Wakfu Enters Closed Beta

Beta testing has begun for Wakfu, sequel to DOFUS.
Ankama is proud to announce the launch of the closed Beta version of Wakfu, its next tactical MMORPG. Scheduled for a Q4 release, the Java sequel to DOFUS is now entering its final development stage.

Improving the turn-based fighting system of DOFUS even further, Wakfu sets a new standard in massively multiplayer online games with its combination of battle tactics and role playing.

DOFUS MMO Going Mobile!

In a very exciting press release that came out this morning, we found out that the popular MMO DOFUS, published by ANKAMA is coming to mobile platforms as early as this summer!
ANKAMA is proud to announce the upcoming release of DOFUSPocket which is being developed by its subsidiary Kalmeo. DOFUSPocket will delight DOFUS fans who will soon be able to play on their mobile phones as well!

“We wish to offer our DOFUS players new content and additional features that will add to the original online game. We do not wish to simply make a shorter version of DOFUS for mobiles.” says Mr. Emmanuel Darras, CEO and co-founder of ANKAMA. “It seems to be the logical follow-up to our development which is centered on innovating cross-media solutions as well as our will to have a total control over our projects.”

A few days ago, DOFUS community members were offered the chance to join the DOFUSPocket beta test to help validate the technical solutions chosen for the mobile application. This application was designed by Kalmeo, the most recent subsidiary of the ANKAMA Group, which has been based in Lyon since the end of 2007 and is directed by Mr. Boris Beaulant, former R&D developer on DOFUS: “This 1st phase is mainly about validating the software platform that we’ve developed and identifying the residual compatibility issues”.
This is a huge step forward for the genre, and I wish the beta testers the best of luck in breaking the hell out of it!  So it can be fixed for the rest of us, of course!

Downloading the Client for the US-CANADA Server

The test server is now online!

US-CA test server!
In order to play on the US-Canada test server, you need to
DOWNLOAD the test client:
Beta version 1.22.0 for Windows
Beta version 1.22.0 for Mac and Linux
(Double-click on loader.swf to launch the game!)

You will not be able to play on the test server without this client.
Also, please note that server is primarily for people residing in Canada or the US - you might encounter high latency if you live outside these countries.

Happy Sane Luvenby’s Day!

Hello everyone! The 14th of Flovor is nearly here – you know what that means... Sane Luvenby’s Day! But the bad news is a disease has just escaped from Otomai’s laboratory and is about to spread the length and breadth of the World of Twelve.

Don’t worry, it’s inoffensive and its effects don’t last too long - no more than a few days - but it is enough to surprise some of you!

Chocrosis is coming. Fortunately the Gods won’t let the inhabitants of the World suffer in vain. Anyone who catches a dose of the sickness will get a present... that way it’s more of an excuse for a party than a reason to stay in bed for the weekend!

You who love soppy hearts and milk chocolate, make the most of Sane Luvenby’s Day in Amakna, and whatever you do, make sure to spread that chocrosis far and wide!

DOFUS Fan Art Contest Winners

The results are in! Many truly amazing drawings were submitted and we were mesmerized by the level and quality of your artworks for days! But we had to choose a winner, and the talented “oixOxio” clearly stood out from the lot… he is the winner of this competition!

His depiction of a young and beautiful couple enjoying a peaceful and sunny day gives a new meaning to the word tenderness... it won our hearts.

Since we didn’t think it fair to bundle the youngsters in with the more experienced players, we doubled the prizes and split the competition into two age groups: 16 and under and 17 and over.

Click to see the list of winners !

The fan-art will be posted on the community website next Friday! Come check it out!
Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to all the winners!

Fan-art contest: only 1 day left!

DOFUS Fan ArtWe are amazed by the quality of artwork received for our "love-love" fan art contest and have decided to give you one last chance to submit your drawing! We are keeping the contest open till Friday!

Only one day left to submit your magnificent piece of art and participate in our great fan art contest! Age is no barrier - our youngest participant is 9 years of age!

Good luck to all of you and don’t forget the contest ends this Friday, February 1st 2008!

(Thanks to BoBo for the drawing!)

DOFUS needs YOU!

Hello !

This is a message to all of you DOFUS fans out there : we would really like to complete our Wiki on Allakhazam, so we need you to get to work!

I’ve already started its base, it’s simple to complete it and if you need help, the FAQ link is still on the first page.

Don’t worry: we will reward your blood, sweat and tears: each month, the best contributor will be rewarded with free one month subscription to the game!

Help us to make of Allakhazam.com the best wiki ever made on DOFUS ;)

Thanks a lot!

Dofus' Game Designer reassuring the community...

Dofus' Game Designer Lichen wanted to reassure Dofus Players on its blog concerning Wakfu, Ankama's upcoming MMORPG : Dofus is in its "Golden Age" and won't be left aside!

Read the full message in this news!

Pandala Wars on Dofus.com

Today on DOFUS.com, come and meet the Pandawas: the most original class ever playable in a MMORPG!

Master of the Drunken Arts, they offer heavy support to every group and explosive surprises to their enemy with their alcoholic breath! They are also the only race knowing the ancestral secret of shield crafting (which they develop to protect themselves from getting hurt while having a cool drink at the closest INN they stumbled upon… In Honor of their Goddess off course) !

The Pandawas live in Pandala, a new island accessible to players where they will discover new equipments, monsters, dungeons, spells and resources…