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#202 Jan 04 2005 at 3:42 PM Rating: Good
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I claim this page in the name of Muon!

Ok, fine, I'll share....


I was going to edit my original post, but I decided since I had everyone's att'n here at the top of the page, I would mention...


Illysia! She's a good friend to have, and is very nice. She has a good sense of humor, and actually likes to do stuff rather then the normal grind...such as card hunting for hours on end. If you she sees that someone is in trouble, she doesn't hesitate to cure or raise you. Nice gal.

Anyways, you can go back to your other thread again, and continue your flame wars :P. See you in Lakshmi. -Muon

Edit 2: Markups went wild, post was insane...

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#203 Jan 06 2005 at 3:58 AM Rating: Decent
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202 posts. Damn, i never thought it would get this big. Bad a$$ guys and gals. Well i was just reading through this thread and it hit me. I made the thread and i have the smallest list out of everyone... so i figure i would throw down a few more names of some peeps who have been a big help to me.

Nith - RL friend and a constant help when it comes to everything...

Cleophie - Although we are both thick headed and bump heads a lot, he is also a RL friend of mine and the game wouldnt be the same without him.

Orefise - who can forget Ore :P IMHO, she is the most helpfull person on the server.

Tidy - Who has become more and more insane every day but is on my list because of his ability to make many strange comments about stuff no one is talking about in the LS chat.

Urmel - For giving me incite to the wonderful world of the BLM and convincing me to begin the BLM journey.

Onearm - Cause i simply think it is funny that people list him as a Leaping Lizzy bot, but he is just that damn good. (Congrats again on your Peacock Charm you lucky piece of *CENSORED*) :P

Well that is just a few, there are so many great people on this server that there is no way any one person could even dream of listing them all. I personaly am sad to not see my name on to many lists but i guess i will just have to help people more... (cries for sympathy) j/k but anyway, keep it going peeps, and i will see you all around.

P.S. Dont ever be afraid to say hi to me in game. I am as friendly as they come unless im on the phone with someone cause it is so damn hard to type with one hand... Good Luck in all your adventures!

Edit: God i cant type...
<---- is on the phone. :S

Edited, Thu Jan 6 04:02:15 2005 by Manwea
#204 Jan 12 2005 at 12:27 AM Rating: Decent
160 posts
Great Friends and LS Members
Sparthos (My love) :)
Nohmaan ( I miss you )

No real order guys, don't freak out. XD
These are the guys and gals that make and have made FFXI a blast for me! Thanks much. ^^

Edited, May 18th 2007 12:46pm by JenyOFLakshmi
Eminence Linkshell - Pandemonium Queller
* * DRG 75 | MNK 75 | WHM 75 | BLU 75 | WAR 75 | SAM 75 | PLD 75 | RDM 75 * *
#205 Jan 13 2005 at 4:49 AM Rating: Good
WOW! i was actually mentioned! cool! lol

some peeps i wanna add:


and a whole lot of people on my friendlist. you guys rock!

also, a special thanks to Reveth. even though he quit, he gave me my first linkpearl which i've been in since i started back in march/april. Thank You Reveth! we miss you!
#206 Jan 13 2005 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
279 posts
Where to begin..

Eiladar - My main man since the beginning :D
Drath - Where would I be without you in my shell, glad we met that day in Batallia
Solaar and Mystii - I know we have been through the ringer over the past few weeks, but that cannot scar anything we built to this point.
Moonstrike - No matter what drama that happened, you will always be my friend online and IRL
Muon - You have been one of the strongest LS supporters from day one
Aarion - My Ranger mentor, always there for me to bug lol
Ebony - Always willing to shell out a short notice helping hand ^^
Likwid - Quite possibly the most selfless person I've met so far :) Always good to chat with ya man!
Dexx - Jackass or not, still my mate! lol
Kronothos - With me step by step Ranger to Ranger. Always good to share our Ranger ideas with.
Luthien - Lol, always there to cut up with me.
Daelus - New one to the list, but already rising.
#207 Jan 13 2005 at 3:23 PM Rating: Good

I just posted using my coworkers log in. That is my above post =P
#208 Jan 14 2005 at 12:39 PM Rating: Good
20 posts
I can't find my old post to edit and add, so I'm making a new one XD.

