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Low level weapon quests for 350 SmithingFollow

#1 Aug 17 2018 at 4:30 AM Rating: Excellent
Among the numerous low level weapon quests, there are a few dozen that are actually useful to reach 350 Smithing since they include a combine providing a learned recipe.

Those quests follow the same pattern :
- kill a monster, loot some item
- give that item to the quest NPC, receive a Dull / Rough ... weapon
- combne with a Sharpening Stone in a forge (trivial 19) to make a Sharp / Sharpened / Polished ... weapon
- give the resulting weapon, along with some other loot, to another NPC for the final reward

There are both good- and evil-aligned quests, so you might need the help of an evil-aligned character if you're good-aligned (and vice versa) since you need the quest NPC to give you the Dull / Rough ... weapon. Fortunately, this item is tradeable, which means you can start the quest on another character, and still do the combine giving the recipe.

The looted item is No Trade, which means that the character doing the quest must also be the one who loots this item. Since those are low level mobs (around 10-12), this should be no problem.

If the combine happens to fail, the looted item is always returned. If you intend to learn all the recipes below, you'll also need 20+ Sharpening Stone.

Below is the list of such quests, with a distinction between good-aligned and evil-aligned quests.

Good-aligned quests

Zone: Misty Thicket
Loot: 2 Orc Lumberjack Axe and 2 Orc Lumberjack Machete off an orc lumberjack
Note: the lumberjacks are uncommon spawns, and they not always drop a quest item, so this one may take some time:
NPC: Megosh Thistlethorn in Rivervale
Recipe: Sharpened Storm Reaper Machete (id 1964)

Zone: Kithicor Forest
Loot: Severed Teir`Dal Hands off a teir`dal assassin
NPC: Kaya Cloudfoot in Rivervale
Recipe: Sharpened Bravefoot Short Sword (id 1965)

Zone: Misty Thicket
Loot: Rusbek's Head off Rusbek the Inhospitable
NPC: Hibbs Rootenpaw in Rivervale
Recipe: Sharpened Storm Reaper Scimitar (id 1966)

Zone: Greater Faydark
Loot: Centurion Relgle's Head off Centurion Relgle and Head of an Ebon Mask Spy off an ebon mask spy (they're together)
NPC: Seria Woodwind in Northern Felwithe
Recipe: Sharp Felwithe Defenders Sword (id 16070)

Zone: Greater Faydark
Loot: Silver Leafed Emerald Amulet off Gurleg Bribgok
NPC: Terren Starwatcher in Northern Felwithe
Recipe: Refined Sylvan Morning Star (id 16071)

Zone: Greater Faydark
Loot: Orcish Arsonist's Torch off an orc arsonist
NPC: Josylyn Greenblade in Kelethin
Recipe: Sharp Emerald Novice Sword (id 16072)

Zone: Qeynos Hills
Loot: Yollis Jenkins' Head off Yollis Jenkins
NPC: Errin Pinewhisper in Surefall Glade
Recipe: Sharpened Pine Scout Sword (id 2584)

Zone: Surefall Glade
Loot: Bloodsaber Defiler's Head off a bloodsaber defiler
NPC: Salmekia Treherth in Surefall Glade
Recipe: Sharp Pine Druid Scimitar (id 2585)

Evil-aligned quests

Zone: Steamfont Mountains
Loot: Yulcabis' Axe off Yulcabis
NPC: Naygog Mitope in Ak'Anon mines
Recipe: Sharp Dark Reflection Axe (id 1995)

Zone: Steamfont Mountains
Loot: Donlix's Short Sword off Donlix Bonkle
NPC: Garret Zethkog in the Ak'Anon mines
Recipe: Sharp Dark Reflection Short Sword (id 1996)

Zone: Steamfont Mountains
Loot: Jibble's Stiletto off Jibble Blexnik
NPC: Kaxon Frennor in the Ak'Anon mines
Recipe: Sharp Dark Reflection Stiletto (id 1997)

Zone: Steamfont Mountains
Loot: Vyntok's Mace off Vyntok Bonkle
NPC: Derthix Gibblix in the Ak'Anon mines
Recipe: Polished Dark Reflection Mace (id 1998)

Zone: The Warrens
Loot: Clan Kolbok Blacksmith Traditions off a kobold master blacksmith
NPC: Faratain in Paineel
Recipe: Sharp Fell Blade Cutlass (id 16073)

Zone: Toxxulia Forest
Loot: Verogone Wayfinder's Head off Verogone Wayfinder
NPC: Sadorno Chomosh in Paineel
Recipe: Refined Templar of Fright Cudgel (id 16074)

Zone: East Freeport, Commonlands, West Freeport
Loot: Crate of Pick Axe Heads off Grendig in East Freeport
Loot: Bundle of Hardwood Staves off Jimble Woodentoe in Commonlands (roams)
Give both to Rigg Nostra in West Freeport and receive Large Crate of Mining Supplies
Give the crate to Grug Deathfist who just spawned next to Rigg and receive Rough Blue Gem
NPC: Tovan Tenlah in East Freeport
Recipe: Sharpened Coalition Dirk (id 2577)

Zone: West Freeport
Loot: Tarsa Yovar's Head off Tarsa Yovar
NPC: Brutol Rhaksen in East Freeport
Recipe: Sharpened Dismal Battleaxe (id 2578)

Zone: West Freeport
Loot: Raenna Griff's Head off Raenna Griff
NPC: Gunex Eklar in East Freeport
Recipe: Sharpened Dismal Long Sword (id 2579)

Zone: West Freeport
Loot: Ulia Yovar's Head from Ulia Yovar
NPC: Zhem Xecia in East Freeport
Recipe: Refined Dismal Flail (id 2580)

Zone: North Qeynos
Loot: Grennet Stormhand's Head off Grennet Stormhand
NPC: Unmuz Tukore in Qeynos Catacombs
Recipe: Sharp Scourge Knight Saber (id 2581)

Zone: North Qeynos
Loot: Rolon Banari's Head off Rolon Banari
NPC: Xeture Demiagar in Qeynos Catacombs
Recipe: Refined Bloodsaber Mace (id 2582)

Zone: West Karana
Loot: Lukas Hergo's Head off Lukas Hergo
NPC: Rocthar Bekesna in Qeynos Catacombs
Recipe: Sharp Scourge Warrior Broadsword (id 2583)

Note: the Sharpened Unseen Hands Dagger recipe from the Sturdy Workman's Next Job quest in North Qeynos (HUM HEF / ROG) is not learned.
Note: the Sharpened Jagged Blade recipe from the Orc Slayer Weapon quest in Neriak is not learned.

Anyone tried the Sharpened Sword Blade recipe from the Bone Mail Weapon quest in Neriak ?

Edited, Aug 18th 2018 9:27am by Drewinette
#2 Aug 27 2018 at 8:33 PM Rating: Good
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Anyone tried the Sharpened Sword Blade recipe from the Bone Mail Weapon quest in Neriak ?

I just tried the recipe for Sharpened Sword Blade from the Bone Mail Weapon quest on the Povar server, and the recipe is not learned:

[Mon Aug 27 22:29:02 2018] You can no longer advance your skill from making this item.
[Mon Aug 27 22:29:02 2018] You have fashioned the items together to create something new: Sharpened Sword Blade.

My unmodified-by-trophy blacksmithing skill was 322 at the time.

Edited, Aug 27th 2018 10:55pm by RondorNorador
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