Super Mario Maker Preview Video

Nintendo has released a preview video summarizing some key game features for Wii U's upcoming Super Mario Maker! In the video some new announcements are highlighted, including music block songs, new sound effects, a tool unlock feature, and the full list of compatible amiibo—including the 30th Anniversary Mario.

Nintendo CEO Iwata Passes Away at Age 55

On Saturday, July 11th, Nintendo's CEO Satoru Iwata passed away at age 55 from a tumor growth in his bile duct. Iwata began his career at Nintendo back in 2000, taking over the helm of President in 2002 and later also becoming CEO in 2013. During his tenure he helped revitalize the brand with his forward thinking and was a driving force behind the Wii console.

"On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer." –Satoru Iwata, March 2005

GameInformer has collected many industry quotes in remembrance of Iwata. We offer our condolences to Iwata's family, friends, and collegues.

E3: Press Conference Recaps

E3 is always a hectic time filled with announcements, with many new reveals and updated information unleashed over a flurry of press conferences. We've collected our conference recaps into one spot for you to catch up on anything you may have missed!

E3 2015 Recap - Nintendo

Welcome to Day 2 of E3 coverage here on ZAM!

Today's first media briefing (1 of 3) was from Nintendo. It was a cheery event in true Nintendo fashion. Trailers, dates and info below!

All Events: Bethesda, Xbox, EA, Ubisoft, Playstation, Nintendo, Square Enix, PC Gaming

New Nintendo Direct on April 1st

Nintendo will host its newest Nintendo Direct presentation on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 3pm PT/6pm ET. Topics include the latest updates on upcoming Wii U and 3DS titles. Following this will be a live Nintendo Treehouse presentation, which will feature one of the spring releases.

Wii U's Legend of Zelda Delayed

The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma recently announced that the game will be unable to meet its 2015 target date due to changes in priorities. In leiu of rushing to meet an end-of-year date, the development team has decided to implement new ideas stemmed from the possibilities that an open world format has allowed.

Club Nintendo to Close in July

This morning an announcement was posted stating that Club Nintendo, the loyalty membership program for Nintendo, will be discontinued. The reason behind the closure is that Nintendo is focusing on "planning a new customer loyalty program," though no details on this new program are available yet. Nintendo has released a timeline for the Club Nintendo shutdown:

Hyrule Warriors: Nationwide Demo Stations

While not a traditional entry to the Zelda franchise, Hyrule Warriors is an interesting fusion of Zelda's theme on the Dynasty Warriors series. If you're excited for the game and don't want to wait until September 26th, you can play the game three weeks early.

Mario Kart 8: Upcoming DLC x2

If you've got a Wii U, odds are you have Mario Kart 8. With over 3 million copies sold, roughly half of Wii U owners have hit the tracks. In an effort to follow up that success, Nintendo is doing what any smart company would do with a smash hit: release DLC!

Coming this November and next May, each Add-On Content pack has 4 vehicles and 8 courses. They also come with three characters each, listed below:

Hyrule Warriors Broadcast

If you're searching for more information regarding the upcoming Hyrule Warriors (Nintendo's Dynasty Warriors-Zelda crossover) then look no further!