January 15, 2009

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Chaotic Mindtwist Silk CapChaotic Mindtwist Silk SandalsTainted Mindtwist Silk SandalsHagorn's Gem of FortificationRallosian CasterixSliver of KorascianSeascoured SliverTainted Fategaze Chain CoifTainted Primalhowl Leather TunicOrdained Hallowtouch Plate Vambraces

Scenery Additions: Crystallos: Raid Instance (12)

New Bestiary: a noc infiltratora noc assaultera kyv darkbowa kyv strikeran ikaav slytheran ikaav fangreaverGeneral Vurig the ImposingGargazyra constrained elementala frozen drakea servant of flamea stich in timeHish`Itar the StormwaveTempest of Vyskudraa squalla tornadoa willful tornadoDar`KelorKi`Mrasha young white dragona young black dragona young blue dragona young red dragona young green dragona young gold dragona furious wyvern whelpan enraged wyvern whelpan azure drakelingan emerald drakelinga cinder drakelingCharayan`s HeraldGrendish`s HeraldJortreva`s HeraldSusarrak`s Heralda wyvern assassin

New Recipes: Prismatic Enrager's CoatPrismatic Enrager's CoifPrismatic Enrager's GauntletsPrismatic Enrager's LeggingsPrismatic Enrager's SleevesPrismatic Enrager's WristguardPrismatic Blackguard's BootsPrismatic Blackguard's CoatPrismatic Blackguard's CoifPrismatic Blackguard's GauntletsPrismatic Blackguard's LeggingsPrismatic Blackguard's SleevesPrismatic Blackguard's WristguardPrismatic High Seer's BootsPrismatic High Seer's CoatPrismatic High Seer's CoifPrismatic High Seer's GauntletsPrismatic High Seer's LeggingsPrismatic High Seer's SleevesPrismatic High Seer's WristguardPrismatic Spellbinder's GlovesPrismatic Spellbinder's HatPrismatic Spellbinder's PantaloonsPrismatic Spellbinder's RobePrismatic Spellbinder's SleevesPrismatic Spellbinder's SlippersPrismatic Spellbinder's WristbandPrismatic Arch-Elementalist's GlovesPrismatic Arch-Elementalist's HatPrismatic Arch-Elementalist's PantaloonsPrismatic Arch-Elementalist's RobePrismatic Arch-Elementalist's SleevesPrismatic Arch-Elementalist's SlippersPrismatic Arch-Elementalist's WristbandPrismatic Deathwalker's GlovesPrismatic Deathwalker's HatPrismatic Deathwalker's PantaloonsPrismatic Deathwalker's RobePrismatic Deathwalker's SleevesPrismatic Deathwalker's WristbandPrismatic Deathwalker's SlippersPrismatic Gloves of the Burning WindPrismatic Hat of the Burning WindPrismatic Pantaloons of the Burning WindPrismatic Robe of the Burning WindPrismatic Sleeves of the Burning WindPrismatic Slippers of the Burning WindPrismatic Wristband of the Burning WindVested Flamechill Silk CapVested Flamechill Silk GlovesVested Flamechill Silk RobeVested Flamechill Silk WristbandBalanced Flamechill Silk GlovesBalanced Flamechill Silk PantsBalanced Flamechill Silk SleevesBalanced Flamechill Silk GlovesBalanced Flamechill Silk PantsBalanced Flamechill Silk Sleeves

Updated Items: Cloak of Shorn DragonscalesGiovin the SmolderingGiovin the BurningGiovin the ConflagratorBlosseron of the CrystalheartBlosseron of the CrystalthroneBlosseron of the CrystalheartTactician's Obsidian ScimitarSpell: Shadow OrbPorous Stonegirdle of RecoveryLuminous Stormcloud CloakWaistplate of Fire and IceCrystal-Spiked ShouldermailGirdle of the Great WyrmProtective Gorget of the DeepScale Loop of TenacityColdspire of ChannelingYenner's Rock of Enhanced ProtectionCherished Companion ShardCelestine Faycite RecrystalizerPomegranateDefender's BraceletPrismatic Spellbinder's GlovesMalignant Parchment ScrapContaminated Parchment ScrapSpell: Talisman of Unity Rk. IIFallen Rotwood Treant BranchShabby Rough Spell Scroll

Updated Quests: Raid Expedition: Crystallos, Lair of the AwakenedCrystallos Event: Ice ConstructsCrystallos Event: TjudawosCrystallos Event: KildrukaunCrystallos Event: VyskudraCrystallos Event: Zeixshi`KarCrystallos Event: Brood Mother VisziajCrystallos Event: Kerafyrm the AwakenedFiriona Vie #3: Bitter VictualsPhara Dar: Purify the BodyHavoc in the HatcheryRathe Council Chambers Event #2: Eriak's DownfallHolding the FortSarnak Recovery (Burynai)Sarnak Recovery (Kurn)Sarnak Recovery (Sokokar)