Flavin - The best game frined you can hope for, will drop all things to help anyone at all.. no matter the cost.

Kweli - Willing to risk his life to save my newbie pt, good LS mate.

Judau & Taktikz - Friendly, honest, and knowledgable.

Kux - Put lvling on hold to raise a person he didn't even knoe, and bothered to remember my name and wave at every passing~kinda inspirational as to how everyone's game manner should be=P

Naiya - Is yet to respond, "I don't knoe," to a question~keeps me in line.

I can't define everyone, and sorry if I accidentally say someone twice or miss any of you -_-;;!

Perdition!, Darklink!, Ncmesis, Mairai/Eneas, Cygnar, Falz, Zaid, Anuril, Metaking, Atrius, Eshishi, Guru, Rez, Brolly, Probe, Lukedarken, Aarond, Gus, Timothy, Nightmage, Chipple, Ozrin, Dazi, Freakydeaky, Aelva...

So many more who's names I can't remember how to spell ;_; All of these ppl are excellent players and even better sports, I can't thank you guys enough for teaching me the manner of the game =^-^=

Edited, Wed Jan 19 12:26:00 2005 by CattibrieSOV
#209 Jan 18 2005 at 8:14 PM Rating: Good
25 posts
Curtdiggity : The guys who show me all.He show me Valkurn Dune where I party whit it.He give me hints for my Advanced job an my equip.

Deamonspeanut : Another good guys who help me a lot to get to lvl 8
#210 Jan 19 2005 at 11:11 AM Rating: Decent
31 posts
(Since my account name isn't the same as my in-game name, this is Cleophie)

I've got a lot of people to list, so I'll probably forget one or fifty...

First, Nith and Manwe for being RL friends and helping me with everything, even though as Manwe says, I'm "thick headed."

Next up Allegreto, Aphroditee, Ghanima, Smartdrv and Wiglaf for being almost RL friends, even though we've never actually met. Ghan and I have partied pretty much all the time since Qufim, and he's the best damn rng around. ^^

Everyone in all of my LSes, naturally... I won't list them all by name, but they're all great, so if you see a Arc, Oath or Evo pearl, they belong here.

Here are a few distinguished LS members:

Connery for leading the alliance that got me rank 4, and Xertus for soloing my rank 5.

Gambril, Motarrisu and Tobokuu for showing me the True Path of the Bard, and extra big whitelist goodness to Gambril and his crazy friends for getting me my Castle Oz coffer key.

Blayde and company for my Castle Zvahl key, and Olbaid for dying (as a 73thf) so I could get my coffer.

Chevala for tanking my AF2 fight even though she was just a friend of a friend.

Gregzee, Timmay and Darkgod for repeatedly inviting me to amazing parties, and proving that a level a night after 50 isn't really that hard. :p

I'm sure I've forgotten a ton of you, so if I have, bug me in game and I'll probably add to this. ^^
#211 Jan 19 2005 at 1:58 PM Rating: Decent
first post

The list
Ahmed- sad to see him leave
Charun- also sad to see him leave

i cant remember everyone, but i still appreciate the help.
p.s. thanks manwe for your vote.

Edited, Wed Jan 19 14:24:57 2005 by jukin

Edited, Wed Jan 19 14:38:29 2005 by jukin
#212 Jan 19 2005 at 2:04 PM Rating: Decent
Well, I decided to "revise" my whitelist from before, since so many people have easily earned spots there. =p It's pretty long, so bear with me. ˆˆ

Godz, Finn, and the entire original TheCrimsonKnights LS.

Continuity LS- thank you guys for everything in the short time I have been a part of this LS.ˆˆ

Bandakar LS- Even though this LS is now "dead", I'll never forget anything from it. My first ever LS, and its sad to see it like this. I thank you guys for everything, all the good times and memories will always stay with me. I'll never toss my Pearlsack, and it'll always stay with me for as long as I keep playing this game, sooo this is just a huuuuuge thanks to everyone that was in there. ˆˆ

The next few people are a few of the most awesome people that I have met playing this game, and they deserve a ton of credit.

