DCUO Interview: Creative Director Jens Andersen

I recently had the chance to attend the DC University press event at Sony Online Entertainment's Austin studio to learn more about DC Universe Online. After the class, I was able to get some additional insight from Creative Director Jens Andersen on why the game was delayed until early 2011 and what sets it apart from other MMOs and action games.

Andersen goes into detail about the planned update schedule for DC Universe Online and confirms that the secret identity system is currently on the back burner. He does shed some light on the team's original secret identity plans, which included an offline component that would make you the secret identity for your character! Keep reading after the jump for more information on the game straight from the creative director.

ZAM's DC Universe Online Gameplay Impressions

Last week, at its Austin studio, Sony Online Entertainment held its first DC University press event to give journalists a behind-the-scenes look at DC Universe Online. To go along with the school theme, we actually got our hands on the game during the “study hall” portion of the day. I took the opportunity to create a couple of characters and run them through the early areas of the game. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to the villainous ZAM Man:

ZAM Attends DC University to Learn More About DCUO

Last week, I had the chance to become a member of the freshman class of DC University. While I may not have earned a diploma, I did get an in-depth look at DC Universe Online under the guidance of the development team. The game was originally scheduled to launch on Nov. 2, but has since been pushed back to an early 2011 release date. As Sony Online Entertainment continues to polish the closed beta, they invited members of the press to their Austin studio to make one thing perfectly clear: this is not your typical MMO. Want to know why? Then follow along with my DC University course schedule for a behind-the-scenes look at DC Universe Online!