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#1 Feb 16 2010 at 7:32 AM Rating: Good
I'm going to continue looking through the forums, but I figured I'd ask here just in case...

Does anyone know of a possible addon that'll show every enchanting recipe available in game and where to get it?

I'm currently wanting to get all possible recipes, but having to go through the Game Info > Profession page at the top here and going through every recipe that I have in game will be very time consuming.

Thanks for any help!

ETA: I did find this : Ackis Recipe List . Has anyone used this addon before? I'm assuming it does tell you where to get the recipes as well, but nothing is showing about it.

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#2 Feb 16 2010 at 8:05 AM Rating: Excellent
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I used it briefly to find out when I had discovered all glyphs from Nortrend research. But I assume it will let you sort through all enchanting recipes as well. Useful for specific tasks, but not a great overall addon.

Edit: It does tell you the source of the recipes as well.

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#3 Feb 16 2010 at 8:16 AM Rating: Good
Hmm okay. Perhaps I'll give it a try once I get off of work. Mainly just want it to list the recipes I'm missing so I can attempt to get all of them.

Like I said, I'm too lazy to compare between here and in game lol.
#4 Feb 16 2010 at 10:12 AM Rating: Good
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I have used Ackis Recipe list for a long time and as far as i can tell works for any trade but relies on people letting the creator know of any missing info so may have a few missing Recipes . Not that i have found any evidence of missing Recipes recently though.
#5 Feb 16 2010 at 11:14 AM Rating: Good
So pretty much it's something like the information at many sites (like this one) where members do tell whether or not something is missing?

I think it's worth the try then. I mean, it'll at least tell me some of the recipes I'm missing, and that'll work for me =)
#6 Feb 16 2010 at 12:19 PM Rating: Good
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I use Ackis Recipe List for Enchanting, LW, and JC. As others have said, it doesn't get new recipes by magic, but data for everything up to the current patch is pretty solid as far as I've ever seen. It's nice also for an in-game "where to learn this" source, the only wish I'd have is that drops be classified BoP or BoE (I'm pretty sure it just says "Drop").
#7 Feb 16 2010 at 4:56 PM Rating: Excellent
I have used Ackis for some time for BS, LW and will for my alts working Tailoring and Enchanting once they move out of the starting recipes.

Once you download the addon a SCAN button will appear on the top right-hand side of the tradeskill panel when you open it up (ex: open up LW and the SCAN button will be on the top of the LW panel).

Simply click on the SCAN button and it will provide a list of recipes (plans, patterns, etc.) you currently do not have (that it does know about) and some information on the recipes that you do not have.

The information is color-coded, e.g., gray for recipes below your current level (if I recall) and I believe red for cross-faction based recipes or for those that you cannot learn (such as Tribal LW patterns for a Dragonscale LW). There may be other colors (going on memory here as I'm not at my gaming PC).

If you hover the cursor over the recipes listed it will provide more detail such as the mob, dungeon or faction you need rep for to get it. It doesn't really provide enough detailed information usually to go get the missing item.

I also use RecipeRadar which shows vendors you are near (via gold dot on the map) that may sell an item that you do not have yet and other information as I recall.

In addition, I use AtlasLoot - so if I know which dungeon I can get a recipe in I can figure out pretty quickly which boss or location in the instance to target to get the item.

If all else fails I refer to this site, wowhead, thottbot, etc.

Basically, Ackis gives you a starting point to know what to look for. I've cross-referenced the scanned list against the list on this site and Ackis seems to have a solid, up-to-date list of everything I've not yet picked up.
#8 Feb 16 2010 at 7:54 PM Rating: Good
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xNocturnalSunx wrote:
So pretty much it's something like the information at many sites (like this one) where members do tell whether or not something is missing?

I think it's worth the try then. I mean, it'll at least tell me some of the recipes I'm missing, and that'll work for me =)

Right now Ackie's recipe list is working perfectly for enchanters and has all the current recipes in the game. It also will tell you where you can get the recipe. If I remember right for recipes that you do not currently have the faction for they will appear red and once you get the faction I think they turn green. Can't be 100% certain on that as when I downloaded the addon I only had 1 rep recipe, +30 int to weapons, which I now have.

But yeah its great for the serious collector, and far easier to maintain then the old list that I originally made for myself. So yeah good luck with the collecting, I only have 5 more to go.
#9 Feb 17 2010 at 7:23 AM Rating: Good
Awesome. Thank you all for your input. I have downloaded it and attempted to play with the scanning and whatnot a bit (Looks like I've got quite a few recipes I need to get). Got a pally friend to start wanting to do mount runs in Kara as I'm in need for a couple thousand more rep for the recipe from them.

Shouldn't be too hard to get the rest of the rep though for everything else. Still trying to figure out a way to just centralize one specific vendor for each recipe. But, I only got to mess around with it for a few minutes before I was called in to raid.
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