Shizz, Slayde, Weezrt, Tamj, Arlenis, Falofalot, Crimsan- You guys deserve a giant {Thank you.} from me. I can't even begin to say how good of friends I see you guys as. Thanks for everything, and I hope to keep in touch with those who have gone to WoW ;;.

Now, my two best friends that I've known for quite some time, and never will forget either of them.

Quisty- =P I can't say how awesome you really are. I'm glad I got the chance to actually talk to you, in game and RL, and you will always be one of my best friends. Always there to help me and our LS's, and just a plain all around awesome person.All the times from the old Bandakar days in the lower levels, to our parties now at lvl 58 were some of the best I've had in the game, and I thank you for that. Sooo just a giant thanks for being such a great person, and always being there for me. ˆˆ

Xandrial- Another awesome person that's always helped me when I needed it. Always letting me vent on him when stuff happens =P surprised I haven't gotten a black list yet ~.^ j/k. He'll drop everything he is doing at a certain moment if someone he knew needed help with something and I really respect that. I'm glad I got to talk to you in RL also, you're a great person. Some of my best times in the game have been with you too, and I guess this is just a way to thank you. XD

So all in all to both of you, THANK YOU!!! =)

Aaand there's my "revised" white list. =P Kinda long I know, but all of those people deserve to be recognized for all the things they've done to help me and other people.

-Azadan ˆˆ
#213 Jan 20 2005 at 4:17 PM Rating: Decent
335 posts

I feel so touched.

Edited, Thu Jan 20 16:19:40 2005 by Mireisen
#214 Jan 21 2005 at 6:49 PM Rating: Decent
I have some ppl myself to thank...

-Yasha-for being there whenever you could, for helping me, gil-wise and getting me through my newb days! ^^
-Reisle-For helping me when you could and with mission 3-2 and for beinga good LS ldr! :)
-Gavian-For helping me get Kazham key and getting me into the slackers
-Sanjiyan-For being a kickass manthra and helping me get my smn job! ^^
-Jespaar-For being an AMAZING person. ALways willing to help me out whenever you could... countless things... finding ppl for my AF1, for waiting so you could lvl with me, for doing a ton of mission with me and helping not only me out, but my friends too... and the list goes on.

A shout out of thanks to:
Sanuko, Firenze, Quisty, Haunte, Douran and lots of prolly forgetting ; ;

#215 Jan 22 2005 at 11:44 AM Rating: Good
170 posts
That Jersey guy is no help..... :o

#216 Jan 24 2005 at 3:34 AM Rating: Decent
108 posts
well no that jersey guy is a jerk. nah jk jers, although i havent seen my name on here and ive helpped countless ppl im sure thats what you meant by your comment.
#217 Jan 24 2005 at 11:58 PM Rating: Good
I would like to add a few ppl to this list...
First my linkshell The Refuge!!
But finer details:
um wait a minute I cant just thank them it HAS to be my entire LS!! Every1 is there for each other and I appreciate all the help every1 gives me to catch up to their lvls:)
#218 Jan 30 2005 at 6:03 PM Rating: Good
251 posts
Kind of difficult to limit it down to a single whitelist, but here goes: (And if I forget people, I'm sorry, it's hard sometimes!)

Bluefender - Still sort of there, always one of my best friends in game. Truly a wonderful DRG and if you ever think that DRG is not good for a party, you obviously have never met Blue.
Derricka - One of a very few people to help me get every single piece of AF I needed, from start to finish, a true friend that's always there for you. Not to mention an incredibly level-headed person and amazing DRK.
Likwid - A great person that would drop everything to come help you out if you needed it. Fair, patient, funny, and understanding. Also an awesome BLM (and a cockaroni, but that's kind of an inside joke XD)!
Gambril - Quite possibly THE best BRD out there right now. Not to mention, one of the few people that I am more than willing to die three times in one night for. ;)
Dustyne - I swear, there is not a more caring and hilarious person on our server than Dusty. Always a good day to hear from him (10billion times in as many seconds). :D

Other friends and people I respect greatly:

Edited, Mon Jan 31 00:23:38 2005 by Pax
#219 Jan 30 2005 at 9:38 PM Rating: Excellent
782 posts
*EDIT rofl! hahahaha

Edited, Mon Jan 31 12:36:02 2005 by SirTanta
#220 Jan 31 2005 at 5:07 AM Rating: Decent
I have left FFXI for a bit now, well since DEC but i wanna thanks these people who ment alot to me:

Littlestan-Leader of the FourofHearts small man huge heart.

