Myth War II: Deity Beasts Overview

Deity Beasts are some of the rarest pets in Myth War II ( ). Their 4 initial stats are far higher than other ordinary pets'. In addition, they can evolve twice, with each subsequent evolution making them more unique and powerful. Today, the Myth War team is proud to introduce these 4 rare deity beasts to you.  All 4 have a growth rate of "1350":

Berserker: A loyal Death World guardian with a short temper. It's sharp, piercing gaze is matched only by its fearsome talons.

Holy Dragon: Unique in every aspect, this creature is feared for great reason. It is the product of a meeting between a Dragon Queen and the King of the Lions. Featuring the regal head of a lion and the lithe, powerful body of a dragon it has the best of both worlds in one awesome package.

Chaos Wisp: This spirit is an ethereal manifestation of the wild spirit of nature within the Death Forest. Constantly surrounded by death spirits, it is wild and unpredictable.

Dark Dream: This elusive creature is thought only a myth by many, but those who have witnessed its awe-inspiring power know better. Unmatched in speed it is only a blur to those not watching carefully. They refer to it as a "Dark Dream" because once you've faced it in battle; you will question whether it can possibly be real or just the stuff of nightmares.

For more information and to check out deity beasts' artworks please visit the official site at .

Myth War II: Leveling Quests Preview

The folks over at Myth War II have sent us this preview of some new upcoming quests. Have fun!

Event One: Patrol

Recently, some powerful monsters have sneaked into Woodlingor and Blython, intent on creating havoc! They kidnapped some innocent merchants and by using their cunning magic have taken the form of the merchants. They are attacking any and all citizens that they come across. It is now down to you dear player to help us vanquish this evil once and for all.



Myth War II Chinese Valentine Event

In honor of Chinese Valentine's Day, Myth War II will be celebrating with a fabulous wedding tomorrow.

This Wedding Party will be held on August 7th starting at 10:00am. Players can sign up on the forum to hold their own wedding parties. However, the players must first qualify to hold these sumptuous events by passing a test. The winners of the test will not only be qualified to have their wedding parties but also get astounding gifts. And as an added bonus all expenditure incurred by the celebrations will be decently rewarded.

For more event rules please visit its official site .

Also, game client Version will be released tomorrow. Check out the download location here .

Myth War II: Guild Quest Preview

Myth War II is giving us a sneak peek at six brand new guild quests. Check them out!

1. Devil Slain Quest

Hateful Devils always look to make trouble for the guilds, and the Manager has ordered you to teach them a lesson. You can defeat these Devils with your friends and gain handsome rewards. The guys who help you will gain gold and experience points as rewards; those in the same guild will gain points in Guild Construction also.

2. Gathering Quest

The guild's Warehouse lacks some materials, so the Manager asks you to buy them for him. You can buy all of the required materials from vendors in the major cities.

3. Mora Quest

The last time the greedy Manager played Morra with the Devil he Lost badly, and he took it hard. To save face, he asks you to play Morra with the Devil to see if you can win his money back. If you can then he will reward you greatly.

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August Events

To celebrate the coming of August, Myth War II is holding two events in which players can win fun prizes.The first event, Wheel of Fortune, is open to everyone and guarantees a prize. Top prizes include really cool Saint Pets!

The second event, Growth Paradise, is designed specifically for newbies. In fact, only players who have not played Myth War II before August 1st are eligible. For the event, players are required to finish certain quests in order. The event begins at scene 1, and upon reaching level 50 advances to scene 5. At level 80, and scene 6, players will win an advanced gift bag. Cool!

More info about this event is available here .



Myth War II Kung Fu Panda Event

Love the animated comedy starring Jack Black as a fuzzy panda? Well so do the people over at Myth War II , and so they are holding a Kung Fu Panda event! Go check it out, before it's over!


Po is a genuine kung fu fanatic. He learned kung fu from the red panda Master Sifu and the tortoise Master Oogway. In the end he defeated the evil snow leopard warrior Tai Lung who had escaped from prison and returned to threaten the Valley of Peace and become the true Dragon Warrior. It seems now that people in the Valley of Peace can live happily forever.

But the evil forces will forever return to threaten our peace. They are now heading to the Rarus Continent and intend to wreak havoc there. Po and his two masters will come to help people living in the Rarus Continent and offer rewards to any participating players.

Event Duration: From 4:00 am July 19th to 12:00 midnight July 31st

Participating Players: Players level 30 and above

For more details please visit the official Myth War II site .

Myth War II: Training Route Preview

Are you getting ready to play Myth War II ? Wondering where to go to level up? IGG has sent us this handy guide to help you out!

Myth War II , the new sequel to the classic MMORPG from IGG , continues the tradition of excellent play and an exciting community of players. Myth War II mainly contains 5 regions consisting of Sky Passage, Woodlingor, Blython, Desert City, and Demon Square. Today the Myth War II team is going to talk about where level 1 to 20 players should level up.

Sky Garden Level 1-4 Sky Garden definitely is a paradise for level 1-4 players; monsters living there are very weak, so low level players can beat them with ease. Monsters in Sky Garden: Chinchilla (Level 3) Teethor (Level 5) Earth Wolf (Level 7)

Myth War II: Protector System Preview

The folks over at IGG's Myth War II have sent some information our way regarding statue creation, and details on the Spirit Lords.

Myth War II , the new sequel to the classic MMORPG from IGG , continues the tradition of excellent play and an exciting community of players.

Recently many players have been inquiring about the new Protector System in Myth War II, so the Myth War team has come through and offered some detailed information about the 3 steps used to create a statue, the Patron saint bonus and the Changing Spirit Lords.

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Myth War II: Newbie Guide and Client Update

The folks over at IGG sent us this latest info about Myth War II. This time, help for the newbies is on the way!

Myth War II , the new sequel to the classic MMORPG from IGG , continues the tradition of excellent play and an exciting community of players. Today the Myth War team is going to talk to you about their plans for helping newbie.

Getting depressed at your low level? Finding that monsters are always defeating you? Are you racking your brains for a way to level-up quickly? Maybe it doesn't help that so many of those attractive Item Mall objects are out of your reach. Don't worry, we've decided to open up the Item of Item Mall for newbie players. Once you reach a certain level, we will make certain items available to you to help you improve quickly.

For example, when you reach levels 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, you can go to the Mall Promoter in Woodlingor (x 216, y 177) who will give you items that can help you improve quickly, for free! Items include: Source of Life, Source of Magic, Double-Experience Roll, Double-Talent Scroll, Devil's Tear, Convenience Store and different shape-shifting cards.

These items are untradeable and characters can only receive them one time, when they've reached the appointed level. For more details visit the official website .

Besides, Myth War II has been upgraded to version after the regular maintenance on July 4th. Players can visit the below link to download the newest client:

Myth War II Triple Reward Carnival

The folks over at Myth War have found a great way to celebrate summer; with a carnival that rewards triple points for promotions!

IGG Myth War Team today announced some good news to its promoters.  

It's going to be a summer of Carnival. During the carnival, all rewards related to the game promotion system will be tripled, and IGG promoters will have a chance to win high level equipment for free, including a Sony Laptop Computer! 

For more info about this event visit here.