GDC: ZAM Gets Some Details on the Doctor Who MMO

When BBC Worldwide announced a couple weeks ago that it had partned with Three Rings to create a Doctor Who MMO, our curiosity was instantly piqued. Editor-in-Chief Darryl Gangloff wanted to get some more details, and the Game Developers Conference provided him with the perfect opportunity to discuss the game with Robert Nashak, executive vice president of digital entertainment at BBC Worldwide.

Nashak explains why they decided to make Doctor Who: Worlds in Time a free-to-play browser game and mentions that the MMO will focus more on solving puzzles than on combat. While he emphasizes that the game will contain elements of the franchise's entire history, he also confirms that their focus is on series 5 of the television show.

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BBC Worldwide Announces Doctor Who MMO

It looks like Doctor Who fans will soon be able to step into the TARDIS in a free-to-play MMO. BBC Worldwide announced today that it has partnered with game developer Three Rings to create Doctor Who: Worlds in Time, a multiplayer online game that is expected to launch later this year.

According to the announcement, players will help the mysterious Time Lord defend civilized culture against infamous Doctor Who enemies. "Our goal with 'Worlds in Time' is to capture the imaginative spirit and depth of the series, whilst being fun and easy to play for all ages," said Three Rings CEO Daniel James.

More information will likely be released at the Game Developer's Conference next week. Are you a Doctor Who fan? Would you play an MMO based on the series?