OGPlanet Summer Events in Cabal

Cabal Online's North American publisher OGPlanet is planning summer events for Cabal Online as well as Rumble Fighter.
OGPlanet, an innovative provider of free-to-play online games, is keeping players on their toes this summer with a special events in its massively multiplayer online games.

The Cabal Online Experience Extravaganza, which continues through June 25, lets players in the action role-playing game increase their characters' levels and skills with unprecedented speed. Beginning at 3 p.m. Pacific time Monday through Thursday players receive 25 percent more skill experience than normal, and beginning at 8 p.m. Pacific time experience points gain the 25-percent bonus.

Friday through Saturday, Cabal Online players get an even larger boost, with a 50 percent increase to skill experience from 3 p.m. on, an additional 25 percent experience point bonus beginning at 8 p.m., and increased drop rates during the Experience Extravaganza hours.
Read in for the rest of the events in Rumble Fighter.

Cabal Online's Level Up Challenge

Cabal Online is running a very awesome event that includes experience for trying something new.
Here at Games-Masters.com we like to see our players try new challenges and experiences. With this in mind we would like to announce our next event; “LEVEL UP Challenge”. Open to all players, whether you are a low level, the event will give YOU the opportunity to try a new class, while gaining a reward for your main account.

So how does it work? From 6th February 2008 till the 27th February, players will receive rewards for completing level up challenges on a new character. The prizes are as follows:
  • LEVEL UP Prize 1 – reach level 30 and receive 3 upgrade cores
  • LEVEL Up Prize 2 - reach level 50 on your new character to win a +5 Armour Set, as well as FIVE upgrade cores
  • LEVEL UP Prize 3 – reach level 60 on your new character to win a +6 Armour Set
  • LEVEL UP Prize 4 – reach level 70 on your new character to win a +7 Armour Set
What an incredible way to encourage people to try something they'd otherwise never consider! Check out Cabal Online and see what else they've got in store for you.