New Cosmetic Costume Rewards in Champions Online

New costume unlocks aren't anything new to Champions Online, but when this next major update hits, no less than 100 new costume parts will be spread amongst the game for characters to collect. In the latest news from Cryptic, we got a special look at just a few of these new additions.

Additionally, the blog post also goes into a step-by-step process of how the art team brings an idea from concept to reality, using the new Distortion Acrobatics as an example. To see all the artwork and new cosmetic costumes be sure to check out the entire blog post.

New Costume Set for Champions Online: Iron Age

A new costume set has arrived for Champions Online and is themed around the distant past of the Iron Age Heroes. Back when one's mettle was tested and endeavors judged by one single measure: Pouches!

This costume set will feature two pistol Costume Unlocks: the Ruby Laser Pistol and the Energy Blaster. This costume will unlock for 380 Cryptic Points and, once unlocked, will be available for every character on the account. The Iron Age costume set is available today, so be sure to head over to the Cryptic Store to purchase yours!

Champions Online Details Distortion Acrobatics

Champions Online is giving us the details behind their upcoming new travel power, Distortion Acrobatics. This ability was conceived by wanting to make a character that moves so fast, they manage to distort the very space around them. Or is it distorting space in order to move as fast as possible?

While in this travel state, your character will ripple the space around them with layers of "motion-blur-like streaks." The final tweak that comes with this new acrobatic travel type is a new run animation. All of the FX and animations are still a work in progress, but we did get a brief image of what to expect from this new travel type. 

Champions Online's February UNTIL Field Report

The latest UNTIL Field Report for Champions Online is upon us! It has been almost 3 months since we last got an UNTIL Field Report, so there is definitely a lot to cover. This time around it looks like we will see several items from the list make it to Live, as well as an update to all the items and rewards in the game. Players are also assured that Coldsnapped will be paying some "special attention" to the list, as he is in charge of making sure the top issues list gets updated and sees weekly movement internally.

For the entire UNTIL Field Report head over to the Champions Online Forums!

Champions Online's One Year F2P Anniversary

To celebrate their one year anniversary after going free to play, Champions Online has decided to throw a special event with players reaping the benefits.

The first of which is 20% off of all items in the C-Store, excluding grab bags, from January 26 at 10:00am PST until January 31 at 7:00am PST. In addition, Witchcraft will be returning to Millennium city for the duration of the event, granting players Double XP! And, finally, the new Mountain Archetype will be supplying players with the ability to purchase Halloween and Winter Grab Bags for in game resources. Players will also be able to perform a daily mission for The Mountain to earn pieces of his new Mountain Costume.

Champions Online's State of the Game: January 2012

Champions Online's Executive Producer, Rob Overmeyer, has some bold words to say in this month's "State of the Game." Noting that "2012 is all about the foundations of Champions Online and building up a better game," Rob wants to push for a fundamental improvement of the game's core elements to make it "everything [the game] deserves to be."

Of particular importance in looking forward to 2012, Rob says that the team is working on an enhancement system with greater character customization as a way of improving the item system, in addition to alerts - quick group oriented missions - as well as a plethora of expected costume sets and travel powers. Interestingly, Rob does state that the team will not be releasing new travel powers and costume sets with "the same frequency as they have in the past," as Cryptic wants to focus more heavily on getting their core changes in before they look to pushing out microtransaction goodies. Hurrah!

The Mountain Archetype comes to Champions Online

Champions Online is adding a new protector to the list, and it's as sturdy as a rock! The new archetype dubbed "The Mountain" will stand firm as you face your foes using the surrounding stone and soil to deal with anyone foolish enough to pick a fight with you.

This new archetype will have multiple powers like Tremor, Cave In, and Fault Line to give you the upper hand against the enemy by weakening them or knocking them down. Since you are filling the role of a Protector, The Mountain archetype is built to take damage and is effective at grabbing the attention of of enemies. You will, however, generate less Energy than other roles.

For more details on this archetype, be sure to check out the feature page on the Champions Online website.

Champions Online - Winter Event: A Fool's Errand

The Black Harlequin is back in the Winter Event "A Fool's Errand" for Champions Online. This time, however, she's bringing a friend! Hard at work making toys that play rough, Harlequin has even built Clarence, a HUGE teddy bear! There are plenty of new things to do this holiday season including:

  • New Costume Pieces
  • New Action Figures
  • New Become Critters
  • New Perks
  • A Special Holiday Event
  • Presents Under the Tree

For pictures and details on all these features head over to Champions Online website.

Champions Online - Holiday Critter Bundle

The New Holiday Critters bundle for Champions Online is now available, giving you access to three new costumes each with their own unique powers and effects. The costumes include:

  • The Gingerbread Man
  • Snowman
  • Toy Soldier

This bundle also comes with the bonus unlock for the Snowball Roll travel power for all characters on you account! To purchase your bundle be sure to head over to the Champions Online store for more details.

Champions Online Q&A for Winter 2011

Cryptic has sat down for Winter 2011 to for a pretty hefty Q&A, that might take you till spring to finish, about Champions Online. Wondering if there will be new Nemesis content? Are vehicles and mounts making their way to the game? Or maybe you want details on how XP gifting will work? All these questions and more can be reading over their extensive Q&A.

So grab some popcorn and a blanket and read over the entire Q&A here.