provoke macro.

The thing that was special about him is....the manner in which he spoke. He was ALWAYS role-playing, always spelled correctly, never used smileys, and he never broke character. An example would be this :

Aoikaze : Ahh, the Paladin. What is it that makes you desire this path in life?

Leondimas : I've always liked the Code of Chivalry and I follow it myself in my daily life. And I've always been a fan of the whole "Knights in Shining Armor" thing.

Aoikaze : Chivalry? Well, thats very noble of you. But remember. Chivalry alone cannot defeat the Beastmen.

Yeah, he said that and probably meant it. o.O Too bad for him "Chivalry" is a job ability now. :P

Random Person : lol where do u live

Aoikaze : *chuckles* Heh, within the walls of San d'Oria of course.

True story. I'm guilty of saying something similar (Bastok) when asked the same question.

Another thing he would always do is say "Greetings" as a greeting. Something that I also inherited....

Because I expressed interest in DRG and PLD when I first started, he challenged me to a fight on his Dragoon whenever I got stronger. That never happened. I'm extremely disappointed to say that I haven't seen him for many months.

Has anyone heard of Aoikaze before or seen him? I...uh...miss him? >,>


And now the lesser important people.

Lsbknives : He's a cocky *******, but he's good at it. So am I. That makes him cool. He helped me and others with a lot of crap. He also helped me get my PLD LS moving along.

Delandau : Total opposite of selfish. He is always willing to help someone if he is available. Which is a damn miracle since he's a rich ******* and rarely has anything to gain from helping someone other than pure satisfaction. And he knows a lot about the game and has never misinformed me.

Smartdrv : I don't know him personally. But Lsb worships this guy, and I hear he actually likes to help people.


If I you weren't mentioned. I probably don't know you that well, or you've pissed me off more than once.

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