December 27, 2008

Here are some Saturday morning updates for you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

New Items: Tainted Forcemeld Silk CapBox of Candied ApplesBundle of Festively Wrapped ToysChaotic Savagecry Leather WristguardTainted Savagecry Leather WristguardOrdained Savagecry Leather WristguardOrdained Savagecry Leather GlovesVested Savagecry Leather GlovesOrdained Savagecry Leather LeggingsConcordant Savagecry Leather WristbandBalanced Savagecry Leather Tunic

New Recipes: Small Brick of High Quality SteelLarge Brick of High Quality SteelSmall Brick of High Quality SteelLarge Brick of High Quality SteelTemporite Trio BraceletDistillate of Comprehension XIVOrdained Willsear Chain BootsOrdained Willsear Chain GauntletsOrdained Willsear Chain LeggingsOrdained Willsear Chain SleevesInflicted Willsear Chain BootsInflicted Willsear Chain CoifInflicted Willsear Chain GauntletsInflicted Willsear Chain SleevesInflicted Willsear Chain WristguardVested Willsear Chain BootsVested Willsear Chain CoifVested Willsear Chain LeggingsVested Willsear Chain SleevesVested Willsear Chain WristguardBalanced Willsear Chain BootsBalanced Willsear Chain CoatBalanced Willsear Chain CoifBalanced Willsear Chain LeggingsBalanced Willsear Chain SleevesBalanced Willsear Chain WristguardBalanced Willsear Chain BootsBalanced Willsear Chain CoatBalanced Willsear Chain CoifBalanced Willsear Chain LeggingsBalanced Willsear Chain SleevesBalanced Willsear Chain WristguardChaotic Willsear Chain BootsChaotic Willsear Chain CoatChaotic Willsear Chain CoifChaotic Willsear Chain SleevesChaotic Willsear Chain WristguardRound Cut Taaffeite Velium RingConcordant Lifefalter Silk CapConcordant Lifefalter Silk GlovesConcordant Lifefalter Silk PantsConcordant Lifefalter Silk RobeConcordant Lifefalter Silk SandalsConcordant Lifefalter Silk SleevesBalanced Lifefalter Silk WristbandDiscordant Lifefalter Silk CapDiscordant Lifefalter Silk GlovesDiscordant Lifefalter Silk PantsDiscordant Lifefalter Silk RobeDiscordant Lifefalter Silk SandalsDiscordant Lifefalter Silk SleevesDiscordant Lifefalter Silk WristbandVested Lifefalter Silk CapVested Lifefalter Silk GlovesVested Lifefalter Silk PantsVested Lifefalter Silk SandalsVested Lifefalter Silk SleevesBalanced Lifefalter Silk CapBalanced Lifefalter Silk GlovesBalanced Lifefalter Silk PantsBalanced Lifefalter Silk SleevesConcordant Lifefalter Silk WristbandVested Lifefalter Silk Wristband

Updated Items: Bixie SpellbookRod of MalisementKedge BackboneThe Last Oracle's PhylopinOracle's PhylopinSpell: Spine-Chilling Shriek Rk. IISpell: Hand of Temerity Rk. IISonic Wolf TongueCave MushroomShadowed SoulbladeCirclet of the OathborneSong: Composition of ErvajSpell: Cannibalize IVTemporite Trio BraceletSimple Sausage CasingFlawed Defiant Orb

Updated Quest: Korafax Event: Venom Lord Ksathrax

Updated Recipes: Small Brick of High Quality SteelLarge Brick of High Quality Steel

Merry Christmas from the Allakhazam Team

The Allakhazam team would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas today, as well as a safe and happy holiday season. We hope you're all able to spend some time with your family and friends. Also, if you get some time to log in to your game of choice today, we hope you get the chance to participate in its holiday festivities. After all, the grind never stops, but in-game events like these don't happen very often.

Holiday cheer is also being spread in most of our forums, so feel free to visit them and continue in the discussions. For Final Fantasy XI fans, members of the Allakhazam community have written "The 12 Days of Vana'diel." As I mentioned in a previous news post, the World of Warcraft community wrote "The 12 Days of Winter Veil." I'm sure somebody out there must have a decent singing voice and a microphone...

For you Star Wars Galaxies fans, Instigator has posted the official Allakhazam SWG holiday picture. If you have any festive in-game screenshots, we'd love to see them. Also, let us know if you got any good loot, both in-game and out.

Happy holidays everyone!

December 24, 2008

Merry   ChristmasHere are some updates for today.

