Experience Points: Lockboxes - Good or Evil?

MMO players are an opinionated bunch. Since the days of MUDs, we've been debating design like it's a second job. When Guild Wars 2 launched last year, it broke the mold and ushered us into a subscription-free age, reigniting the business model debate. As free-to-play transitioned from evil to expected, our discussions have also shifted from whether free-to-play games should be to how they should be. Some of the best writers in the MMO community weighed in this week and the topic was lockboxes. So let's talk, but make no bones about it: this edition of Experience Points is very much pro-lockbox and anti-naysayer.  

ZAM Weekly: The Best of the Week that Was


Another week, another mountain of gaming news and original content here at ZAM.

On Monday I gave my breakdown of the Trickster Rogue class from Neverwinter. After having payed for a few days, including the early press beta and the first beta weekend event, I have to say I'm quite taken with what I've seen so far.