Community Manager Hints at New NetDevil Project

Jumpgate Evolution Community Manager Kara "OhSnap" Kroupa announced yesterday that she is moving to a new community manager role at NetDevil to work on an "exciting new project." While she didn't provide any details on the project, she hinted that more details will be coming soon:

"We will be announcing an exciting new project next week that I am thrilled to be a part of. It’s a fun and interesting time here at NetDevil so stay tuned for what’s to come!"

She confirmed that Alpha will remain on the Jumpgate Evolution forums as a moderator and said that the game's team will continue to work on the MMO. Last month, Codemasters filed a Complaint against NetDevil and Gazillion over the delay of the game. Only time will tell when (and if) the game is actually released.

Jumpgate's Station Image Series is Complete

In early December, NetDevil kicked of a screenshot series to showcase the station docking areas in Jumpgate Evolution. The final image of the series has been released, and it depicts the docking space of a Quantar station. You can view all eight screenshots in our gallery.

Last month, Codemasters filed a Complaint against NetDevil and Gazillion over the delay of the game. Even though NetDevil is continuing to release screenshots, only time will tell when (and if) the game is actually released.

Former Blizzard Exec Named President of Gazillion

David Brevik, the former president of Blizzard North and a major force behind the Diablo series and Blizzard's service, has been promoted to president and COO of Gazillion Entertainment. Prior to his promotion, Brevik was the studio director and project lead for Gazillion's upcoming Marvel Universe MMO.

In addition, Jeff Lind was named vice president and studio head for Secret Identity, the Gazillion studio that's developing Marvel Universe. Lind was formerly a director of development for several projects at Electronic Arts and the director of engineering for Turbine West.

Gazillion is a developer and publisher of various MMOs, including Marvel Universe, Marvel Super Hero Squad, LEGO Universe and Jumpgate Evolution. We've been excited at the thought of a Marvel Universe MMO since Gazillion announced its partnership with Marvel Entertainment back in March 2009, so we'll definitely be keeping an eye on how these developments affect the game.

For more details, check out the press release after the jump.

NetDevil Posts Last Jumpgate Screenshot of 2010

Even though Jumpgate Evolution is currently involved in a lawsuit, the NetDevil team has continued to post its series of station screenshots. The newest image features a Quantar docking station that shows off some Quantar architecture. You can click the above image to view the full screenshot.

As always, NetDevil's OhSnap reminds players that the screenshot is a work in progress and subject to change. This will be the last image released in 2010, but OhSnap does say that more will be posted in 2011. Considering Codemasters has filed a Complaint against NetDevil and Gazillion over the delay of the game, only time will tell when (and if) it's actually released.

Jumpgate Evolution Delays Lead to Lawsuit

If you've been wondering when Jumpgate Evolution is going to come out, it appears that Codemasters wants to know the same thing. To that end, Codemasters has filed a Complaint with the federal court in San Francisco against Gazillion and NetDevil. Here's the official statement:

"This is a public document readily available to the press. The allegations in the Complaint are clear and self-explanatory and address issues related to the development of Jumpgate Evolution. During the course of the litigation other documents will become part of the court’s public records further detailing the respective positions of the parties. On the advice of Codemasters’ US attorneys, Codemasters has no further comment at this time."

If you'd like the full details on all of Codemaster's allegations, you can read the full Complaint. To summarize, Codemasters claims it paid Gazillion and NetDevil $1.1 million in advances to date and approximately $300,000 in Art Assets costs. Codmasters alleges that Gazillion and NetDevil failed to reach development milestones to release the game by Feb. 24, 2009. Codemasters wants its money back, plus legal expenses and other damages.

NetDevil Shows Off Jumpgate's Docking Areas

Ever since the new Jumpgate Evolution forums launched two months ago, NetDevil has been regularly posting screenshots to keep fans excited for the upcoming space combat MMO. The developers just kicked off an "extra special holiday screenshot series" that highlights the station docking areas, and the first one focuses on the Octavius Station. Click the above image to view the entire screenshot.

NetDevil's OhSnap emphasizes in the forum post that "everything in this station screenshot is a work in progress and is subject to change." Regardless, it's a good glimpse at what docking stations will look like in the final game.

NetDevil 'leaks' footage of Jumpgate Evolution

Ahhhh, can you feel the excitement!? Jumpgate Evolution, that spaceship MMO that has undergone more reworks than... well... something that gets reworked a lot, has finally 'leaked' some new real in-game gameplay footage, and boy does it ever look smooth! We say 'leaked' here because apparently the community found it before the Jumpgate Evolution Forum Moderator, Alpha, and she had no idea who leaked the video. What followed was a great old witch hunt for the NDA-breaker that concluded with JGE's Marketing Coordinator, OhSnap, posting in the video that she had deliberately released the footage for the community, but Alpha had apparently missed the memo.

Long story short, we get some new Jumpgate Evolution gameplay footage! Check it out below or on Youtube!

Jumpgate Evolution's October Developer Update

We reported yesterday that Jumpgate Evolution just got some new forums. Well, it looks like the NetDevil team is already putting them to good use! The October Developer Update has been posted, and it's short and to the point. It doesn't provide a ton of new information, but it lets us know that NetDevil is still working on PvP, the economy, "live" support, and more. You can read the entire post after the jump.

Also, the newest Tuesday screenshot has been posted and it's a landscape shot that features a new type of Quantar fighter. You can view the screenshot in our gallery, or just click on the above image.

Jumpgate Evolution Gets New Forums

While there's still a good amount of time before these forums will be seeing a ton of activitiy, Jumpgate Evolution has chucked out their old forums to get this new one up and running. Included within these new forums, players will be pleased to see that they will soon be able to upload custom avatars while still retaining the same basic functionalities of the old forums.

Unfortunately, there were a few things that could not be pulled from the old forum database, so players who are returning to these new forums are advised to re-do their signatures and request new passwords (otherwise you won't be able to log in). As well, the old forum archives could not be easily pulled from the database, but the team does plan to make another attempt later on down the road.

Of course, with any new system, these forums will still need some time to stabilize, so players are asked to be patient while the Jumpgate Evolution team tweaks their brand new forums.

The Awesome Ships of Jumpgate Evolution

I guess when you're designing space ships against The Old Republic's X-wing and Star Trek Online's Enterprise, you've got to go big or go home. And Jumpgate Evolution has. This is a picture of one of three ships Jumpgate has revealed today, called the Hadron. We were thinking it looks like a deep sea Angler/Lantern fish. You know the one with the light bulb of bioluminescence on a stalk that hangs right in front of its fanged mouth.

When we watched the video on Jumpgate's new website, our suspicions were confirmed when we saw developer Netdevil's logo.

The Hadron is joined by the sleek Helion Fury and the insectoid S-300 Misericorde. The three ships some of the best Jumpgate's factions have to offer. Go here to check them all out.