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#127 Oct 14 2004 at 1:10 AM Rating: Decent
Soliare-- Good Friend
Nuku-- Great Rdm
Kayoto--a excellent Ninja
Gaignin--great personality
Avicus--On friendlist, quit playing
Rawtaru--1 funny comedian
Skarfaze--met at Amnesia
Ewoker--met at Amnesia, fine player to hang with
Ebony--A long time friend who helped me in many ways
Liventhere--Amnesia pal, checks to see how i'm doin'
Erynn--Always cross eath others path
Pandele--A PLD who helped me
Grunty--Slapped him multiple times and still wonder where he's hiding ^^
Jez--Quit playing
Tanta-- Great Pld still fun to hang out with
Hanslippery--Guy willin to help others
Deoderant--Alway pted with Hanslippery
Unagi--first person i pt with
Aris-- I don't have to say much
Plus many others
All of the VanadielGuardians, Benevolence, and KnightsofValor

Rank 5
#128 Oct 14 2004 at 11:12 PM Rating: Good
20 posts
PERDITION - The definition of a true leader, ty for SoV-I'll always have your back. /kneel

CROENEN - The greatest friend you can hope for. <3

DARKLINK - A teacher & master of the game - always willing to argue with me. =D

JEBADIAH - Taught me how to survive the dunes lol. /cheer

METAKING - Your silence is the epitome of loyalty. /bow

DIVINECLERIC - Are you ever unhappy? ^^ Just so pure.

BIZZLE - Taught me how to camp, then kept me company. /praise

EXANDREEKA - Today, you were nice to me, a total stranger. And I knoe it wasn't the first time...maybe fate will cross us so again. /joy

And the LS I worship - SwordsofVanadial(SoV). =^-^= I'm forever loyal, you guys kick so much azz. (I knoe there are more well worthy of mention, but let's keep it short & open to change^^).

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#129 Oct 16 2004 at 8:38 AM Rating: Decent
20 posts
Well no idea where to start, and i'm sure I'll forget a few ..hundred.

First off, I have to top my hat to my static party, been with this group since lvl 36 and still kicking it.

Heylo, Feilyr, Modru, Brodie and Teenyweeny - Without these guys I wouldn't be where I am today.

These are all coming off the top of my head, I've either parted with these people, helped or got help, or just sat back and had a convo ^^

Tyranny of Heaven LS - Much <3!
Sykopath - Naked Cheif!!
Akuza - "You no Emote me! ! ! !"
Cymry - Thanks for inviting me to ToH =)
Kyula - Gave me my first LS back in the day in the dunes.
Garion - Wow, one of the first people I met in the game.
Mystral - Purrrrrr
Monic - Omg you are nuts!!
Runiel - Long time no see /cry
Tetriana - <3 I miss you!
Ryani = <3 I miss you too!!
Acex and Quis - I remember running into these to in the oddest of places.

Man, there's like... a ton more but my brain has started smoking.
#130 Oct 17 2004 at 9:21 AM Rating: Good
31 posts
Okie, back again for another round of just fantastic people I have had the great pleasure to have met. Thanks guys ^^

Ells' Whitelist (round 2):
Xertus - for being just absolutely helpful!
Gastav - for coming outta nowhere and keeping hope alive!
Tiddus - for just kicking... >ahem<... butt.
Onikirimaru - for teaching me things and being great!
Zebes & Patlabor - for sticking around trying to help.
and last but never least..
Abadon, Elyham, & Hereticviper - for being 3/5ths of a butt-kicking semi-static party! ^^

Well, that's it for me for now... I'm sure I'll meet more great people in the world of Vana'diel soon. Beware! I may post again! lol
#131 Oct 17 2004 at 10:04 AM Rating: Good
88 posts
hey Bubba you cried cuz tanta didnt put you on his whitelist...You didnt put me on urs:( Do i cry now><
some more of my friends...
#132 Oct 18 2004 at 5:23 PM Rating: Decent
164 posts
Ok, SOOO many have helped me out but a few are fresh in my mind...

Roclorian,Croenen,Nith,Syren,Zooperz,Metatronia/Marquisxion, Vegetaa,Belrog,Brolly,Manwe,Delen,Quisty,Oniknight,Atreu,Bantra,
Unikatze,Diamonelle,Embur,Tagurit,Kendian & Whispryn

All truely wonderful people. Always came to my rescue when I asked them too. Thank you for being TRUE friends.

I wanna give special thanks to my LS. W/O them I would have quit LONG ago....

