Titan Content Update Launches July 13

Perfect World Entertainment just announced that the Titan content update is going live in Battle of the Immortals tomorrow, July 13! This patch introduces all sorts of new content, including new gears, maps and a dungeon. Here are the details:

  • Titan's Throne dungeon: Players will be able to challenge this instance once a day in a party of at least three level 115 players. Titan's Throne will pit you against three major bosses before you can even get in range of the God King himself, Kronos.
  • Two new maps: The Black Dragon Lair and Giants Kingdom maps each has its own unique boss challenge, and each one is loaded with Soul Gears and crafting materials that will prepare you to face Kronos.
  • Generation III pets: You will be able to meld your pet into Generation III Pets in Rainbow Valley. Stop by Ancient Beast Island for new monsters to tame and collect.
  • Titan lore: Read the story behind the update before it launches tomorrow.

You can get a sneak peek at the update in the teaser video below.

Battle of the Immortals Celebrates One Year!

Battle of the Immortals is about to celebrate their one-year anniversary! Naturally, there will be some in-game celebrations as well, but while much of the details are still hush-hush, the team has released enough information to get players excited, saying:

"We have something in store for both the veterans and the new players in this anniversary celebration.  Veteran players will be able to receive some pretty awesome gifts to aid them on their journey to become an Immortal.  New players will also be receiving priceless equipments to strengthen themselves and let them fight alongside of their experienced comrades."

Also, the Dragon Emperor himself is not happy about the anniversary celebration as he was not invited. He's going to try his best to crash the party and the heroes of Motenia must unite as one to face off the monstrous darkspawns of the Dragon Emperor. Stay tuned for more details as the anniversary approaches!

Buy Items in Perfect World's MMOs to Aid Japan

Perfect World Entertainment has teamed up with the American Red Cross to help aid Japan in a time of crisis. Through April 13, 50% of the proceeds of special in-game items will be donated to the relief effort following the recent earthquake and tsunami.

You can pick up a Bag Expansion in Battle of the Immortals, an Ancient Crystal in Ether Saga Online, a Star of Hope 10-pack in Forsaken World, Meditation Orbs in Jade Dynasty and the Super Inventory Stone in Perfect World International. It's for a good cause, so consider visiting the item shop in your favorite Perfect World game!

Battle of the Immortals Closed Beta Delayed

The Battle of the Immortals closed beta was scheduled to launch today, but Perfect World Entertainment has decided to delay the launch of the test until mid-April to give players "the cleanest and most polished game experience possible."

According to the blog entry, the team still has a long list of changes that need to be implemented before it can launch the Battle of the Immortals closed beta. You can read all the details after the jump.

Battle of the Immortals Classes Revealed

Perfect World Entertainment continues to reveal information a little bit at a time for Battle of the Immortals, its upcoming fantasy MMO. The newly released teaser site was just updated with details on the game's five classes, which cover the traditional fantasy archetypes.

The Berzerker is a warrior that uses high physical damage to kill his foes. The Champion has high defense and is the tank of the group. The Heretic can heal and buff friendly players, while the Magus uses black magic to blow things up. Rounding out the list is the Slayer, a class that will be familiar to rogues.

Features Unveiled for Battle of the Immortals

Perfect World Entertainment has been busy releasing a steady stream of information about Battle of the Immortals, its upcoming MMO. The company recently revealed the story of the game, and now it has actually unveiled a bulleted list of features.

According to the blog entry, Battle of the Immortals is a 2.5-dimensional action MMO that features five classes and hardcore PvE and PvP. More details can be found after the jump. PWE plans to announce the closed beta dates for the game later this week.

PWE Reveals Story for Battle of the Immortals

As we reported, Perfect World Entertainment recently gave players a brief glimpse at its upcoming MMO, Battle of the Immortals. Well, a new blog entry outlines the story of the game, as well as shows off three pieces of concept art. It also confirms that the closed beta is right around the corner.

According to the blog entry, "the story of BoI is actually a very interesting blend of East meets West." The game is set in the world of Motenia, which is wrapped in chaos following a war between Norse Gods. You can read the whole story after the jump.

PWE: Battle of the Immortals Will be Unique

Battle of the Immortals is an upcoming MMO that is scheduled to launch in early 2010, and the Perfect World Entertainment team promises in a new blog entry that it will be the company's "most unique offering to date." The game is one of the first titles developed by PWE's development studio in Shanghai, which will apparently give it a different flavor from the games developed in Beijing.

The blog doesn't provide any gameplay details, but it does state that "the armor and weapons in BoI are incredibly detailed." More information on the game should be revealed in the coming weeks.