It's a Dragon Crusade Giveaway!

A short while back, Aeria Games launched their newest browser-based MMORTS, Dragon Crusade, so to celebrate the occasion, we're giving away Platinum Packages for the game! Each package is absolutely stuffed with all the items you'll need to get ahead - and with six unique races and some pretty deep customization, you'll definitely want to invest some time into this game.

But these Platinum Packages are in limited supply, so we'll be giving them away via Twitter! Just follow @ZAMOfficial and tweet us with the hashtag #dragonzam for your chance to win a pack! Make sure you follow us or we can't DM you your Platinum Package code!

To redeem the code, simply click on your character portrait in the top-left corner of the game, then click "Gift Pack" near the top-right of the account window. From there, enter your code in the box next to "Serial No." and click OK. After that, you can claim your rewards from the Express Center by clicking the green gift icon on the top right!

Each Platinum Package contains:

  • 7x Resource Pack
  • 5x Medium EXP Potion
  • 300x Gem Fragments
  • 300x Scrolls

Resource packs will provide you with the ever-important materials needed to construct buildings and train troops. Gem fragments can be exchanged for valuable items at the Capital. Scrolls make sure your kingdom develops at the quickest possible pace.