Atari Unveils Asteroids: Outpost

From Rocks to Riches

Today, Atari revealed a new survival multiplayer PC game called Asteroids: Outpost. It is billed as a "bold re-imaging of the 1979 arcade shooter" that "puts players in the role of a deep space miner as they struggle for survival in the asteroid belt."

Atari Gets A New CEO

According to GameInformers, Atari announced just yesterday that their current CEO of Atari worldwide, David Gardner, would be stepping down, but he would still retain his position as a Director. Jeff Lapin, formerly the company's Chief Operating Officer (COO) since May 2009, and a Director since December 2007, will take Gardner's place as the new CEO. Lapin has previously worked in executive positions in RazorGator Interactive Group, Take-Two Interactive Software and THQ.

Lapin's new position of CEO will mean that he will be leading Atari's Executive COmmittee, which includes Jim Wilson (CEO of Atari Inc.), John Needham (CEO of Cryptic Studios Inc.), Fabrice Hamaide (CFO of the Group), and Alexandra Fichelson (General Secretary).

No comment has been made as to why David Gardner has stepped down, but Lapin notes that he is excited to take on new responsibilities and focus on the launch of Star Trek Online in February 2010.