Infinite Crisis: Cyborg Reveal


Victor Stone, former athlete, current cybernetic badass joins the ranks of super-heroes to feature in Infinite Crisis, the upcoming MOBA from Turbine and WB Games.

The new champion is one of the new lead characters of the current DC Universe and in the game he should prove to be a fearsome ranged damage dealer.

Infinite Crisis: Shazam!


You won't need the wisdom of Solomon to recognize what a dangerous bruiser Shazam looks to be in the upcoming MOBA from Turbine and WB Games, Infinite Crisis.

With a single word young Billy Batson is transformed into Shazam, a hero with magical powers of legend who will lay down some heavy duty damage with great sustain in Infinite Crisis.

I mention great sustain as the relationship between Shazam's energy and health looks to be an excellent way to easily replenish yourself to ensure you're not heading back home too often.

Infinite Crisis: Gaslight Joker


And you thought the regular Joker was off-putting.

Gaslight Joker is the latest champion to get the spotlight treatment as Infinite Crisis continues its closed beta -- which you can apply for here.

With an array of weaponry, including a butcher's cleaver and some particularly unsavory ham, Gaslight Joker delivers an array of DPS while resisting the urge to fall over under pressure with self-heals, as you can see in the video below.

Infinite Crisis: The Flash


Enter the Scarlet Speedster as the latest champion of Infinite Crisis to get the spotlight.

The Speed Force electricity effects on the Flash look rather cool as he races around taking out opponents. Based on moving in, dealing a lot of damage and getting out, Flash looks to be a consummate assassin.

Although Wally West fans might be a little annoyed, Barry Allen devotees will be pleased to know it is his face hidden under the cowl.

Infinite Crisis: Beta Launch is No Joke


You can call him the Clown Prince of Crime, the Harlequin of Hate or any other of his many monickers, but the Joker is one of the most enduring characters in popular culture.

The most iconic of all comic book villains, the sadistic and unrelentingly psychotic character is a fan favorite across many media. Be it the sheer maniacal brilliance of Mark Hamill's portrayal in the DC animated universe -- and series of Arkham games -- or Heath Ledger's memorable turn in The Dark Knight film, the flipside to the Batman is known by millions.

It's no surprise to anyone that he features in the upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis which today entered closed beta testing.

Infinite Crisis: Femmes Fatales


With the first chance for many fans to play just days away, the next pair of champions that make up the Infinite Crisis roster have been unveiled in two informative videos.

The superhero-themed MOBA from Warner Bros. and Turbine enters closed beta on May 8 and the Gaslight Catwoman and Poison Ivy champions are alluring options.

Infinite Crisis: Closed Beta Commences Soon


Fans of MOBAs and comic books or super heroes in general (which means a whole lot of people), will be delighted with the news that Infinite Crisis, the game from Warner Bros. and Turbine, is entering closed beta very shortly.

On May 8, the lucky individuals to have access can begin rampaging across the lanes with a myriad of different versions of iconic characters; such as those represented in the new Wonder Woman key art shown above.

While you sign-up for beta for your chance to help get the game ready for launch later this year, have a look at the previously released Wonder Woman Champion video.

Infinite Crisis: Champion Reveal


As you may have inferred from my recent hands on, I'm rather looking forward to Infinite Crisis, the MOBA from Turbine and WB Games based on the DC Comics universe of super heroes.

To get a better glimpse of what I got to play last week, here are two new Champion videos to show the different types of toon you can play as, the familiar and the twisted versions of iconic characters.

GDC: Hands on with Infinite Crisis


As part of the announcement this week that Turbine and Warner Bros. are developing the DC Comics themed MOBA Infinite Crisis, I was one of the lucky few to take part in a brief play session. 

As I began the play session, it seemed obvious that the champion select screen will be pleasing to comic book nerds (like me) as various versions of iconic characters such as Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Doomsday and more were vividly realised.