Trodorne- (Ziegfried's Twin Brother)You crazy cat i had alot of fun with you and good memories of you pling me.

Ziegfried- This guy is my fav, he droped what ever he did to help me and anyone who was weak in lv. Dont Change who you are man!!
and a shout out to the whole DecendantsofAtlantis LS.
#221 Jan 31 2005 at 2:29 PM Rating: Excellent
171 posts
Since i'm gonna be deleting my character in a few days (Once my girlfriend has used up all my Kindred's Seals :P) i think its about time i made a list. This may well be big since i've played for such a long time and FFXI is full of so many nice people, but here goes:

Tgtommy, Vilero, Tacs, Ryotu, Bobjohn - IRL friends and people who came with me here from other games, had a lot of fun together :D
Blackghost, Tracer, Tundre - For helping me get rank 3 waaaay back in the day
Gawayne - The awesome SAM who partied with me to get my WAR to 30 and help me unlock my advance jobs
Krahnaud - For having the awesome SAM sub I wanted so bad, and also came on my rank 4 expedition :P
Mordicant Good friend and DRK
Deepsix - For helping me get teleport: Dem scroll :D
Hollybell - JP BRD58 at the time, we helped a JP friend of hers get Ancient Papyrus, and in return she came and helped when the other JP went to bed. For hours, and hours, and hours. Even died a few times because of bad pulls - some people really are very nice =D
Darlkin, Beanie, Onearm, and the Shortbus LS - helped me get my Fighter's Calligae, the best set of boots in the game ;]
Jethor - for being my warrior idol, and helping with Dark Spork ;o
Toren - For being the uber high level SAM who helped the alliance of utter newbies I was in do Limit Break 2 in Xarcabard, it was horrible, took hours, and many people died. ALso trained with me in Boyahda for an age or two :o
Oniknight - The kitty with the cures who helped me do so many things I can't list them here o.o teleports, quests, hakutaku eyes, you name it
Streetz! - For tanking a couple of my coffer keys, the Tungi NM, avatars .. hell, everything.
Ankiu - For organising the best rank runs ever, the best WSNM run ever, and wandering round tavnazia with me =D
Maat - Get my **** kicked 5 times, and then mocked the 6th time for beating up an old man. Life is cruel, but his pension money is now MINE!
Dwarg - The best swedish smith on the planet, ever! Made me a signed bronze subligar that I never threw away =D
Jpi - For tanking with me and getting me to that all important lvl 60!
Evilteddy - For shouting CHA!! I will seriously miss that ; ;
Kodid, Neemo, Jaizyn, Jaundice - My elite BCNM crew, I never made so much money in a single day o.o (There was a RDM too but I forgot the name, sorry >.o)
Cybersyn - Great RDM who did a lot to keep exping with my semi-static
Zoya - The 100% most awesomest DD on planet Lakshmi, and an even better friend.
Dragoncloud - That WAR i overtook, with the flashy jumping shorts and the hauberk ;p
All of Deadlysins and anyone ever in Lodestar, the two best LS ever.
Leomagnus - Mocked me for being british, blew things up good with explodey spells, and soaked up all the hits with his elvaan hp :p
Alexandra - Tanked shadowlord while I was but an impressionable little lvl 56 - I did my first 1000 damage Rampage on that thing XD
Earnhardt - Tanked 5-1 for me and called me ugly =D
People i can't remember - Who came and fought my AF3 NMs - busted that goblin smuggling ring good and got a sexy stripper's lorica out of it!

Clouth, Cynical, Gollum, ********* Zeropaul, Kingsparda, Lonelyhero, Miyafugi, Stilgarr, Treskewl, Xada, Xidea, Xyrielle. My fwends =D <3

Lastly and mostly, Nemy, sexy Norwegian enchantress who is the best (And now richest ;p) tank on the server and the best girlfriend ;D

I do hope I've not missed anyone out, i'm surprised my memory goes back so far o.o To quote my fellow brit Vinne Jones;

"It's been emotional."

