8 Video Game Grappling Hooks That Kick Ass

Whether they’re a central mechanic or an optional mode of conveyance, grappling hooks in games are almost always a blast to mess around with. Sometimes they’re essential to progress, other times they can do a lot of the heavy lifting, and they almost never get the recognition they deserve. Well not this time!

These eight grappling hooks are all really cool, and really useful, in their own way. Some might be a bit cooler or more useful than others but each one is special and deserves a hearty “thank you” from all the protagonists they’ve ferried around over the years.

Just Cause 3 Collector's Pre-orders Now Live

A new edition of Just Cause 3 has been added to the pre-order options! The Collector's version, priced at $109.99 through participating retailers, includes the Day One edition of the game, an in-game content pack, a replica statue, a poster, and an art book.