Heroes of the Storm Founder's Pack Details

Founder's Packs are now available for Heroes of the Storm! These packs cost $39.99 and may be limited in quantity, so if you're interested, be sure to snag one immediately. In-game bonuses include:

Hearthstone: Goblins vs Gnomes Launch Date Set


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will launch its Goblins vs Gnomes expansion this month: on December 8th (Dec 9 for EU)! The expansion will introduce over 120 new goblin and gnome themed cards that players can add to their collection.

Friday Update Arcade: Episode 10

Lindsay "geektr0n" Ferguson hosts ZAM's latest installment of Friday Update Arcade! Topics discussed are:

  • Warlords of Draenor Launches
  • Blizzard Reveals a New IP: Overwatch
  • Hearthstone Expansion Announced
  • StarCraft II Looks Awesome
  • Heroes of the Storm goes to closed beta!

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Now Live

World of Warcraft has released its latest expansion: Warlords of Draenor. It adds the new world of Draenor to the game, extends the level cap to 100, introduces Garrisons, new dungeons, raids and more. The Standard Edition is available for $49.99 and the Collector's Edition can be picked up for $69.99. A retail-exclusive Collector's Edition, featuring a hardcover art book, mousepad, and a behind-the-scenes disc can be purchased for $89.99.

Warlords of Draenor sends Azeroth’s heroes beyond the Dark Portal on a desperate mission to save their world from the vicious Iron Horde—a formidable army of the most infamous orc clans from Warcraft’s battle-scarred history. As players explore the savage alien world of Draenor, they’ll encounter fierce new foes and befriend unlikely allies, construct and command a mighty Garrison, and take their place on the front lines in the battle to save Azeroth from a future forged in iron.

Warlords of Draenor Launch Guide

Our Wowhead team has compiled a list of our most useful guides and content to help you build your garrison, pick your gear, play your class and more. The database is also completely up-to-date for the expansion.

Hearthstone Unveils Some Goblins vs Gnomes Cards

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will launch its Goblins vs Gnomes this winter. The expansion will introduce over 120 new goblin and gnome themed cards that players can add to their collection, and the Blizzard team will be unveiling some of the upcoming cards and their mechanics as the launch approaches.

Today we’re talking about the two short-but-mighty races that embody the type of zany antics that will surprise you at every turn in the expansion:

Goblins and Gnomes

A rivalry that spans Warcraft’s long history, pitting the brilliant, but unstable, minds of Azeroth’s most creative denizens against one another in a contest to create the most amazing, crazy, smoke-spewing, gear-grinding, time-bending, earth-rattling inventions ever conceived.

These little gals and guys have a way of getting under our skin. Their antics inspire affection in many, and annoyance in some, but they always get a reaction. The manic mayhem that seems to happen whenever they’re around is a natural fit for the delightful surprises you’ll find in Hearthstone.

Wowhead Weekly - BlizzCon 2014

Join Olivia and Perculia for a very special edition of Wowhead Weekly! This week the ladies recap all the BlizzCon excitement from the World of Warcraft Arena Championship Casting Desk.

Blizzard Reveals a New Title: Overwatch

The BlizzCon opening ceremony was full of surprises for many of Blizzard's games, including the announcement of a brand new IP from the company. This new Blizzard title is classified as a team-based first-person shooter that utilizes objective-based maps, interesting and dynamic characters and roles, in addition to fast and exciting gameplay throughout its entirety.

Prepare to become a hero and enter the world of Overwatch.

BlizzCon: Opening Ceremony (Live Updates)

The BlizzCon opening ceremony begins today at 11am PT/2pm ET! We'll be live updating this article as the ceremony progresses, so keep checking back.

The ceremony has ended, check out everything below!

BlizzCon Kicks Off Today!

The opening ceremony of BlizzCon kicks off at 11am PT/2pm ET today! If you aren't one of the lucky attendees in the crowd, the ceremony will be livestreamed for everyone over on the BlizzCon website. Upgrading to a Virtual Pass will get you some great digital in-game goodies and access to many HD streams as well.

BlizzCon Virtual Ticket Now Available

It's almost that time of year again, where the expansive universes Blizzard Entertainment has created all come together and are joined by the very community that supports them. BlizzCon 2014 is rapidly approaching, and if you're unable to attend the festivities in person, the Virtual Ticket is now available.