Fan Faire: Enter the World of Espionage

We are pleased to present this guest Fan Faire review of The Agency, by Qwash.

At Fan Faire 2007, Sony Online Entertainment announced the start of a new project dubbed The Agency(TM) that would allow people to live the life of an elite agent in an online persistent world. In 2008, Fan Faire attendees were treated to another look at this new game that will be available for both the PC and the PLAYSTATION®3. The design team was there to answer questions about their game to those curious enough to step up to their booth, but the real treat was watching the "Sneak Peek" and picking the developers minds at their panel. The only question you have to ask yourself is, are you a UNITE or ParaGON agent?

Prepare to join The Agency

In 2007, SOE announced the beginning development of a new game entitled "The Agency".  In 2008, the developers of the game hosted a forum panel giving Fan Faire attendees the chance to see a sneak peek of the game in its current form.