Film Friday: Seven New Trailers

It's Friday.. again?! Good thing we have seven more trailers for you to kick back and enjoy!

LEGO Minifigures Online: Medieval World Trailer

Funcom has released the latest trailer for its upcoming MMO, LEGO Minifigures Online! It features Medieval World, a land full of royal pomp and fairytale magic. Will you be the knight in shining armor for these lands?

LEGO Minifigures Online: Open Beta This Summer

Funcom has announced that open beta testing for its upcoming MMO, LEGO Minifigures Online, is expected to begin sometime in June!

"Open Beta is a significant milestone for any game, and I can say on behalf of the team that we are incredibly excited that players, young and old will soon have the opportunity to experience LEGO Minifigures Online for themselves," says Executive Producer Lawrence Poe. "This is an invaluable opportunity to collect feedback directly from players. We'll be using that feedback over the summer to help us focus our efforts where they are most needed and deliver the best possible experience when we launch in the fall.” 

You can sign up to be notified when open beta kicks off over on the official site.

LEGO Minifigures Online Reveals Pirate World

Yesterday, Funcom revealed a pirate world setting in its upcoming MMO, LEGO Minifigures Online. If you fancy yourself a pirate, pack those bags and head out to the Isle of Yarr!

LEGO Minifigures Online at GDC 2014

This year at GDC, ZAM was on the scene to check everything out. Join Lindsay Ferguson as she gets a walkthrough of Funcom's upcoming title, LEGO Minifigures Online, from Lead Designer Oscar Lacalle. Check it out!

LEGO Minifigures Online Closed Beta Registration

Register now to be a candidate in the LEGO Minifigures Online closed beta! Simply visit the official site and register by clicking the Register/Login link in the upper-right corner. If you had registered prior to the site revamp in December you may have to do so again. You can also check out the latest video here!

LEGO Minifigures Online: Register for Closed Beta

Even the most cynical of grown gamers can appreciate a childhood throwback. Funcom has opened up closed beta test registrations for their project LEGO Minifigures Online. The game is set to release sometime in the second half of 2014, and will host an open beta test prior to launch. Based on the screenshots and trailer, it appears that Funcom is making good progress thus far.