Champions of the TCG

Champions of the Force Invades the TCG Space

Star Wars Galaxy's (SWG) Online Trading Card Game (OTCG), Champions of the Force (CotF), launched at the end of August.  Developed by the Sony Online Entertainment's Denver studio, the game features quite a few similarities to the EverQuest franchise game, "Legends of Norrath", but the game play offered is quite different! Utilizing the same engines, both games take the user experience in different directions, offering different game play strategy and for players. 

CotF utilizes systems much different in scope than its counterpart.  Adjustments for playing cards and bonuses, arch type differences, quest and generic vs arch type and heroic encounters (raid) systems have been completely redone, offering a new and very different game. Mechanics, boosts, buffs, game play and art follow completion of the engine.  Since the LoN engine is in use for its SWG counterpart, it vastly simplified the process.