Jebadiah - You are awesome. You have ALWAYS been there when I needed you. We have stuck it out through thick and thin in game.
I am truely lucky to know you and call you friend.

Tsuru - My favorite THF!! What can I say. You always put a smile on my face. Thank you for being a great friend <3

Kaorie - ALWAYS willing to risk life and limb for any crazy crap I get into. Thank you for being a friend.

Arcaanis - LS Founder - We have known each other since the start. You are awesome. Wonderful sense of humor. GREAT friend. Thank you.

Antu - Probably helps out in the LS more than any of the rest of us. Comitted and loyal. Thank you.

Frick & Frack - You know who you 2 are =P Glad to have ya in the LS a great addition. (Wonder Twin Powers, ACTIVATE!)

Copito - A wonderful Amigo. You have helped me many times with many things. Thank you.

Zarrtossa - Wonderful to the core. Crazy (in a good way)=P Always willing to help. Thank you.

Romel & Slayerbiotch - Great people! Glad I got the chance to know you 2 =P

Myarri - Wonderful person. Also always willing to help! U go girl!!

Ok, this is off the top of my head so please dont get mad if my memory is failing.... it's normal.

Thank you ALL!

#133 Oct 18 2004 at 6:00 PM Rating: Decent
335 posts

I'll make this short I had a pretty good 26-28 PT as a bard yesterday with these people...

Feia = PLD, she kept hate really really well.
Eladron = THF, pulled well and picked the right mobs.
Tiandra = BLM, my beautiful Elvaan lady. ^_-
Cessar = BLM, he was just plain cool.
Geft = WHM, he didn't complain like your usual newbie WHM. He died from hate was was perfectly cool with it (considering only two melees)

I wish it were possible to PT with this sort of combination at higher lvls. We were chaining #4's and #5's (200-240 exp a pop) it was absolutely great considering the combination and levels.

Edited, Mon Oct 18 19:02:01 2004 by Mireisen
#134 Oct 18 2004 at 7:10 PM Rating: Decent
51 posts
Orefise (Even though you never put me on your list :()
Xertus and Xertaru
There...all I can think of right now...

Edited, Wed Oct 27 05:29:55 2004 by Croenen
#135 Oct 20 2004 at 1:30 PM Rating: Decent
I am still fairly new to the game so my list is not as extensive as some others. I will break my list into 2 parts. The first part is people who have been helpful with the in's and out's of the game. The other will be those who have helped just by being themselves and making Vana a great place to be.

-Game Help-
Orefise - 1st and foremost. I am shocked that she isnt on every post in here. I have watched her for hours help others in the game and not accept anything in return. My HERO.
Jebadiah - Rank 5, I can't thank you enough Jeb for everything.
Arcaanis - We kicked that Dragons tail. Also created an awesome linkshell that is a great source of helpful information.
Antu - Where would Fuu and I be on Saturday mornings w/o you.

-Cool People Who Make It Worth Being Here-
Orefise - Hey, what can I say (wink)
Croenen - Give me all the Moat Carp and nobody gets hurt
Lilcroenen - HA! He made the list.
Eien - Have another Green Tea and go AFK.
Tsuru - At least you keep it interesting...
Kaorie/Copito/Godofwar - Input and humor is always welcome.

Remember that if we all do one random act of kindness in Vana each day, the world would be a better place.

#136 Oct 22 2004 at 11:55 AM Rating: Good
Most of the time that I have spent in Lakishmi has been a great experience. So many people have helped me and I appreciate every single one of them.
Those who deserve an honorable mention should be listed below and I will try to list as many as I can.
Captainplanet- My first love and greatest friend
Bitten- The kindest and most steady friend who has been with me through all my ups and downs.
Zane, Crag, Trascal and Wyugo- Who helped me and taught what an ls should be like, DeadlyWind ^^
Siojin- Another kind friend, who completely deserves the best in life.
Jarf- who is completely adorable and needs never change :P
Jelant- My great static Paladin
Azeroth- A great guy who got up early just to static ^^
Kisathetiger- who inspired me to become a white mage
Yokubari and Kentarro- for helping me get my RSE
Spieler- for doing the major work for limit break 1
And everyone else ;)

Edited, Sat Aug 6 12:54:18 2005 by BrandysCherish
#137 Oct 22 2004 at 12:04 PM Rating: Decent
Kendian & Whispryn

Thanks, you saved my butt last night. I was leveling BST in Bibiki Bay. I was trying to get chain #5 but bit off a little more than I could chew. I was down to 6 HP and one of you threw me a cure as you passed by. That cure made the difference; I did not die and I got my first ever solo chain #5. My hands were kind of busy with the fight so I don't remember if I thanked you or not.

