Gigantic is Coming to Win 10 and Xbox One

Motiga announced a new partnership with Microsoft today. Gigantic is now set to come to Windows 10 and Xbox One... at some point "in the near future", PC players will be required to have Windows 10 to play.

David Reid Joins Motiga [Interview!]

David Reid has an interesting past. Between his time in the military, his four years guiding Xbox's marketing through its prime, and several other senior marketing positions, he has become an exceptionally insightful guy to talk to. Most recently the Chief Marketing Officer at CCP Games (EVE Online), he's now with an up-and-coming powerhouse: Motiga, developers of the promising Gigantic.

We had a chance to chat with David, settling into his new position as Senior VP of Publishing. If you're curious about Gigantic, already love the game, or just like industry insight...this one's for you.

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Gigantic: Alpha Begins!

Quick! Sign up ASAP!

It's time for us rowdy patrons of the internet to crash the doors of Motiga's first game, Gigantic. Alpha invites to the multiplayer action game will spread out slowly, as detailed in Motiga's post.

Gigantic: Two New Heroes Announced!

This weekend at PAX Prime, Motiga announced two more playable heroes for their upcoming game Gigantic. Both of the new heroes are females, but the similarities end there.

Gigantic is Heading to PAX Prime

If you're heading to PAX Prime this weekend, be prepared for an encounter of epic proportions. The new independent game studio Motiga is making the journey to the convention. They're bringing their recently-announced, fast-paced third-person MOBA, Gigantic, for convention-goers to get their hands on. The team will also be revealing a new Hero at their "From Concept to Completion" panel and hosting a party to celebrate Gigantic's first appearance at PAX. You can expect drinks, music and prizes, so don't miss the celebration!

Gigantic Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video

Gigantic was revealed to the world just last week, and now Motiga has given us another taste of the title. This brief video features heroes and Guardians both fighting for supremacy on the battlefield.

Motiga Reveals Gigantic; ZAM Goes Hands-On

Motiga has revealed its much anticipated title in development: Gigantic! Team up with four of your friends to control the battlefield and defeat the opposition's five-story-tall guardian... while keeping your own team's guardian alive. A wide variety of heroes will fulfill many playstyles, and you can unlock more heroes and better abilities each time you play Gigantic.

Last week, ZAM's Mike Bailey joined Motiga's Character Artist Joe Pikop and Creative Director James Phinney for a pre-alpha hands-on session with Gigantic.

Motiga's Matteo Stronati Shares Sound Principles

Motiga's latest developer spotlight is Audio Lead Matteo Stronati, who is a one-man sound team at the company. He's in charge of every sound you'll hear in their upcoming title! Check out his full introduction over on the Motiga blog.

An Interview With Motiga CEO Chris Chung

Motiga is a Washington-based independent game studio packed with talented individuals. They stand on the principals of having a good time while making games, strong collaboration and being highly immersed in their project (as well as sending awesome holiday cards). What project are they working on? CEO Chris Chung will leave you wanting to know as much as we do!

We had the chance to speak with Chris, formerly of Trion Worlds, whose passion and excitement about their not-yet-unveiled title and his team has us on the edge of our seat.