Not The End Of Nations

Last week's layoffs at Petroglyph left some uncertainty about the future of End of Nations.  Today we know that the game's publisher Trion Worlds is going to take the game in-house to finish the work and prepare for launch.

End of Nations Final Beta October 4th

This is your last chance - End of Nations is running closer to the wire, and with the release imminent, there's only one final closed beta weekend open, coming this October 4th. Remember that you can get beta keys through their Twitter account, Facebook page, or even just signing up through the main page!

Julian "Mirai" Williams

End of Nations Third Beta Begins Sept 7th

The community blog has outlined the time for the next closed beta weekend for End of Nations - September 7th to September 9th. The last time I was in San Francisco, so here's to hoping I can actually get in this time.

As always, if you don't have a key, Trion does giveaways on their Facebook and Twitter account, or just buy the Founder's Edition to ensure a key, the game, plus bonuses before release. 

Will I see anyone else in the madness of End of Nations?

Julian "Mirai" Williams

End of Nations Rings the Changes

Skins and mods are highlighted in this Gamescom 2012 End of Nations video.

End of Nations Gets Epic

If you had any questions remaining about the gameplay of End of Nations, this video should answer them.

This huge video contains a battle between Team Total Biscuit and the crew from Epic Meal Time. The footage - from a recent closed beta test - shows a 4v4 Domination Map Resource Hog battle.

The action looks very fast-paced and should be an intriguing proposition for RTS fans.

Keep an eye out on ZAM for more EoN news as we make our presence known at Gamescom this week.

                                                                              Scott "Jarimor" Hawkes, Editor In Chief

End of Nations: An Exclusive Interview!

Most people would spend a trip to the seaside enjoying the sun, eating ice-cream and taking a causal stroll down the beach, but that’s not how we roll here at ZAM. Instead, I paid a visit to Rezzed, the PC and indie game show hosted by Eurogamer and Rock, Paper, Shotgun. 

Trion Worlds was also there, showing off End of Nations to a horde of avid gamers. After going hands on with the latest alpha build, I barraged Trion's French Community Manager, Franck Vacher, with questions. We discussed team and clan play, the recently announced Founders Pricing deal, and the importance of bacon on the battlefield.

End of Nations Beta Signups

It isn't a guarantee, but if you're already a Trion member, you might get special permissions - End of Nations's beta signups are live, giving you an early shot at it. The closed beta starts July 20th and ends the 22nd. And, similar to MechWarrior Online, you can buy an early copy and get a shot at the Founder's Program, with guaranteed early access and additional prizes.

End of Nations: Shadow Revolution Faction Trailer

Trion has dished up another End of Nations faction trailer, this time focusing on the Shadow Revolution units. They show off their individual class of warfare - namely the Wraith and the Phantom classes - and the equipment that they each get. 

End of Nations: Liberation Front Faction Trailer

End of Nations, the currently-in-alpha F2P RTS, is showing off its factions, and here's the trailer for the Liberation Front, complete with some unit breakdowns.

ZAM's Hands-on With Trion's End of Nations

Trion Worlds is approaching its one-year anniversary with the incredibly popular game Rift; but the company isn't sitting back and just enjoying success. They've teamed up with Petroglyph (creator of the original Command and Conquer game) to create an MMORTS: a real-time strategy game with a massive and persistent world. Is it strong enough to knock the current RTS king, Blizzard's Starcraft series, out of its top spot? I had the chance to play an Alpha version in San Francisco last week and what I saw looked promising!