Divinity: Original Sin II Announced

Earlier today, Larian Studios announced that it will bring its upcoming sequel RPG, Divinity: Original Sin II, to Kickstarter at the end of the month. A prototype of the game will be available for attendees to go hands-on with at PAX Prime Booth #6011.

Divinity: Original Sin Coming to Console

Larian Studios and Focus Home Interactive announced today that Divinity: Original Sin will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No date has been set, but the console version will have both new and enhanced content in it.

Monkey Tales: An Educational Experience

Monkey Tales is a series of educational games by Larian Studios, originally released in 2011 and repackaged together in a Steam release last week. Designed for ages 7 through 11, these games use an algorithm to establish your child's learning curve and ramp difficulty up or down to ensure a well-tailored learning experience.

I happen to have two children in this age range, and Larian Studios was kind enough to offer a review code for the game. My kids, in 2nd and 5th grade, gave the game a whirl and offered their insight on the experience.

Divinity: Original Sin Launches

Let's admit it: games on Kickstarter don't always pan out. When they do, sometimes they’re a paragon for the platform. This is the case with Divinity: Original Sin, a $1+ million Kickstarter success with everything going for it.