Thank you
#138 Oct 22 2004 at 2:14 PM Rating: Decent
335 posts
I think Yokubari is sexy.
#139 Oct 22 2004 at 5:10 PM Rating: Good
162 posts
I try to be a loner most of the time, spending many hours in gusgen alone for fun. Anyway, the point is i don't have a huge list of friends, so here are the ones i do have: Deluk (we go to high school together), Havock, Bastila, Jersey, Gazaq, Cherish, Embur, Shakaku, Brodie (known each other since lvl 14), and all the guys from the old school Northern Brew LS.
#140 Oct 23 2004 at 2:13 PM Rating: Decent
6,947 posts
I had made a separate thread to acknowledge these two, but it was quickly buried and probably not widely seen.

Rather than retelling the story, I'll just say that Enyx and Connery are both admirable, smart, friendly helpful people well worthy of respect.

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    #141 Oct 23 2004 at 3:41 PM Rating: Decent
    17 posts
    here goes mine

    Zerogohan - the coolest guy ever
    Katsimoto - many hours talking jebus
    Cyrene - coolest canadien
    Tychondrious - funniest guy ever
    Malganis - for just being in the way, the whole friggen time!

    and for zero, if your reading this tell katsi im comin back in november, cuz i know you post here.... *shakes fist*
    #142 Oct 23 2004 at 4:38 PM Rating: Decent
    32 posts
    I will have to agree with Tenmile, Connery is indeed someone I hold in very high reguard, often time overlooked from praise, but honestly joy to lvl with. (and i'm not just saying that because i happen to adore him.)*hugs Connery's leg for dear life* as are 3 other ppl Vealanvery dear and old friend,new to the game however(so ppl please try and be polite.) Lotusknight Unsure if he's still playing, but always has a ready laugh and easygoing nature, is a doll to goof off with ladies -_^! and last, but not least-ever! Fufet Enough can't be said about this lil sweetie, just read some of his posts here to get a general feel for what a livin doll he is...could just eat him up! I'm sure this list will grow as I play more, I have been away for a bit, so once I rejoin life on FFXI I to, will post more.
    #143 Oct 24 2004 at 1:38 PM Rating: Decent
    120 posts
    Prime - papyrus king!

    Jaizyn - just really helpful and awesome

    Likwid - he helped me when I died at the hands of a crawler link in Rolanberry ; ; and he always talks to me even though I'm sure I annoy him.

    Runic - fun little taru pimp :P

    Siow - very helpful BLM <3

    Celiahk - She gave me a free ginger cookie when i was broke and wanted a Halloween item. ; ;.

    the Storms (Stormwarden and Stormdancer) - they helped me level for a while and got me my AF1 (along with nermster)! <3

    Hank - My (fun)(key) (monk)(key) (king) <3. Known him for the longest time.

    Nermal - NICEST AND MOST HELPFUL PERSON EVER!!!!!!! I love Nermy!

    #144 Oct 26 2004 at 12:04 AM Rating: Decent
    Teubiont (RIP) - Sadly, his char has been deleted. But I was welcomed to his ls (ShadowSaints) when I was lvl 14 with my first char in the Dunes. That was a long time ago. This guy still deserves to be mentioned because of how great he is. He was always willing to come help you out regardless of what he was doing. He had such a great impact on the whole ls, that since his char (and the shell) have been deleted, another was created to keep all the members together. ShadowSaints forever!

    Damn, I was wondering why I hadn't seen him on my friendlist forever. He was cool ;;.

    #145 Oct 27 2004 at 2:06 PM Rating: Decent
    I want to nominate Horathgar, and Blayde. Blayde is a friend of one of my LS peeps, Siennaskye. Somehow, Sienna got the word out that I was going for my Rank 5 a week or so ago, and told me to contact a total stranger, Horathgar. I ended up doing half with some of my LS peeps, and Castle Oztroja (spelling) with Horathgar and his crüe. Horathgar was great, and treated me like a player, not some low level (38 at the time) low rank ****. A day or two ago, I ran into Blayde, whom I'd never seen, but only talked to a couple of times. I had my level 40 pld gear on, and Rank 5. I thanked him and even threw some cure on him (he was leveling something low, I didn't check what tho) for good measure. Two ppl, total strangers, helped me out on something kinda major. Since I started, I've always helped anybody I could, and I will continue to do so. As we get higher levels though, some of you out there want to help less, and only ask for more help >.< I salute you Horathgar and Blayde.
    #146 Oct 27 2004 at 11:21 PM Rating: Decent
    1,892 posts
    Orefise: Pencil and Novadove have left Lakshmi for another world ; ; - Yes they will be missed.
    #147 Oct 28 2004 at 10:13 AM Rating: Decent
    O_o ... *spawns*

    Lol, I never thought I'd be in a whitelist, ever. In fact I thought I'd be in blacklist of many people.

