Dungeons & Dragons Online: 2015 Producer's Letter

Dungeons & Dragons Online Executive Producer Robert "Severlin" Ciccolini hit the forums yesterday to post his producer's letter. In it he discussed the new content that was introduced to the game last year and gave an outline of what we can expect from the team in 2015.

DDO Shadowfell Conspiracy is Live

Warner Brothers Interactive and Wizards of the Coast have officially opened the floodgates on the latest expansion to Dungeons and Dragons Online, The Shadowfell Conspiracy. Shadowfell features a dragon's horde of exciting additions. Foremost among these are two new adventure packs which challenge players with infiltrating the prison city of Wheloon and dismantling a Netherese secret weapon deep within the reaches of the Stormhorn Mountains.

DDO Shadowfell Conspiracy Tour


Following on from last week’s look at the dangerous streets of Wheloon, I attended a dev tour for another aspect of Shadowfell Conspiracy, the upcoming expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online.

The topics of the tour were the new Iconic Heroes Class system and the changes that have been wrought on the enhancement system to open up character customization in a dramatic way.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Shadowfell Conspiracy


There is something undeniably cool about the concept for Dungeons & Dragons Online’s next expansion, Shadowfell Conspiracy

It’s a concept that has been seen before—for more details, watch John Carpenter’s Escape from New York  and thank me later—but taking a city and walling it off, in order to create a prison overnight, opens up a lot of possibilities for story and adventure.

That sounds right down the alley of any D&D player—a dark and scary alley.

To get more details on Shadowfell Conspiracy, which launches August 19, I attended a livestream dev tour hosted by, among others, Turbine senior content designer, Charles Miller, and content designer Ryon Levitt.

DDO: Shadowfell Pre-Purchase Now Available


The next expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online isn't coming out until August 19th, but players who pre-purchase the expansion now will get immediate access to some of the new content.

DDO Expansion Pre-Purchasing Has Begun

Dungeons & Dragons Online is opening up pre-purchases in preparation for its latest expansion: Shadowfell Conspiracy. A dark presence looms over the prison city of Wheloon and evil lurks in the shadows. Prepare to go head to head with the evil Empire of Netheril as you uncover the mystery and danger in this next chapter of Dungeons & Dragons Online.

Land of the Giants

There are many tales in Dungeons and Dragons Online. In Return to Gianthold, the 17th expansion for Turbine’s veteran MMO, it starts with a betrayal between two powerful races.

Long ago, a dragon leader known as The Truthful One slew the Stormreaver, leader of the giants. Seizing the moment, he transformed himself into an undead dracolich, sundering the giants’ civilization. Though several ages have passed, the Stormreaver has returned, thirsting for vengeance on The Truthful one and seeking adventurers to lend their aid.

DDO: 7 Years and still Expanding!


Dungeons and Dragons Online has been around for seven years! Erik Boyer, the Senior Producer for DDO, took to the threads to wish everyone a Happy DDO Birthday. While there he gave a state of the game with what has been added recently before getting into what is yet to come.

Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 17 Goes Live!

February 19th was the release of the eagerly anticipated "Update 17" patch for Dungeons & Dragons Online.

DDO's Ruins of Gianthold

Dungeons and Dragons Online is going through its 17th update, containing a brand new Heroic story with an Epic difficulty version in the Ruins of Gianthold. During a great war, when the giants and the dragons fought, they agreed to truce to protect their home, Xen'drik. The Truthful One, leader of the dragons, betrayed the giant ruler known as the Stormreaver, turned himself into a dracolich, and cursed the giants forever.

But now the Stormreaver is back. What does this mean? Why would this happen? Players will discover for themselves in the ruins.

Julian "Mirai" Williams