And here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

New Items: Glowing Untempered QuartziteGlowing Jolted QuartziteGlowing Struck QuartziteGlowing Contuse QuartziteVested Forcestrike Silk SleevesVested Darkfell Silk RobeChaotic Shadowmeld Chain CoatGlowing Bored QuartziteDeathwindShield of Pure DiscordVested Dreadheart Plate HelmVested Mindtwist Silk SleevesVested Mindtwist Silk PantsSpell: Hulking Bodyguard Rk. IIISpell: Ravenous Flames Rk IIIChaotic Earthwrought Leather TunicShield of Eternal ChaosAmulet of the Dark OriginGlowing Dyadic QuartzGlowing Corrupted QuartzBalanced Stoneskin Plate BreastplateBlood Bead Talon CordPhased Coeval LuminessencePhased Coeval IncandessenceChoker of Sel'TakSpell: Mass Ethereal Transvergence Rk. IIISpell: Ethereal Symbiosis Rk. IIIGrotesque Bazu Head FetishLeg of Diabolic WritsDurus Faycite Shard: Vyskudra's Chant of DiseaseScryer's LoopTimestealer's MantleIrae Faycite Shard: Tjudawos' Chant of FlameBroken Gyrospire Relocation DeviceFlashstriker's Great MaceDiamond Feather MaskGyrospire Beza Gyroscope 269'231'225'Gyrospire Zeka Gyroscope 203'186'022'Durus Faycite Shard: Severilous' Chant of PoisonIrae Faycite Shard: Denon's Dirge of DiscordDurus Faycite Shard: Trakanon's Chant of DiseaseGyrospire Beza Gyroscope 123'178'015'Chaotic Forcemeld Silk WristbandGyrospire Beza Gyroscope 217'030'283'Gyrospire Beza Gyroscope 187'219'267'Gyrospire Zeka Gyroscope 268'119'204'Gyrospire Zeka Gyroscope 197'015'102'Gyrospire Zeka Gyroscope 331'051'233'Gyrospire Relocation DeviceLouko's Ceremonial Runesteel SashMask of the Mighty Minotaur

New Recipes: Prismatic Bow-Captain's Boots ;   Prismatic Bow-Captain's CoatPrismatic Bow-Captain's CoifPrismatic Bow-Captain's GauntletsPrismatic Bow-Captain's LeggingsPrismatic Bow-Captain's SleevesPrismatic Bow-Captain's WristguardConcordant Dreamwhisper Plate BracerConcordant Dreamwhisper Plate BreastplateConcordant Dreamwhisper Plate Gauntlets

Patch Notes for December 23, 2008

Here is the patch message from today (as outlined by Jourdian on the EQ Forums):

*** Highlights ***

Happy Holidays from the EverQuest Team!

  • A Frosty Experience Bonus: To help them celebrate the season of Frostfell, adventurers will be surrounded by a frosty bonus experience increase of twenty-five percent starting with Tuesday, December 23, 2008. The frosty bonus experience will remain until the end of Frostfell, Tuesday January 6, 2009. Enjoy the holidays!
  • Fan Faire Workshop Quests: At the 2008 SOE Fan Faire in Las Vegas, several EverQuest players got a chance to participate in a Quest Workshop where members of the EQ Development team walked them through the quest creation process. The following quests have been implemented this update:

December 23, 2008

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Vested Earthborn Leather ArmwrapsMap of the Burned WoodsVested Flamechill Silk WristbandChaotic Stormhand Leather GlovesSpell: Fickle Blaze Rk. IIIBalanced Dreadheart Plate BraceBalanced Dreadheart Plate GauntletsVested Hallowtouch Plate VambracesVested Hallowtouch Plate GreavesSpell: Burning Pyroshroud Rk. IIISpell: Iceflame Efflux Rk. IIIChaotic Earthwrought Leather ArmwrapsVile Torturer's EarringVested Stormhand Leather CowlBalanced Primalhowl Leather GlovesSpell: Fellid's Command Rk. IIIRedeyeSong: Serenity of Oceangreen Rk.IIISeascoured FragmentDiscord Glow RuneConcordant Stormhand Leather Armwraps  ;  Flamesealed Shieldstone

New Bestiary: a polished chestVicious Lightning Elemental

New Recipes: Prismatic Bow-Captain's BootsPrismatic Bow-Captain's CoatPrismatic Bow-Captain's CoifPrismatic Bow-Captain's GauntletsPrismatic Bow-Captain's LeggingsPrismatic Bow-Captain's SleevesPrismatic Bow-Captain's Wristguard