    Anyhow... since I'm here..

    Anonymousz -
    I love you ; ; Though I don't know where you've went now.. /cry Please don't hate me. Please come back~~ ; ;

    Xenaximus -
    Thank you for everything, you're one of the nicest person I've ever met. ; ; I thank you for spending your time with me.

    Daoine(JP) -
    Very helpful, he camped me my morion tathlum back alone when I accidentally threw mine... /sob

    Maihime(JP) -
    She's a Rank10 75WHM now... we used to level together. She was one of the most helpful person I've ever met, she didn't mind dying at all, she was always there to help Anonymousz and I, and used to ask me if I could level my SMN with her BST for fun(and keep dying together) ; ; But now we don't talk much anymore, but no matter what you're one of my best friends..

    Dustyne -
    /em eats Dustyne.(don't you dare try to warp out of my stomach) I thank you for your support and for your time with me when I was depressed, you've been really helpful.

    Lilbill -
    Likes to TYPE CAPS WITH ME. Regardless, I thank him for accompanying me.

    Chugojugo -
    Meet my sidekick... he's evil. I'm sorry I d/c'ed RIGHT AFTER I CLAIMED Mr.Moldavite out of the crowd and get you killed. Nvm, you got me killed, too helping you with 5-1 and I DELEVELLED.

    Greysnake -
    Why did you migrate...? I won't forgive you! WHY!? ; ; You've been hella helpful to me and was always there for me, I won't forget you, at the same time, I won't forgive you.

    Oniknight -
    ....Give me my male kitty hug.

    Clouth, Shadowcloud, Saqesic, Shadoom -
    Thank you for supporting my LS(now 1/2 dead), I'm sorry that it didn't work out. You've been great supports. ^^

    For those who I had left out, I deeply apologise... ; ; But I still will remember you and your support forever!

    - Siow

    #148 Oct 28 2004 at 6:48 PM Rating: Decent
    293 posts
    *wishes she were on someone's whitelist*

    Mystral used to be in MY ls!

    As for my list:

    - the bazillion members of Phoenix Ember who are too many to list - you guys rock!

    ones of special mention are:
    - Reyla (who may or may not be in the ls till)
    - Woowuo
    - Talsin (he and the other 3 helped with my keys)
    - Nevalyn - our leader
    - Kathexis - my RL sister

    - Orefise, who once raised me and whom I met while being weird in windurst

    - Kaya; thanks to her I finally know where the hell optical hats come from.

    - Eldios - He was camping ashmaker and was bored, so helped me with my key.

    - Psylight - for being agreeable and the first girl pld I ever saw.

    - Drzaus - high level leathercraft, galka thf in AF, and coeurl farming buddy. It's a commensal relationship; I give him hides to level leathercrafing, he gives me whiskers which I sell to the npc at about the same price.

    And to all those who helped me but whom I can't think of right now...thanks.

    #149 Oct 28 2004 at 7:44 PM Rating: Decent
    766 posts
    Erickei?!? It's me (formerly Montheon!)

    You were always on my White List when I played on Lakshmi way back when... gave me my very first Linkpearl when I didn't know anybody on the server.

    Niknok... he helped us all do just about everything, from SAM quest NMS to BCNM advice, and he taught me how to play Paladin the RIGHT way!

    Other old friends, don't know who plays anymore...

    Fidelity... my last memory with him was escorting a level 20 dude to Jeuno.

    Brady... yeah, I know people hated him for wanting to be a RDM/NIN all the time, but we were both clueless back then!

    Aurin... he was pissed off all the time but he was happy to help people

    I can't remember anybody else (geez... it's been 8 months since I played on that server)
    #150 Oct 29 2004 at 3:11 AM Rating: Default
    147 posts
    Kimikeiko, shes a very lovely individual. Outgoing and kind to all who deserve it...and even those i dont think do...*stares at gun fixed against temple, and wonders if that is enough*


    #151 Oct 29 2004 at 6:28 AM Rating: Default
    32 posts
    .*stares at gun fixed against temple, and wonders if that is enough*
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