SW:TOR's Battle for Alderaan E3 Highlights Video

E3 2011 has come and gone, but BioWare is still treating us to more Star Wars: The Old Republic videos from the convention! In their latest trailer, you can catch a glimpse of a live demo that was shown at E3 of a mission that takes place on Alderaan. In it, a group of players confronts a Republic war hero-turned-power hungry King who has seized the throne in a misguided bid to protect his people from an impending Sith invasion. Watch it below!

For more action from the floor, you can check out BioWare's E3 highlights video to see the game's major presence at the show and hear some reactions from players.

ZAM's Cody Bye on GameBreaker's E3 Wrapup Show

GameBreaker.TV just posted their top 10 E3 non-MMO countdown show, and they have a special guest: Cody Bye, ZAM's director of content! Mike B. aka Fony, host of our BFF Report, is also featured in the episode, as are the always entertaining Gary Gannon and Hillary "Pokket" Nicole.

So how did they rank games like Modern Warfare 3, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Minecraft on the Xbox 360? What are their thoughts on systems like the PlayStation Vita and Wii U? This episode clocks in at two hours, so grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

ZAM's E3 Roundup and Best of Show Award

E3 has come and gone, and we learned a lot during our time at the Los Angeles Convention Center. While we invite you to browse through all of our E3 coverage, we wanted to point out some of the highlights from the convention. You'll find all of our original features and a list of other noteworthy announcements after the jump!

We'd also like to take this opportunity to present En Masse Entertainment and TERA with our Best of Show Award! As we explored TERA's political system, the demo shined as the most polished one we saw at the convention. Expanding the role of politics in-game will create a whole new dynamic for players, and we believe TERA holds a lot of potential for its North American audience. We'll definitely be keeping our eye on this game as we wait for details on the testing and launch schedule.

Keep reading below for our E3 roundup!

ZAM at E3: Perfect World Unveils 3 New Titles

We stopped by Perfect World Entertainment’s E3 booth last week to get the scoop on three new titles premiering this year at the convention. Those new games are RaiderZ, Rusty Hearts and Blacklight Retribution. Keep reading after the jump for our impressions of each title, as well as gameplay trailers.

If you like what you hear about Rusty Hearts, be sure to grab one of our Rusty Hearts closed beta keys! The beta will kick off in July, so pick up your key now and be prepared to dive into this anime-inspired MMO.

The Sanctum Episode 21: Hammerknell at E3

GameBreaker.TV posted episode 21 of The Sanctum today, and it's their E3 special! During their visit at Trion's booth, the hosts got to check out a demo of the 20-player Hammerknell raid coming in Rift Update 1.3 and talk with Executive Producer Scott Hartsman and Events Lead William Cook about the new content. Check out the episode below!

ZAM at E3: Hands-On with End of Nations

One of my top priorities at E3 this year was to check out End of Nations. Produced by Trion Worlds, End of Nations is a new MMORTS being developed by Petroglyph Games. That’s significant because Petroglyph is comprised of former members of Westwood Studios, which is responsible for RTS masterpieces like Command & Conquer and Dune 2.

I’ve always been dubious about MMORTS games. Arguably, if you look at the market, the genre really doesn’t exist except in a theoretical sense. The last attempt at a big title, Sony Online Entertainment’s Sovereign, was canceled way back in 2003.

After getting a peek at End of Nations, I think we’re about to see MMORTS go from theory to reality. Keep reading after the jump to find out why.

Faxion Online's E3 Screenshots and Sins Video

UTV Ignition Games showed off Faxion Online at E3 last week, and they released a new batch of screenshots and a Seven Deadly Sins video to showcase the game's battle between Heaven and Hell. The game officially launched a few weeks ago, so you can try out the free-to-play MMO right now!

If you need help in Faxion Online, we recently launched our Faxion Database that allows you to search through the game's items, abilities, classes, NPCs and quests. We'll continue to update it with more data and helpful tools, so keep an eye out for new content in the future.

ZAM at E3: Our First Look at Defiance

I have a confession – getting the chance to see games in action before anyone else at E3 is a lot of fun, but sometimes the experience leaves you with more questions than answers. You’re drawn in by the gameplay and intrigued by the concept, but when games are still early in the development process, getting all the information you want out of the developers doesn’t always happen. Trion Worlds' upcoming MMO/shooter-hybrid Defiance is a great example.

We were at Trion's E3 booth to witness the unveiling of Defiance, and here’s what we know.

ZAM at E3: DUST 514's Connection to EVE Online

CCP made waves this past week at E3 when it announced that its forthcoming shooter DUST 514 is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Conventional wisdom holds that when you’re developing a new title based off of an existing franchise, you don’t cut your existing playerbase out of the picture. Thankfully, I had the chance to stop by CCP’s booth at E3 and get the skinny on DUST 514 and find out what the PlayStation 3 announcement means for EVE Online fans.

ZAM at E3: TERA's Political System in Action

Just when you thought that your weekly guild meetings couldn't get any more contentious, En Masse Entertainment's upcoming TERA looks to expand the role of politics in MMOs like never before. Want to dictate tax rates? Imprison your fellow players? Enable PvP across your territory? If you have the political will and support, you can make it happen.

But let's back up for a moment. TERA is an action MMO developed by Bluehole Studio and launched in Korea earlier this year. En Masse Entertainment is currently developing a North American version with no current release date. Billing itself as the first “true” action MMORPG, reflex and aim matter in TERA — it's not just about packing the right gear and stats, you need the right skills.

Now that we're caught up, keep reading after the jump find out what we learned at En Masse's impressive TERA booth (seen above) at E3!