Black Prophecy Celebrates World Space Week

It seems fitting to celebrate World Space Week in a free-to-play space combat MMO. In honor of the educational endeavor, Black Prophecy will be hosting two special events:

"The 1st event will offer players an increase of 25% XP for missions and enemy kills. The 2nd will offer an additional 15% extra KK$ on all packet purchases worth 9,99€ or more in our Premium Shop. Celebrate World Space Week with us and utilize this opportunity to bolster your ship for the Warzone battles!"

Black Prophecy Episode 2: Species War is Live

Black Prophecy Episode 2: Species War is now live, bringing with it the Warzone PvP feature and various balance adjustments. Here are some details on Warzones:

"Players will find a new Warzone tab on their starmap displaying all of the currently contested borders. Up to 200 players can battle for a single Warzone, fulfilling a variety of roles from breaching outer defenses, providing external support, to capturing the command center itself. Pilots gain experience from every PvP kill within a warzone, as well as Honor Points which they can trade for rare blueprints at the new Honor Vendor!"

Gamigo is hosting two weeks of bonus XP events through October 6 to coincide with the launch of the expansion. Watch the Episode 2: Species War trailer below for more details on the update. Sponsors European Games Award, the developer behind World of Tanks and the upcoming World of Warplanes, has announced that it is the official headline sponsor of this year’s European Games Award. The EGA is the first award exclusively for European video and computer game developers, which lets professionals and gamers from all over Europe participate in the voting for the best games.

Want to know which games are up for awards this year? Head over to the EGA categories page for the full list. Here are the titles that are in the running for best online game:

  • Wakfu
  • Stronghold Kingdoms
  • EVE Online: Incursion
  • Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword
  • Magicka
  • Minecraft Beta
  • Black Prophecy
  • Runes of Magic
  • World of Tanks

The European Games Award ceremony will be held on August 13 on the event ship Pure Liner 1, moored on the Rhine river in Cologne.

Black Prophecy's 1st Add-On and NA Launch Date

This is a big week for Black Prophecy! Not only is the first add-on now live, but the free-to-play space combat MMO also officially launches in North America tomorrow, July 13! Also, a new Skillpoint Reset item is now available for purchase in the Premium Shop that allows pilots to reset all of their skills and respec their character.

Episode 1: Inferno in Tulima introduces new areas, new combat abilities, new missions, a new weapon, new UI elements and much more. For more details, check out the patch notes and watch the trailer below.

First Black Prophecy Add-On Coming in Early July

Black Prophecy's first add-on is scheduled to launch in early July, and gamigo has posted a preview of the content players can expect to find in Episode 1: Inferno in Tulima. One of the major highlights is the newest region, Enzo‘s Enigmatic Emporium of Exotic Elegance, which is open to players at Level 15 and acts as the hub for new missions.

Other new features include bound sectors, a revamped message system, new jobs, new missions, new open world sectors, new weapons types, new skills, and changes to the reward system in PvP.

Black Prophecy's U.S. Open Beta Begins

After almost two months of closed beta testing, today marks the launch of Black Prophecy's U.S. open beta! If you've been wanting to try out this free-to-play space combat MMO, now is the perfect time to jump into your ship. Mike B. aka Fony focused on Black Prophecy in a recent episode of the BFF Report, so be sure to watch that for his impressions and to see the game in action.

Gamigo is showing off Black Prophecy at E3 this week. Watch the video below for a tour of their booth with Community Manager Dean "Dust" Bigbee.

Black Prophecy Stress Tests North American Servers

If you participated in the Black Prophecy closed beta test, then gamigo needs you to help stress test the North American servers this weekend! The event kicks off today, May 26, and runs through Sunday, May 29. All players who log into the game during this period will receive a special gift when Black Prophecy launches in North America.

Black Prophecy has also received its May update, which includes 10 new missions and more. More details can be found in the patch notes.

Black Prophecy Brings Easter to Space

It looks like the Easter holiday has made its way into space. Easter-related content was added to Black Prophecy today and will be available in-game through April 27. The developers aren't giving players any hints, but you can discuss the event with other players in the official forums.

For more details on Black Prophecy, watch Mike B. aka Fony's latest BFF Report.

BFF Report Episode 63: Black Prophecy

In his latest BFF Report, Mike B. aka Fony checks out Black Prophecy, a free-to-play space combat MMO from gamigo and Reakktor Media. The game launched about three weeks ago in Europe and recently entered closed beta in North America. Does it have enough to maintain a solid footing against other contenders in the ship-filled space genre? Watch BFF Report episode 63 and find out!

Also, it's worth noting that Patrick Streppel, a member of gamigo's executive board, just published a letter to the community outlining the game's current status and the team's future plans. Among other proposed updates, characters will be able to get out of their ships and walk around stations in an expansion next year. It looks like the pilot Fony made during the character creation process will eventually see the light of day. If you watch the episode, you'll know why that's a scary thought.

Board Member Outlines Plans for Black Prophecy

Black Prophecy launched about three weeks ago in Europe and is currently in closed beta in North America. Patrick Streppel, a member of gamigo's executive board, has written a lengthy letter to players outlining the game's current status and the team's future plans. For example, it looks like station walking will be added to the game next year. Here are the highlights from the letter:

  • In response to criticism that the game isn't "finished," Streppel said that "all involved parties are 100% dedicated not only to perfecting the current game but to bringing so much more to it."
  • Small monthly content updates are planned, as well as larger add-on updates about every three months. These add-ons will boost the level cap and add new content in the form of missions, items and so on.
  • The first major add-on is scheduled to launch in June and will include a new mission hub and open world sector set for levels 41-50. It will also feature a new weapon type, an e-mail system, an improved user interface and more.
  • Long-term goals include a stronger focus on PvP, clan station fights, more exploration elements and new gameplay modes. An expansion next year will allow your character to walk around stations and interact with NPCs.

To see Black Prophecy in action, watch Mike B. aka Fony's latest BFF Report.