Lineage's North American Servers to Close June 29

After more than 10 years, NCsoft just announced that the North American Lineage servers will shut down on June 29 because it is no longer financially viable in its Western markets. As of today, no new accounts can be created, but all existing accounts in good stand have been reactivated and everyone can play for free until the servers shut down.

If you had an active and paid Lineage subscription at any point this year between Jan. 1 and May 11, you'll receive a Player Appreciation Reward that will give you activation and two months of game time for all four current NCsoft US games, plus some additional special items depending on the game title. Check out the rewards and refunds page for a list of the indivual gifts you'll receive in Lineage II, Aion, Guild Wars and City of Heroes.

For more details on the closure of the NA Lineage servers, read the FAQ after the jump. All game data will no longer be available after June 29, and your characters will not be transferred to other territories' servers.

Lineage's Double Double Drop Event Begins

Lineage's Double Double Drop Event kicks off today, March 4, and runs through May 11. What does Double Double really mean? Here's the breakdown:

  • Every line in the drop tables has been doubled. If a monster has a 50% chance to drop 1,000 adena, the game will now roll on that chance twice.
  • Double Probability has also been turned on. So if a monster has a 50% chance to drop 1,000 adena, he now has a 100% chance to drop 1,000 adena.
  • So, Double Double means double probability on every drop AND every drop gets rolled twice!

Also, all polys have been unlocked. Enjoy the event!

Teleport in Lineage's Spring Forward Event

Starting after maintenance on Wednesday, March 30 and running until maintenance begins on the following Wednesday, April 6 will be the Lineage Spring Forward event.

Players will find a new teleport NPC, the Spring Goddess, standing next to the regular teleport NPCs. She will offer a variety of of new teleports, 41 locations to choose from, some of which do cost more than others.

Also, players can get 150% XP Candies and Cream Pies to characters who are completely out of either of these items. Just find the Goddess in Training in Giran near Giran Cross. If you have no XP Candy in your inventory, she will give you 100 150% White Chocolate Bunny Candy. If you use that 100, you are free to go back and get 100 more!

NCsoft Donates $6.3 million to Japan Relief Effort

In response to the devastating earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan, NCsoft is donating approximately $6.3 million to the relief effort. According to Senior Executive Sung Joon Park, this amount corresponds to one month of sales.

“We’ll maintain the service with the minimal electricity and personnel," Park added. "Maintaining daily life is also important; therefore, we plan to uphold the service."

If you're interested in making a charitable donation to aid Japan, check out the list of organizations that NCsoft provided after the jump.

Lineage's 10-Year Anniversary Events!

It's not every day that a game reaches its 10-year Anniversary! Lineage will be celebrating 10 years this October and NCsoft has announced that fans can look forward to lots of parties!

In a recent post the team said:

"We can't possibly be constrained to a single day celebration! We plan to have many events, activities, contests, and giveaways throughout the year. Check back here often for the latest anniversary updates!"

Fans can look forward to a 10-year timeline, contests, giveaways, events and gifts! They've even hinted at a chance to win a vintage Lineage poster with the game's original logo. Stay tuned for more updates as the official anniversary draws near!

Operation Snowball Comes to Aden in Lineage

Snow is falling all across the land of Aden, but some of that snow has turned into evil Snow Slimes! The time has come for Lineage players to fight back during the Operation Snowball event. From February 16-23 hunt magical Snow Slimes around the villages to receive Magical Snow Crystals. Crystals can be traded in for a Snowman Doll and a Snowman Receipt. Your doll will melt after 3 hours, but you can get a new one each day!

Head on over to the Lineage official page for full details on all the icy items coming with Operation Snowball.

Lineage Celebrating the Holidays Starting Dec. 22

The elves at NCsoft have been hard at work! The holidays are coming to Aden with the announcement of the Lineage Holiday Event, beginning on December 22.

All the good boys and girls of Aden will see their world decked out in Holiday decorations! If you've made it to the "nice" list, then be sure to keep an eye out for presents delivered in the form of stockings. You can even get a rare gold stocking!

Hunting will also be a lot more rewarding during the Holiday Event as all creatures will have true double drops.

Anxious to get started? You can join in on the fun early by hopping on the PTS on December 15 as the team tests out all of the events.

Lineage Announces Account Reactivations

Tomorrow, November 10, when Lineage servers come back up from the content update, all accounts in good standing will be reactivated! The Tikal+Antharas patch is bringing a lot of new content and NCsoft wants all players to be able to experience the changes. For two weeks, all old accounts will be on so players who have previously walked away from Lineage can jump back in for free.

It's just as simple as logging in! If you've forgetten any of your information or are having any problems with getting the game to start up again, head over to the official Lineage page for troubleshooting help.

NCsoft's Halloween Event Round-Up

Almost every MMO is running Halloween events this time of year and NCsoft's games are no exception! Take a peek at all the spooky stuff happening in the world of NCsoft.

Aion: The Harvest Revel event started today and is going on until November 10. Players need to help find the stolen candy taken by the Sugarcrooks. Visit the official Aion site for full details on how to start the spooky quest and help save the lollipops!

City of Heroes: Zombies, and monsters, and candy, oh my! Zombies and monsters have run amok in-game and it's up to you to restore order! Join in on the Zombie Hunt and Monster Hunt, and don't forget to go trick-or-treating as well! The events are currently taking place and will go until October 31 at 11:59pm PDT.

Keep reading after the jump for details on the Guild Wars, Lineage and Lineage II events.

Lineage Episode U Patch Launches Feb. 24

The Episode U patch is scheduled to launch tomorrow, Feb. 24, and it will bring a ton of changes to the world of Lineage. One of the most noteworthy additions is the Base Stat Renewal system, which will let you re-roll your characters' initial stats without losing their progress or accomplishments.

Episode U also introduces new and updated zones, new bosses, mini-games like Pet Racing and Death Matches, new quests, and more. You can read all the details in the patch notes after the jump.