El Presidente on the PS4: Tropico 5 Review

Tropico 5 released on the PC in May 2014 and since then has been slowly rolling out onto consoles, with the latest being Tuesday's upcoming PlayStation 4 launch. Here's a quick summary of the game for those that haven't tried their hand at it yet.

You play as a dictator leading the island nation of Tropico, expanding your Dynasty and taking both a political and economic foothold, all while trying to keep the stronger world powers from becoming angry and decimating your lands. Build up your town, explore the island, claim resources, engage in sea trade, and attract voters to keep your reign. Research new technologies, establish a constitution to setup how you wish to rule and perform missions to earn rewards or prestige. Multiplayer breathed new life into the Tropico franchise as you compete head-to-head or go co-op while striving to make El Presidente's dynasty the greatest.

Tropico 5 Launches; Extended Gameplay Video

This afternoon Kalypso Media will release its latest city building simulation title, Tropico 5. It is digitally available worldwide via the Steam store, and also has a retail version hitting the shelves today in many locations (US retail release is June 3rd).

El Presidente Approves Tropico 5 Closed Beta Edict

Kalypso Media has announced that the next entry in its city building simulation series, Tropico 5, will enter closed beta this month. Fellow loyalists to El Presidente are encouraged to register for the testing phase at the official site. The title is currently scheduled for a Summer 2014 release on the PC and Xbox 360, and will also be released at a later date on the PlayStation 4.