Hale signing out.

Edited, Sun May 15 09:18:59 2005 by Hale
#222 Feb 06 2005 at 12:31 PM Rating: Good
there's a few persons i could mention, but one i want to say overall right now.

Karupt- i dont know where to begin to thank him. Really is a "Hero among heros" ~.o thanks for always being there for me, even when i was a total *****. And making me be nice <.<;;

also want to mention Nephtas, Precious, Unikatze, Sandthra and Rush(same player), Lilbill and Selk ^^

nuff respect to Truewarrior, great guy and good friend. Ever since newb days, hope to catch up to ya some day True.

finally a farewell to Aris, wish he wasnt quitting, even though he teases me alot. (psst Aris leave me your fortune? ^^;;; j/k)
#223 Feb 06 2005 at 9:29 PM Rating: Decent
Thx alot Kae, anything 4 the {princess} =P

K, Whitelist...

Those who helped or were just there when i needed em...

Niknok ; ;
...The Taru Army
...The Galka Task Force
...And of course my Untouchable Fam
is what it is and it couldnt get better, Thank You.
#224 Feb 07 2005 at 9:25 AM Rating: Good
58 posts
Holyfork (quit ;;) - I owe him bigtime for helping me with Garbage and Eldieme coffer key
Prime - Helped me with Beadeaux coffer key
Shimeka (quit ;;) - Was a good friend who I bugged with my problems lol
Fouryu - Did Castle O farming trips many times with him and he helped me get a test for Maat :p but Me > Fouryu {Too Weak}{Ranger} :p
Lilbill - Castle O farming trips and a good friend /doubt ;o
Ciampolo - even though you hate me now your still a good friend who has helped me a lot
Xaiyara - <3 /blush you helped put fun back into the game and showed me a different side to it. Also helping me out with a personal problem lol
Haruhaku - Helped me with jelly ring, rank 6, NIN AF and prolly something else, VERY helpful friend
Norrec - did Genkai 3, some AF's with him and been good friends for a long time
Taras (quit ;;) - good friend who quit :/ but ya will be remembered
Bobak, Lenwen, Eranna, Miiroku & Kilstryke - we were kinda like a static way back in the day, and are very helpful
Lilfluffy - even though he does MPK and is proud of it he was there for all my AF's, and vice versa... (no flames I know he in an ***)
Streetz - helped me with some of my AFs
Gregzee - you were like my WHM rival for awhile until i switched to different jobs :p good friend and helped with PLD AF3
Hector - my PLD bro :P keeping me company while we both camped for Garbage coffer
Truewarrior - good PLD friend who I got advice from many times. Helped with NIN AF1. ;D
Tumu - my fellow Taru PLD :p kinda like Rivals we were
Sirlots - same as Tumu, except your a Galka not a Taru
Optimuz - Great DRG friend who I exp'd ;D helped me with Dark Spark
Rhianna - Good friend who is very helpful and sweet. Majik better be takin care of ya or he be gettin a kick in teh *** taru style ;p
Hung/Barkstar - another good friend who always helped me out

lots more aswell thanks to everyone who has helped me in some way! ;D

Edited, Mon Feb 7 09:47:12 2005 by Kantaro
#225 Feb 10 2005 at 5:18 AM Rating: Good
335 posts
More addies...

Gambril : You go girlfriend! ...In an Elvaan-man...kind of way...

Mokuba : Whenever I'm upset, whenever I'm sad, this guy's always here to cheer me up.

Haruhaku : I think this guy has a fetish for BRDs...LOL but he helped camp Novv for my coat.
#226 Feb 11 2005 at 12:14 AM Rating: Good
58 posts
Akya: One of my best friends. Akya has helped me so much since I have started and im so gratefull for her. Akya is a true friend and im so lucky to have her friendship. Shes awesome ^_~

Aylith: My best friend.Theres so much I could say about Aylith. Shes been my friend practically since I have started and has gone through it all with me. Good or bad she was always there for me and I appreciate every moment spent with her.

Edited, Thu May 5 19:12:27 2005 by Derive
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