gPotato Europe Raises €20,000 for Japan Relief

Back in March, Gala Networks Europe released special charity items in four of its games to support relief efforts in Japan following the recent tsunami and earthquake. Today they announced that players of Rappelz, Flyff, Castle of Heroes and Terra Militaris raised a combined total of €22,151 by purchasing these items.

The money was donated to the Irish Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal on May 31 and will be relayed to its Japanese counterpart to help assist those impacted by one of Japan’s worst natural disasters. The European fundraiser was part of a global GALA Group initiative that raised close to €50,000 worldwide. Launches Charity Donations for Japan

Gala Networks Europe announced today that it will be launching special charity items for four of its games to support relief efforts in Japan. The full cash value of these cash shop items will be donated to the Irish Red Cross, which will transfer the amount to Japan.

Rappelz and Flyff players can purchase the charitable items starting today, March 25. Tera Militaris and Castle of Heroes players will be able to participate starting next week. It's definitely a good cause, so keep an eye on the cash shops for these games and consider making a donation. Portal Passes 6,000,000 Users

Gala Networks Europe is excited to announce the portal has passed a landmark with six million players across its English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Turkish portals.

CEO of Gala Networks Europe Hyun Hur said:

"Reaching six million registered users is a huge achievement for Gala Networks Europe, as we pride ourselves on running a select group of high-quality online games that create loyal user bases."

To celebrate this landmark, a number of in-game events will be taking place across a range of titles in the portal’s portfolio. Check out the full list of events after the jump!

gPotato Announces FlyFF V.14: "The Lost Continent"

Yet another update is coming for FlyFF fans, as the team at Gala-Net has announced that their newest expansion to their popular game will be arriving in November. The new update will add a slew of new content, as well as a brand new continent to explore and two new team-instance dungeons.

The continent itself will be a tropical island, packed with lakes and jungles, and will have many new difficult quests for players. You can fight against high level monsters on your own, or team up with your friends to enter some team instances, which are hidden deep in the heart of the rainforest. As the team notes, "Players who can survive the trials that await them will be rewarded greatly. But beware! Many have perished in the attempt to retrieve the precious treasures hidden deep inside them."

In addition to this new continent and new dungeons, Version 14 of FlyFF will also herald the coming of a revised attribute system, a revised upgrade system and a few other features. If you're really keen to stay on top of your FlyFF news, you can hover over the community link on their website to get more information on V.14.

Flyff Expansion Coming This Summer

Flyff's "Act IV" expansion will include a new zone in the form of Coral Island, which promises to be full of piratey goodness. Player housing, a marriage system and "rainbow race" contests (don't ask - we don't know what they are either) will also be included in the update. A section of the press release detailing the changes follows after the jump.

FlyFF launches Easter Event!

Easter Events have come to FlyFF! This event will last from April 7th to April 14th.


The sinister Imagination Ipuli is again on her way to Madrigal. The sages have reported strange constellations in the sky, foreseeing an attack. Various shades have also been seen in different locations scouting the land. They are observing players from hidden corners and are plotting horrible things and the world of Flyff needs players help to defend Madrigal. Fly through the world and watch out for the spies that have spread out across the land. The most effective scouts will get the chance to win a useful level set.

All you have to do is find five different shades during the week and take screenshots as proof that you have found them. As soon as you’ve taken the screenshots just send us an email that you can find on the website during the event. With a little luck you might be one of the winners. There will be 3 winners on each server.

But that’s not all during this week. The Easter bunny was busy and wanted to hide many cool Easter eggs for players. Unfortunately they were stolen by evil monsters. So have a look around and recover them and you can earn fantastic surprises such as funny bunny costumes or delicious sweets.

Flyff Halloween Event Live

Flyff has announced that their Halloween event is now live in game!

Event Details:

Hunt down any monster over level 15 to have a chance to receive Autumn Box 1 & Autumn Box 2. You will not be able to obtain boxes from monsters that are more than 10 levels below your character's level.

You can find a list of the rewards right here.