Updated Items: Beer-battered Timeless Hunter Sausage SouffleShard of Imperceptible PowerCope of SeverityElegant Defiant Silk GlovesSpell: Docility Rk. IIISpell: Polychaotic Assault Rk. IIISpell: Dermal Brimstone Rk. IIISpell: Aegis of Xadrith Rk. IIIGlowing Entropic RuneChunk of MeatSpell: Talisman of the Panther Rk. IISpell: Vow of Valor Rk. IIRough Defiant Cloth SleevesRough Defiant ScepterGreater Shadowspine RuneZenium Pyroclast of the Crystal CoreRotten MeatDried StenchmossFossilized Griffon EyeCurzonBlightfang ChokerCloak of Enhancement VIShard of True PowerHumming Fleshwrought RuneShellcrusherEon Linked Chain CoifSwiftstrike EpaulettesEon Woven Cloth CapCouncilor's MantleEon Forged Plate BracerWhirring Archaen RuneEon Forged Plate HelmFell Dragon Scale Shield

Updated Quests: Paladin Epic 1.5: RedemptionPoach the PoachersScourge of SupplyTabron Caulria #1: Does This Look Infected?Seeds of Destruction Rank III SpellsCutting Off the ArmsRaid Expedition: Kaesora Library

December 22, 2008

A patch is scheduled for early tomorrow morning: "The next scheduled Live Update for EverQuest will take place on Tuesday, December 23, 2008. All game servers will be brought down for this update at 1:00 AM PST, and will be back up at approximately 8:00 AM PST."

Here is a batch of new items for today's update:

New Items: Balanced Mindtwist Silk CapSpell: Exigency for Blood Rk. IIIChaotic Shadowmeld Chain BootsBalanced Mindtwist Silk SandalsBalanced Fategaze Chain SleevesHead Scryer's Sash of TimegazingTimestealer's GorgetSpell: Ignite Energy Rk. IIIDiscordant Visionbound Plate GreavesBalanced Dreadheart Plate BracerRaxtki the Skitterer RenderMillennial RunestoneDiscordant Fategaze Chain CoifEarthground StoneWindblown StoneDiscordant Shadowmeld Chain BootsConcordant Fategaze Chain CoatBeer-battered Timeless Hunter Sausage SouffleEarthground StoneBottle of Clarity PackTonic of Benefit Affinity VIII

Show Your Creativity with EQ Holiday Challenges

We hope you're enjoying the Frostfell event, which runs through Jan. 8. And if you haven't taken part in the festivities yet, you might want to consider giving it a try starting Dec. 23. Starting that day, players will get a "frosty" 25 percent experience bonus! That's certainly a gift everyone can use.

If you don't have much time to sign into EverQuest during the holidays, there's still plenty of EQ-related activities you can enjoy. You can make Frostfell greeting cards, write a holiday song, decorate a screenshot, or write a story or create a video. These winter-related challenges only happen once a year, so give them a shot and show your creativity to the EQ community! And if you make anything, feel free to share it with us on our EQ forum.

Keep reading below for a full list of Frosfell activities, which can also be found here.

Legends of Norrath Offers New Holiday Scenario

Do you have what it takes to defeat Mr. McScroogle? Well, you'll get the chance to find out in the new Saving Frosfell holiday scenario in Legends of Norrath .

Legends of Norrath is offering a new scenario this holiday season with great gifts for players who can defeat the nasty Mr. McScroogle! The Saving Frostfell scenario will be offered in Legends of Norrath from Dec. 15 through Jan. 10 at 2PM PT. The first time you rescue Queen Bunny and defeat McScroogle, you'll win the Frostfell Showglobe (5P19) promo card AND either the Discordian Great Mace Ornament (5EQP13) loot card for EverQuest or the Tapestry of the Di'Zok (5EQIIP13) loot card for EverQuest II, depending on your in-game settings.

You can receive additional copies of the Frostfell Snowglobe promo card each time you defeat McScroogle with a different avatar archetype (limit 4).

Station Cash: What Would You Like to See Next?

Craig "Grimwell" Dalrymple, SOE Senior Community Relations Manager, posted on the official forums :

The initial response to Station Cash has been a success for SOE and we are looking forward to new offerings for both EverQuest and EverQuest II in the not too distant future.

In fact, the response has been so strong that game teams are adding new employees dedicated to Station Cash, to allow us to continue to add new and exciting items to the marketplace, without having to pull from the core development.

In addition to strengthening our development teams with new staff; we want to be very open to you and your ideas for future items in the marketplace. Which is the purpose of this thread, what would you like to see in the marketplace next?

Please share your ideas for things you would like to see that fit within the spirit of the marketplace (please don’t ask for Epic’s…). I’ll be tracking this thread and reporting internally on the things that you guys ask for. While I can’t guarantee that every single requested item will make it in the games, and can’t set a schedule from your idea to delivery as a game asset, I want you to know that we are quite serious about not only hearing your input, but putting it to work if it’s viable.

Jennifer "Kirstie" Gerull, EQII Associate Producer, commented in the December 11 Allakhazam EQ2 Developer's Chat that real life posters of your characters are already in the works.  What else would you like?

EverQuestII players can comment here on the EQII Official Forums

EverQuest players can comment in this thread on the EQ Official Forums.