Pre-Order Dragon Age II for the Signature Edition

If you plan on purchasing Dragon Age 2, it's safe to say you should pre-order it by Jan. 11 so you can receive the BioWare Signature Edition of the game. This special edition contains the full version of Dragon Age II plus $20 of additional content, including the newly unveiled "The Exiled Prince" downloadable content pack, the game's digital soundtrack and an exclusive in-game digital armory featuring a variety of in-game weapons.

The BioWare Signature Edition is only available by pre-ordering the game by Jan. 11. Once that deadline passes, it will be gone forever. Of course, you'll be able to purchase "The Exiled Prince" separately for $7. The downloadable content is comprised of three missions and introduces the noble archer Sebastian Vael, with players joining him in the middle of his quest to avenge the brutal murder of his family.

Dragon Age II is scheduled to launch for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 8 in North America and March 11 in Europe. For more details on the BioWare Signature Edition, check out the FAQ after the jump.