Battlefield Hardline Premium Membership Announced

EA has announced the Premium membership program for Battlefield Hardline. In addition to four expansion packs, monthly rewards, early access to expansions and exclusive in-game events, Hardline Premium will also introduce four new "super features": Masks, Gun Bench, Competitive Play and Legendary Status.

Film Friday: Eight New Trailers

To speed you on your way to the weekend we've collected eight new trailers!  Enjoy!


Battlefield 4 Fall Update is Live!

Battlefield 4 has released its "Fall Update," and it's a biggie! Fredrik Loving, General Manager of DICE LA, gave the highlights on the Battlefield Official Blog.

Included in this update are player-requested core game improvements like improved gun recoil visuals, sight reticles being unaffected by "visual recoil," and improvements to player movement. The in-game UI has been made more intuitive and has more customization options. And don't miss the new preset called "Classic Mode," designed for skilled players looking for more of a challenge and stricter rules.

You can read the entire patch notes over here on Battlelog, or catch Mr. Loving's highlights on the Battlefield Official Blog.

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Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth Expansion

While Battlefield: Hardline has been getting all the attention, Battlefield 4 is still churning away. Keeping things fresh is the fourth (of five) BF4 DLCs, Dragon's Teeth, an expansion that focuses on fast-paced urban combat.

Battlefield: Heroes Bringing Holiday Cheer

Free-to-Play third-person shooter Battlefield Heroes has begun ushering in the holiday spirit by releasing their own Advent Calander and new video, announcing and giving away new holiday themed items every day until the 25th of December. With the game boasting 15 million registered users, that's a lot of gifting.

So far we've gotten Santa outfits and winter combat uniforms for both National and Royal players, various new and returning cosmetic items, a new weapon customization feature, and discounts on winter camo skins for your guns. Today's gift marked the glorious return of the snow maps, as well as a new snowy version of an existing map "Midnight Mayhem".

If you're interested in chaotic third-person shootfests, a psuedo-WWII setting, or free things and snow maps, now would be a great time to look into Battlefield Heroes. Keep checking their site each day to keep up with new items, features, and giveaways.


Battlefield Heroes


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